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What is SNAPEX?

snapex is a global service-oriented digital currency contract trading platform, with a professional management and R&D team, providing a robust trading system, secure and rigorous fund management. SnapEx has offices in many parts of the world, including the Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

With the development of blockchain technology and the popularity of artificial intelligence technology, more and more users have a need to invest in digital assets.

However, the entry threshold was too high and the base user had no clue after the first contact. SnapEx supports low-cost, low-cost, and easy-to-understand ways for users to take an important first step to achieving simple and quick cryptocurrency investment.

Advantages of SnapEx

snapex Provides customers with cryptocurrency futures trading contracts. Unlike futures contracts, margin futures have no maturity limit.

The customer may keep this contract as long as there is sufficient margin in the account or until it is traded again. Margin trading is a type of financial market speculation that uses leverage to expand investments.

Leverage tools can help customers build warehouses in the market. Customers only need to invest in margin, but not all the money needed to set up a warehouse.

For investors who immediately trade in cryptocurrencies, the short-term insurance of crypto assets can be conveniently facilitated with a small investment through SnapEx contract.

Therefore, users can lock in a volatile market and take advantage of a better position in a bull market.

In addition, SnapEx offers customers a wide range of leverage to meet different trading styles from strong to very strong: 10X 25X 50X 100X.

In particular, the combination of high leverage and low threshold trading mode helps to improve the efficiency of trading time and thus increase the entertainment of the transaction.

Instructions for registering an account on the SnapEx trading platform

Step 1: Access to https://blogtienao.com/go/snapex we get the registration form as shown below:


Step 2: Fill out the registration form:

  • Phone: Your phone number
    * If you are living in Vietnam, choose the code 84
  • Password: Enter password
    * Password should contain letters and numbers. All passwords are numbers that will be invalid
  • Confirm password: Retype the password above
    After entering all information click Send at section Verification Code
Fill out the SnapEx floor registration form
Registration form

Step 3: Confirm the security captcha of SnapEx by clicking the "(|||)”Drag to the right to fit into the box.

Confirm the captcha of the SnapEx platform
Confirm captcha. Photo 1
Confirm the captcha of the SnapEx platform
Confirm captcha. Photo 2

Step 4: Enter Verication Code , and Submit

The verification code will be sent to the phone number you registered

Confirmation code Snapex floor
Verification code

Enter the verification code in the section Verification Code and press Submit. After clicking Submit, just confirm the captcha security floor SnapEx as step 3. So you have successfully registered SnapEx floor account.

Complete registration of Snapex trading floor
Sign up complete

Security instructions for SnapEx accounts

Email link 

Step 1: Log in to SnapEX

Go to https://www.snapex.com/ then click on Login as shown below or access https://www.snapex.com/user/login.

Login to the Snapex platform
Login to SnapEx exchange - Photo 1

Enter the registered phone number then press Submit Confirm captcha code is successfully logged in

Login to the Snapex platform
Log in to SnapeEx - Photo 2

Step 2: On item Accounin the left corner of the screen as shown below

Item Account Snapex floor
Item Account

Step 3: Click here unlinked at section Email as shown below:

Link email to SnapEx account

Step 4: Enter your email in the section Email Then click Send

Enter the email to associate with the SnapEx platform
Enter the email to link

Enter the code sent to your email in the box Verification Code

Enter the verification code sent to the email

A verification code is sent to the email
A verification code is sent to the email

When the link is successful, there will be a Change Successful line as shown below


Turn on 2-factor authentication (2FA) 

Step 1: Click here Enable section Google Auth

Turn on Google Authenticator for SnapEx accounts
Turn on Google Authenticator

Step 2: Download the Google Authenticator application IOS-Android. Once the Google Authenticator application has been downloaded, press Next to the next step.

Download the Google Authenticator application

Step 3: Open the Google Authenticator app and scan the bar code or enter the key provided then click Next.

QR Code and Lock
QR Code and Lock
Two methods of adding a Google Authenticator account
Two methods of adding a Google Authenticator account

Step 4: Backup Key to paper then click Next. You can recover when your phone is damaged or lost.

