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Summary of the latest Zip Code/Postal Code of 63 Provinces/Cities in Vietnam 2020

Postal code 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam

New 5-digit postal code table


  • To look up the postal code, enter the name of the province/city in the search box at the bottom right of the table
  • You can also enter the postal code to see which city/province it belongs to

Numerical orderProvince/CityZIP code
1An Giang90000
2BA Ria Vung Tau78000
3Bac Lieu97000
4Bac Kan23000
5Bac Giang26000
6Bac Ninh16000
7Ben Tre86000
8Binh Duong75000
9Binh Dinh55000
10Binh Phuoc67000
11Binh Thuan77000
12Ca Mau98000
13Cao Bang21000
14Can Tho94000
15Da Nang50000
16Dien Bien32000
17Dak Lak63000-64000
18Dak Nong65000
19Dong Nai76000
20Dong Thap81000
21Gia Lai61000-62000
22Ha Giang20000
23Ha Nam18000
24Ha Noi10000-14000
25Ha Tinh45000-46000
26Hai Duong03000
27Hai Phong04000-05000
28Hau Giang95000
29Hoa Binh36000
30City Ho Chi Minh70000-74000
31Hung Yen17000
32Khánh Hòa57000
33Kien Giang91000-92000
34Kon Tum60000
35Lai Chau30000
36Lang Son25000
37Lao Cai31000
38Lam Dong66000
39Long An82000-83000
40Nam Dinh07000
41Nghe An43000-44000
42Ninh Binh08000
43Ninh Thuan59000
44Phu Tho35000
45Phu Yen56000
46Quang Binh47000
47Quang Nam51000-52000
48Quang Ngai53000-54000
49Quang Ninh01000-02000
50Quang Tri48000
51Soc Trang96000
52Son La34000
53Tay Ninh80000
54Thai Binh06000
55Thai Nguyen24000
56Thanh Hoa40000-42000
58Tien Giang84000
59Tra Vinh87000
60Tuyen Quang22000
61Vinh Long85000
62Vinh Phuc15000
63Yen Bai33000

Old 6-digit postal code table

Numerical orderProvince/CityZIP code
1An Giang880000
2BA Ria Vung Tau790000
3Bac Lieu260000
4Bac Kan960000
5Bac Giang220000
6Bac Ninh790000
7Ben Tre930000
8Binh Duong590000
9Binh Dinh820000
10Binh Phuoc830000
11Binh Thuan800000
12Ca Mau970000
13Cao Bang270000
14Can Tho900000
15Da Nang550000
16Dien Bien380000
17Dak Lak630000
18Dak Nong640000
19Dong Nai810000
20Dong Thap870000
21Gia Lai600000
22Ha Giang310000
23Ha Nam400000
24Ha Noi100000
25Ha Tinh480000
26Hai Duong170000
27Hai Phong180000
28Hau Giang910000
29Hoa Binh350000
30City Ho Chi Minh700000
31Hung Yen160000
32Khánh Hòa650000
33Kien Giang920000
34Kon Tum580000
35Lai Chau390000
36Lang Son240000
37Lao Cai330000
38Lam Dong670000
39Long An850000
40Nam Dinh450000
41Nghe An460000 and 470000
42Ninh Binh430000
43Ninh Thuan660000
44Phu Tho290000
45Phu Yen620000
46Quang Binh510000
47Quang Nam560000
48Quang Ngai570000
49Quang Ninh200000
50Quang Tri520000
51Soc Trang950000
52Son La360000
53Tay Ninh840000
54Thai Binh410000
55Thai Nguyen250000
56Thanh Hoa440000 and 450000
58Tien Giang860000
59Tra Vinh940000
60Tuyen Quang300000
61Vinh Long890000
62Vinh Phuc280000
63Yen Bai320000

What is a Zip Code?

Postal code (also known as Zip Code, Postal Code) Vietnam is a code system regulated by the global postal union.

Zip code consists of a sequence of characters, numbers or both alphanumeric helps the sender locate when sending a letter or parcel to the recipient or is used to declare and register information on the network when asked for this code.


Terms ZIP, an acronym for Area Improvement Plan. The zipcode was originally registered as a servicemark by the US Postal Service, but its registration has since expired.

The USPS style for ZIP is all uppercase, and the "c" in the code is also capitalized, although the worksheets for some publications use the sentence or lowercase case.

Postal code in Vietnam?

Postal code (Zipcode) in Vietnam The latest is a series of 6 numbers (previously 5 numbers), in which the first two digits identify the name of the province or city directly under the central government, the next two digits identify the district code, the district, the town. commune, city directly under the province, the next number identifies the ward, commune, town and the last number identifies the village, hamlet, street or specific object.

Codes like +84, 084 are the national phone code of Vietnam, not the postal code, a lot of people are confused about this. Above is a list of the latest Vietnamese zip codes with 6 numbers (previously 5 numbers).

  • ZIP code: (Postal area code)
  • Area code: (Telephone area code of a province)
  • Postal Code: Postal code
  • Country code: (Telephone area code of a country) – (Vietnam is 084)

The structure of Vietnam's new postal code consists of 6 numbers as follows:

  • The first 2 digits are the code of the province (Ho Chi Minh City is 70; Hanoi is 10).
  • The next 2 numbers are the code of the district, district, town….
  • Number 5 is ward, commune, town.
  • The 6th number is location specific.

What is the country's postal code for Vietnam?

Vietnam does not have a national postal code. When there is a need to send or receive goods and parcels.

You can write directly the postal code of the province/city in which you live. On this page, I will provide you with the exact postal codes of 63 provinces and months across the country (according to Vietnam Post belonging to VNPOST group).

How to know the exact zip code where you live?

All data in this article is code Zipcode of the province/city directly under the central government, with these codes you can already use them to register an account, receive and send mail, goods, ..

However, if you still want to know the exact postal code (district, commune, ..) where you live for some reason, then please here, then type the exact name of the province and select the post office to get the code.

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