Where to Buy Ripple (XRP)? Should I invest in Ripple? (Update 2020)


Ripple (XRP) is a pretty hot name in the rankings Coinmarketcap as well as cryptocurrency investors in Vietnam.

I still remember that the recovery from $ 0.1 continuously breaking the peak and rising to more than $ 3 showed that the investor's level of fomo (NDT) and the belief in its recovery were quite strong.

Present Ripple price (XRP) is in the range of $ 0.19 (December 12), so should we invest in this currency or not?

Ripple Investment (XRP). Where to Buy Ripple (XRP)?
Ripple Investment (XRP). Where to Buy Ripple (XRP)?

Before going to the list of addresses Where to buy Ripple (XRP) Reputation.

We will analyze the vision as well as predict the possibility of flying high in 2020.

This article is based on personal opinion and compiled from many reputable sources, not encouraging investment. 

XRP price has been maintained stably recently, but it can be said that the XRP has experienced a slow growth since the beginning of 2019.

Even a recent Twitter poll suggests that Ripple's XRP will reach its highest level by 2020.

  • Ripple expanded its money transfer service to China and has started a new office in Shanghai.
  • Ripple is a protocol rather than a digital currency, created with the purpose of transferring money from anywhere in the world.
  • There have been some developments around Ripple.
  • Distributed ledger technology is expanding worldwide.
  • Ripple recently registered Euro Exim Bank, based in London, to use Ripple's xRapid service.
  • XRP has successfully raised $ 200 million in Series C funding round.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse seems very enthusiastic about the future developments of the financial industry.

Ripple has a banking and financial network that currently has more than 150 customers worldwide.

This also raises the confidence of customers in financial institutions that are now able to process cross-border payments more quickly, safely and easily.

Recently, MUFG Bank of Japan announced the signing of MoU with Banco Bradesco, a banking service based in Brazil.

MoU discussed the collaboration between the two organizations to create a cross-border payment corridor, powered by Ripple technology.

If Ripple cooperates successfully with Apple as investors are making efforts and are mainly expected to happen next year, the value of Ripple will increase significantly.

This means that Ripple holders are also easier to hold their ownership. This will certainly increase Ripple's reputation.

At the same time, any such binding will ensure that many investors will invest in Ripple, which is why it will significantly push Ripple's price forward.

In addition, such associations will bring credibility to the entire cryptocurrency industry.

A few days ago, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) announced that it had launched a new money transfer service, (called NBK direct money transfer).

By joining Ripple's blockchain-based payment network, it is possible to enable instant cross-border payments.

It is starting with a money transfer window to Jordon, the final plan will be followed by China, London, Paris, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and other countries.

Ripple is constantly adding new customers, including some acquaintances in the banking world such as American Express, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Santander and MUFG, to help solve liquidity problems.

(Above is the news we have compiled, if you want to find out all the news about Ripple, you can read it on Blogtienao, search section and type Ripple keyword)

Benefits of Ripple

  • Transaction speed and cost are much lower than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , and Ethereum.
  • The uniqueness of XRP is that coins have been issued at the same time, which means that all XRP are in circulation and therefore, there is no need to mine.
  • The Ripple protocol improves overall integrity by validating account and transaction balances, automatically blocking malicious items.
  • Since recently, all released products including xRapid, current xC and xVia have helped to improve XRP's position in the blockchain network.

Market forecasts for XRP 2020 prices

With very volatile markets, predicting the price of cryptocurrencies is actually one of the most difficult tasks.

Let's look at Ripple price predictions (XRP) from influencers (KOLs), which will give us an idea to judge:

# 1 Predict the price of XRP by Roman Guelfi

Roman Guelfi, a respected crypto enthusiast and expert, thinks 2020 is all about achieving greater milestones for Ripple.

He said that when the market begins to observe a series of projects, the other currencies may eventually become obsolete and by 2020 the time the XRP market will change all over.

# 2 Ripple Coin News XRP price forecast

According to RippleCoinNews, the second largest news site on the basis of traffic, it is predicted that after a difficult period.

The coming years may appear as a smooth period for Ripple as there will be more collaboration and new technologies, which can skyrocket its price to $ 3 to $ 4.

# 3 Invest in predicting the XRP Haven price

Haven Investment Fund, a cryptocurrency prediction website made an optimistic prediction for price increases for 2020, believing that 2020 will be a perfect year for Ripple.

They have stated that XRP could reach $ 10 by 2020 because it believes that XRP has the highest potential, among all other cryptocurrencies.