Backup key
Backup key

Step 5: Enter the password Login password and the code from the Google Authenticator application enters Google Authenticator Code then press Next.

Activate Google Authenticator
Activate Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator Code
Google Authenticator Code

Activating Google Authenticator successfully will see Enable in the Google Auth section as shown

Successfully activated Google Authenticator
Successfully activated Google Authenticator

Verify KYC 

Step 1: Go to Verification to fill out information and Submit

  • Country / Region: Select the Country you are currently living in
  • Name: Your name
  • Certificate: Choose ID Card when you want to verify by ID or if you do not want to verify with your ID, you can choose Passport
  • ID Number: ID number
  • Upload ID Photo: Click here Upload a photo Choose your cmt front photo.
    Verify KYC floor SnapEx
    Verify KYC floor SnapEx

    Verification request was successful. Now, all you need to do is wait for SnapEx to verify that KYC is successful.

Awaiting review from SnapEx
Awaiting review from SnapEx

Interface to play Margin Trading on SnapEx

(1) Contract: the main margin trading area
(2) Pairs are traded on the Margin trading platform
(3) Command area manager
(4) Order area

Interface to play Margin Trading on SnapEx
Interface to play Margin Trading on SnapEx

How to place a margin order on SnapEx

Market order

  • Buy / Long: You will profit when the market goes up
  • Sell ​​/ Short: You will profit when the market goes down
  • Market: For this order the price will be optimal for the user
  • margin: The amount you want to enter the order
  • Leverage: Leverage 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x
  • SL: Stop-loss or stop-loss
  • TP: Take-profit or take profit

For example:

  • Order Buy / Long: For example, the current BTC Price is 10145, you predict it will increase to 10600 and you want to stop the loss when the BTC reaches 10000. Buy / Long Your would be:
    SL: 10000 and TP: 10600.
  • Order Sell ​​/ Short: For example, the current BTC price is 10145, you predict it will drop to 9800 and you want to use the loss when BTC hits 10300. Sell ​​/ Short Your would be:
    SL: 10300 and TP: 9800.


The higher the leverage, the shorter the price gap between SL and TP

Margin command
Buy / Long order market price is optimized.

Limit order

  • Buy / Long: You will profit when the market goes up
  • Sell ​​/ Short: You will profit when the market goes down
  • Limit: Your desired price
  • margin: The amount you want to enter the order
  • Leverage: Leverage 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x
  • SL: Stop-loss or stop-loss
  • TP: Take-profit or take profit

For example: 

  • Order Buy / Long: For example, the current BTC Price is 10145, you predict when the BTC returns to the 10000 area, the price will bounce to 10600 and you will cut your loss when you reach 9900. Buy / Long Your would be:
    Limit: 10000 , SL: 9900 and TP: 10600.
  • Order Sell ​​/ Short: For example, the current BTC price is 10145, you predict BTC will drop to 9800 when it reaches 10600 and you cut your loss when it reaches 10700. Sell ​​/ Short Your would be:
    Limit: 10600, SL: 10700 and TP: 9800.
LONG order price limit
Buy / Long order $ 500 leverage 25x

Change leverage by pumping money

Usually the large levers, the amplitude between TP and SL is very short. Small leverage, the amplitude is large. In case you use a large lever and are about to touch SL. In order for this order to be free of SL, you must loosen TP and SL by reducing leverage. Depending on how much you pump, the leverage will decrease accordingly.

For example: You are Buy / Long 5 USDT with a leverage of 100x. When the price of BTC falls to 9340 USDT you will be burnt this order. To order this does not fire, you just pump more 5 USDT. At this point, the leverage is only 50x and your SL drops to 9265 USDT.

To reduce leverage click on the sign + in the Position section

Reduce leverage to SnapEx

Enter the amount you want to inject into this order and press OK

Variation Margin SnapEX

How to change your Real account into a Demo account

New players who want to learn how to place orders and how to use them can use the Demo account. In Demo account you will get 10,000 USDT to play try.

Convert on Website SnapEx

In the lower right corner of the screen, click on the word Keep it Real..

