Why Should You Invest In Virtual Money Diggers (Latest Update 2020)


Why Should You Invest In Virtual Money? If you are interested, at least you know what virtual currencies are, and how they are used!

From 2016 to now, virtual currencies have increased dramatically, such as Bitcoin increased from 400 last year to $ 3000 peak of this year, Or Ethereum increased from $ 6 to $ 400.

Antminer T9
Invest in Virtual Money Miner - Antminer T9

The value of virtual currencies increases day by day, and how to own these virtual currencies?

The first way is to buy virtual currency from the exchange, the second way is to mine it with virtual currency miners!

Before knowing about virtual money, I used to do business outside, and found it very difficult to make money and often I set a goal: for example 10-12 months payback, or 15 months payback.

When making a plan, you must calculate all things together with luck to succeed. And of course you also have to plow, work tirelessly to be able to succeed.

With virtual money mining machines are different, you just need to buy 1 device (just feel 1 machine is 1 worker for you)

Turn it on 24/24, and every day, you can sell the money you earn and receive fresh money, no debt, no overlap like doing business outside!

I take an example: I invest 1 rx10 units with capacity of 470Mhs. My investment will be 165 million and according to the table profit calculations then every day I earn 400k 1 staging (10 stakes is 4 mil).

One month will earn 120 million And 5 months will payback, The advantage of it is no need to take care much, just turn it up and run every day to get the money that the excavator is.

However, it is not necessary to say that investing in this will be risk-free, depending on the market risk, the price will dig more money, the price will dig less.

So you will have to calculate how long the payback, and should calculate a bit far, for example 1 months payback, then I will answer the machine (selling the machine will also earn 12-30tr 40 staging) .

or after payback still let it continue, each month earn a few dozen to save additional investment.

Blogtienao approached several miners and they also shared a lot of useful information about the miner, Nhu A Phuoc in long Xuyen, he invested 30 rigs from 3 months ago and now has a payback.

Or Mr. Tu in Danang also made 45 stakes two months ago and is now about to pay back (the reason for quick payback is because the virtual currency is growing quite fast).

And there are many giants in the South and North invested 200-500 staging and became Vietnamese billionaires!

A few things to keep in mind when investing in cryptocurrency mining machines:

  • Affordable price (do not buy a unit with a high price in the sky
  • Ensure good temperature for the machine running
  • Make sure that the machine does not get much dust, the temperature will rise leading to machine damage or reduced digging capacity
  • Do not borrow high interest loans to invest in machines

In short, be careful and wish the investors a successful investment. An important note is that this article is written in early 2018. Maybe 2019 and 2020 will be different, you need to pay close attention. See the following article again.

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    • Order, buy from pre-assembled ones.
      If you know how to assemble, you can buy and then assemble components and configure => Cheapest price possible.
      If you do not know => Buy pre-assembled and preconfigured units => The price is quite expensive, sometimes XNUMX times higher than the price you buy the spare parts yourself.
      Of course each has its own benefits. Especially the shortage of machines, no goods, no components, so "good measure" is to buy pre-assembled machines.


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