# 4 Predict the price of XRP UsLifted

UsLifted, a cryptocurrency prediction site believes that by 2020, XRP will reach a new height and could reach $ 22,79 with circulating supply of 38.739.145.924 XRP.

# 5 Predict the price of Oracle Times

Oracle Times recently mentioned in one of their articles that they predicted that XRP could increase by up to 2000%.

And they only mention it is only possible if Ripple becomes the best option for cross-border payments of financial institutions. Transboundary transactions account for about 9,8 trillion dollars.

XRP price forecast for 2020

Ripple is primarily known for a technology called RippleNet

This is a banking payment system, where cross-border payments can be made instantly, which has achieved a lot of achievements compared to last year.

In 2020, it is expected to expand to more countries and aims to double the market capital inflow compared to $ 2 million in 2018 and it has begun to do so.

Ripple Recently announced new plans. A series of events are expected to be rolled out in 2020 as pre-organizing money flows into XRP,

It continues and grows steadily to achieve its unique network effect. All of this can definitely make Ripple stand out among other digital currencies.

If these plans happen, XRP could reach $ 0.75 by the end of 2020.

XRP price forecast for 2021

It looks like 2021 will be the year for cryptocurrencies and XRP is predicted to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world with a large supply.

The first quarter will be very volatile as all currencies will experience a rise and fall.

Cryptocurrencies could create competition for the stock market and commodity market in the near future.

It is likely that by 2020, Ripple partners like American Express and Lian Lian Group may be officially linked to complete Chinese card payments.

So by the end of 2021, XRP will be around $ 1,40-1,50.

Where to Buy Ripple (XRP)?

There are many exchanges that allow Buy and sell Ripple In Vietnam, you can see in the Category Purchase or Category Vietnam floor for specifics. Here we will introduce Vicuta floor and instruction how Buy Ripple on Vicuta.

Buy and sell Ripple (XRP) on the Vicuta exchange

To trade on Vicuta, you need to have:

  • Account On Vicuta
  • InternetBanking one of the banks VCB, ACB, TCB, VTB, SCB. Techcombank should preferably give it convenience.

Note that you also do not necessarily need to secure your Vicuta account because this is just a place to buy and sell, not store coins on the floor so the loss of your account, you also feel secure because it will not affect your assets.

Step 1 : you click Click here to register nhé

Buy and sell USDT on Vicuta
Buy and sell USDT on Vicuta
Buy USDT on Vicuta
Buy USDT on Vicuta

This is a detailed guide, you follow is okay.

Step 2 : after registration, you login and please verify your email, phone number to upgrade your transaction limit. Identity verification is only needed when you want to trade in bulk.

Step 3 : proceed Buy Ripple (XRP)

Please get ready Ripple wallet (XRP) for example, I took wallet xrp on bittrex floor always to facilitate transactions.

My XRP Wallet address on Bittrex floor with Tag
My XRP Wallet address on Bittrex floor with Tag

You then go to Vicuta.com Section Purchase choose Buy Ripple (XRP) or go directly to this link: https://vicuta.com/buy/XRP

Buy Ripple (XRP) on Vicuta
Buy Ripple (XRP) on Vicuta
  • Quantity: for example if you want to buy 1000 XRP then fill in 1000.
  • Address: Your XRP address
  • Payment ID: This is a Tag or where there is a Memo ID, this is very important, so fill it correctly, you can see on the picture above, my XRP address has that Tag number.
  • Bank: Should choose VCB or TCB or ACB and remember your bank account must have internetbanking
  • Account Holder Name: the same name you register at Vicuta
  • Account Number: Your bank account number

Then mark my commitment and click Confirm through the next step

Buy XRP at Vicuta
Buy XRP at Vicuta

In the period of time is min, please send the correct amount (7,656,914 vnđ) to the above bank account (0501000049232, PHAM MINH TU) with the content of the transfer: TIV2HB42

After your transfer, remember that at the same bank, if you have a bank account, you should choose VCB to pay. And Click Confirm moved, the system will send Ripple to your address on time!


Through this article, I have basically analyzed the potential and core value of Ripple (XRP) in 2021, hoping you have more knowledge to guide the best investment direction for you.

And also point out reputable Ripple (XRP) trading places in Vietnam to help you easily liquidate your investment.

However, predictions are only predictions, so consider carefully before investing because the crypto market is inherently risky.

If you find it interesting, I hope you give it a 5-star rating or share this article with those who really need it so that we will be motivated to write more knowledge articles. Thank you sir!

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