Convert Real account to Demo account SnapEx

After the word appears Demo are you in Demo account. To switch back to your Real account, just click Demo .

Converting Demo account to Real account using SnapEx platform

Converted on the phone application

You guys go to section Account then select the button Keep it Real. at the top of the screen. Then choose Switch to Demo to switch to the Demo account.

Switch accounts on the phone app

The same goes for Real accounts. Everyone click on the word Demo then came Swtich to Real to switch to Real account.

Switch accounts on the phone app - Photo 2

Q&A Snapex that you should know

1. Why choose Margin?

Margin is a form of leverage that optimizes your profits. Therefore, if you are sure the price will go up or down, you use 10x leverage will help your profit increase 10 times and vice versa, if wrong then understand yourself ...

2. Why is it Snapex?

All transactions on Snapex are converted into USD, when you deposit BTC, ETH, USDT will automatically convert to USD. Therefore, it is easy for you to know profit or loss. The interface is simple, easy to use, has a mobile app to easily manage activities anytime, anywhere.

3. Do margin need to create wallet?

With Crypto, most need to create a wallet, but for Snapex alone, there is no need to create a wallet, you deposit USD directly from the exchange to Snapex and beat it, when profitable, you will withdraw to Exchange to sell.

4. How much capital is required to use Margin?

Without the margin minium, how much capital you need, you can enter 1 order $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 30, ... is up to you. It makes no difference whether you bet $ 100 or $ 1000, except the pressure, from the pressure that leads to the wrong judgment.

5. Is Margin easy to make money?

Making money from the Crypto market in general and Margin in particular is very difficult, so it must be determined to be very difficult. The possibility of losing capital is high, so it is absolutely forbidden to be fomo. You hit the break even or eat 30-50% 1 month is very successful already.

6. How to make money in this market?

This sentence is difficult to answer, but most of the winning pro follow a steel discipline, not broken.

+ For example, you have $ 100, you divided into 20 orders, $ 5 each order, rated technical training, gameplay, habits, ... If after 100 orders you breakeven or 50% interest proves you have good quality margin. Then deposit more money to play and still follow this principle.

+ A lot of you all in, finished burning, at that time, the mentality of getting rid of the blood boil and borrowing money to continue playing and sml again. Therefore, dividing 10 - 20 parts helps you stay stable in this market. When the pro is up, then you can make 5 $ 1 position like 100 $ 1 position if you have big capital.

Effective Methods

When confused between 2 directions

Depending on the time you choose this method, when you are hesitant at a certain entry, you are sure that it will increase or decrease, increasing bias or decreasing bias.

Then you can use RR21, you place a long order, a short order (choose a reasonable entry point). Applies to x1 or x1. Stoploss 50% and Take Profit 100%.

When it is strong pump or dump strong one of the two orders will burn and lose 2%, and the remaining one will increase by 80%, the total is still profitable. Try this strategy on acc Demo or make the $ 200 test command.

Example of RR21

Note: it is important to enter, type x10 the feeling is still different from x100, so I hope you can play the test to get experience and feeling before playing big. This method only applies to x50 x100.

Fight? Scapling

This is a way to hit trends according to M1 & M5 charts, which requires you to use high leverage, observe charts very quickly, and manipulate fast to master.

This style of fighting is suitable for the current number of players. You need to know ptkt or have a lot of experience to use.

Other methods will update later

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing on SnapEx via Vicuta

Recently, Vicuta has officially become the only OTC partner of Vietnam on Snapex. So you can safely use Vicuta for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing USDT.

Buying and selling USDT in VND via Vicuta

Deposit BTC or USDT into SnapEx

Step 1: You guys go to section Assets, then select Deposit. (You can switch to Vietnamese language for easy use)

Deposit BTC, USDT on SnapEx

Step 2: Deposit BTC or USDT into your address in the section Deposit address.

Step 3: With Vicuta service, you can choose OMNI or ERC20 address, I choose ERC20.

My USDT ERC20 address is: 0x791499223768a7b10251d3e7df41e22bd6474bd3

You just go to Vicuta.com - Chat directly with a consultant on the support chat frame or contact directly telegram. https://t.me/vicutasp1

Then you send the message in the form below

SNAPEX BUY: Address of USDT wallet (OMNI or ERC20) - number of USDT to buy (USDT)

For example: Your wallet address is 0x791499223768a7b10251d3e7df41e22bd6474bd3. You want to buy 100 USDT. You will contact the form:

SNAPEX BUY: 0x6cf614080b1d01bf1826d5c24e1840d063c03eee - 100 USDT

Then you transfer money to Vicuta, after they confirm receipt of money, they will transfer USDT to you.


  • The charge for depositing USDT into Snapex via Vicuta is free.
  • Only charge USDT-Omni, USDT-ERC20, do not top up USDT-TRC20
  • Deposit at least 50 USDT. If you accidentally deposit $ 30, you only need to deposit another $ 20 to display the balance.

Withdraw USDT from SnapEx

Step 1: You guys go to section Assets, then select Withdraw

Withdraw USDT from SnapEx

Step 2: You contact a Vicuta consultant through Telegram https://t.me/vicutasp1 or visit vicuta.com to chat directly with them about selling USDT on Snapex.

SNAPEX SELL: Bank account number - Recipient's name - USDT number to sell (USDT)

For example: Your name is Nguyen Van Teo. Your bank account number is 0123456789. You want to sell 100 USDT. You will contact the form:

SELL: 0123456789 - Nguyen Van Teo - 100 USDT

Vicuta will provide your USDT-ERC20 wallet address to you

Step 3: You fill out the information

  • Address: Address USDT-Omni or USDT-ERC20 that Vicuta provides.
  • Amount: Amount to withdraw
  • Fee: Transaction fee = $ 0 if you use Vicuta. Fee $ 5 -10 $ if you use other services.
  • Arrived: The amount will be taken into account after deducting transaction fee.
  • SMS Code: Confirmation code from the message
    USDT withdraws SnapEx floor
    SnapEx OTC

    After transferring USDT, Vicuta will receive it immediately, and they will transfer VND to your bank account immediately.


  • Withdraw at least 50 USDT
  • Maximum daily limit of 20000 USDT
  • Limit withdrawal 3 times per day
  • The withdrawal address must be USDT-Omni or USDT-ERC20

What is napEx OTC?

SnapEx OTC is where you buy or sell USDT in fiat currency. You can buy and sell USDT directly through Vietnam Dong through Merchant.

You can also use a Visa or Mastercard to buy through Simplex. But I do not recommend this form because the fee is quite high.

Often you use VND to buy USDT to load into SnapEx floor also costs some right? Or even withdrawing USDT to sell for fiat money (VND) also costs a lot of intermediary fees. So where to buy or sell the least expensive?

The answer is SnapEx OTC. When you buy and sell here you will not have to waste any more intermediaries. When you finish buying money, you will go directly to your wallet and then sell it back to the bank.

Currently, there are 2 merchants: MitcGlobalEx, Vicuta.

Between MitcGlobalEx and Vicuta, I encourage choosing Vicuta. Because Vicuta of Vietnam and supports 5 banks: Vietcombank, Asia Bank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV.

Very convenient for trading in VND and especially when you withdraw interest through Vicuta will not lose 5-10 $ withdrawal fee offline.

Make money with SNAPEX

You can also choose to make money with Snapex if you are a leader or kols. You just need to get your referral link in the section “Invite - https://www.snapex.com/account/1”

For example, this is the link of ads: https://www.snapex.com/user/register?invite_code=3ztohe

Usually, the commission will be 40% of the fee when you start. If your total volume more than 5 million USD per month will increase to 45-50%.

And if you want 60% when the volume is over 10 million, it will be 60%. Please contact ad from the beginning before recruiting. Good luck!


Does anyone want to earn up to 10 BTC in a contest? Especially with a participation fee of only zero, the Demo account trading option and results are calculated only by profit. Do not glance quickly stay tuned because this is the one New crypto contract trading platform - SnapEx - Very interesting things are coming

Trade Contest with up to 600000 USDT of SnapEx

WORLD TRADING GRAND PRIX considered the largest cryptocurrency trading competition in the world, a tournament lasting 4 weeks from 09/08/2019 đến 05/09/2019 with a total cash prize of up to 600.000 USDT * and luxury cars including: a Porsche 911, a Porsche Boxster and a Range Rover.

Margin Exchange - SnapEx

The tournament consists of three major events and adds four smaller campaigns for both participants and individuals, with cash prizes ranging from 10 USDT to 100.000 USDT per event. Incentives for smaller events include prizes for referrals and deposits, allowing users to receive them Free SNAP token (The latter can be changed in USDT).

Contest Rules on SnapEx (Ended)

Match time (Singapore time)

  • Individual contest (Tk Demo): 00:00, August 9, 8-2019: 23, August 59, 22
  • Individual contest at (Tk Them): 00:00, August 23, 8-2019: 23, September 59, 5
  • Team competition: (Team): 00:00, August 23, 8-2019: 23, September 59, 5
  1. With the Demo account contest (which means there is no cost to join): Before starting, the user's Demo account balance will be reset to 10.000 USDT. Users only need to complete the KYC procedure to be eligible to participate. So if you're interested, sign up now squid fishing tours
  2. For real account contests, users must deposit a minimum of 50 USDT into their account, then trade as anyone, if you win, you will receive a prize. The prize is quite interesting.
  3. For groups, you must register for the group, and after being approved, the group will show up on the rankings when the group competition is held. It is not difficult at all

Remember, all prizes, tournaments, contests, ... The minimum requirement is to register and KYC, and it is very simple, after registration, take a photo of ID card on the front of the back and upload it to be approved. right.

Personal Contest On SnapEx: Demo and Real

Personal Contest On DEMO Account

1. Time of competition: 00:00, August 9, 8-2019: 23, August 59, 22

2. How to register?
Before starting, the Demo Demo account balance of the user will be reset to 10.000 USDT. The user who has completed the KYC procedure will be considered participating as long as he / she trades in the Demo contest.

3. Rewards and rules
SnapEx has a total of 8 contract pairs (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, ADA, BCH, ETC). Trading users in the Demo account and profit from each contract pair will receive 10 USDT as a reward, and this reward can be withdrawn or used as a balance at the start of the real account contest with a high prize. more. (This reward is limited to the first 1000 users)

And if you reach the TOP 10, you will be rewarded with real money after the contest ends (converted into USDT)

Personal Contest On REAL Accounts (real accounts)

1. Time of competition 00:00, August 23, 8-2019: 23, August 59, 5

2. How to register?
The user will be deemed to participate as long as he / she trades in the Real contest.

3. Rewards and rules
In a Real account competition, the top 5 users who achieve the highest return on investment (ROE) and hold positions for 1 hour will be rewarded. Prizes will be calculated daily and paid at the end of the contest. (With the same ROE, users with shorter hold times will win).

And if after 14 days of competition and competition, if you reach the TOP 10 who have the highest profit and the TOP 10 people have the highest rate of return (ROE), the reward will be:

In addition, there is a separate program for marketers (invitees). Top1 people who invite the most friends will be rewarded. Invited friends must complete KYC.

This is the first major tournament created by SnapEx, and more regular competitions will take place coming up.

The total cash prize is worth up to USD 600.000. Winners may claim individual prizes based on the type of event they participate in.


Although it is a new exchange, the expense of the prize shows SnapEx's desire to become a reputable and powerful Margin trading platform with friendly, easy to use and like features. suitable for those who love to hit margin, Especially can be used on mobile easily and effectively. So, why hesitate any longer, try registering and playing on the Demo account now and always.

Note: this is an introduction to SnapEx's margin platform, this is an area that only people who understand well can participate because the risk is very high with little knowledge. And for the purpose of exchanging learning, sharing experiences about Margin, inviting you to join the BTA's Private Group Telegram, we together share the uplifting experience of taking profit and the pain of the Stoploss command. Link: https://t.me/joinchat/E9VTeETOjpgybixJuqOQFA.

Sign up to support Blogtienao: https://blogtienao.com/go/snapex



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