What is OceanEx? Overview of Bitcoin OceanEx


OceanEX Next-generation smart digital asset trading ecosystem.

What is OceanEx? An overview of OceanEx.

Introducing The Origin of OceanEx

The past five years, the world has been witnessing rapid advances in blockchain technology and regulation. During this time, as an application and product of BitOcean Global, OceanEx strongly believes that blockchain technology will be increasingly used by many people, because the TCP / IP protocol is used when every internet access people. With that understanding, we actively take action to ensure the path is appropriate for blockchain technology, to make the world a better place by transforming businesses and industries by combining values ​​from technology.

In this journey, BitOcean Global has been cooperating with one of the famous blockchain entities: VeChain. VeChain is committed to building a public blockchain platform designed for mass adoption through enterprise applications. We have found that we and VeChain have identical visions of how this technology achieves adoption and the barriers at the enterprise and regulatory level it must overcome to get there. . As the leading enterprise-grade blockchain, the VeChainThor Blockchain will be the public blockchain with the most business activities in the world, generating the most real value in turn.

As we evolved the VeChainThor Ecosystem, we actively contributed our expertise and dedication and played a key role in the VeChainThor Ecosystem. OceanEx's trading services and related services will provide a bridge between the crypto world and the physical world for the VeChainThor Ecosystem. This platform is a necessity, not only for VeChain's adoption, but also for the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

What is OceanEx?

OceanEx is an exclusive cryptocurrency exchange and asset management (also known as crypto exchange) platform launched by BitOcean Global, which will act as a platform for exchange, trading and asset management. products in the VeChainThor Ecosystem. The platform is underpinned by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, offering a positively protected ultra-liquid cryptocurrency exchange market, complete quantitative trading capabilities, and An extensive product-toolkit to accommodate a wide range of strategic investments from all types of investors.

The main strategic vision

Vision 1

Services: VeChain ecosystem

We understand the future of VeChain Foundation and the VeChain Ecosystem. As a core member of the VeChain Ecosystem, all projects incubated, sponsored or approved by VeChain will always be prioritized and will be listed before VeChain projects are not “incubated”. Tokens will also be tradable with a pair of VETs.

Vision 2

Smart: Technical framework

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the proliferation of blockchain projects and a host of related tokens being traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges. A significant concern for a cryptocurrency exchange is platform security. OceanEx believes that platform security is our top priority and the liquidity of token transactions is at the heart of the blockchain ecosystem; and believe that the reliability and financial function of transactional services are critical to maintaining the blockchain community. At OceanEx, we embrace advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and apply them to facilitate the security and reliability of our next-generation trading platform.

OceanEx integrates AI into every aspect of floor design. Proprietary machine learning algorithms are implemented to detect irregularities in the user's transaction data stream in order to find suspicious transactions. In addition, our algorithms monitor the entire platform and verify whether the delivery of trading orders from all users is normal or deviated from the expected norms. This is to ensure the property will receive maximum protection, even in the worst case, the user account has been hacked. AI technology is also used to enforce the reliability and scalability of OceanEx.

In addition to maximizing security and reliability, the platform also provides many financial features for advanced and professional traders, through designs optimized for high-frequency trading.

Some key technical features of Ocean Exchange

Main features OceanEX

1. OceanBrain: OceanEx security AI system, analyze user behavior data and execute suggestions on OceanEx.

a. OceanBrain is OceanEx's AI integration system, which coordinates all aspects of OceanEx, manages platform security through mass behavior monitoring, detects malicious transactions to secure customers' assets , enhance the availability and scalability of server infrastructure.

b. The OceanBrain engine uses large-scale historical data generated in OceanEx to identify predictive models and use prediction models to predict future unknown data.

c. Technically, OceanBrain is based on an advanced machine learning model: large-scale deep reinforcement learning (an architecture similar to AlphaGo), providing extraordinary learning capabilities. and learn by interacting with OceanEx. OceanBrain differs from most current AI systems in that:

  • While most advanced AI systems are fully controlled by data, the OceanBrain operates in "hybrid mode", making decisions by combining human knowledge and evidence from data.
  • OceanBrain accumulates the ability to learn over time, through our lifelong learning techniques. The features learned in the past will be transferred to new task domains, like human learning, connecting new concepts with learned concepts.

2. OceanQuant: Support quantitative transactions through OceanQuant tool, allowing users to backup and deploy custom trading algorithms on OceanEx.

a. Specifically, OceanQuant provides a complete quantitative platform for cryptocurrency trading, including a trading API set up in the Python language allowing users to access market statistics, historical analysis. market and its changes, the issuance of commands automatically through the programming language.

b. The OceanQuant tool allows users to perform their Algo re-checks by providing historical data within the platform.

c. The algorithms tested can be implemented in high performance trading bot containers. The containers are connected to OceanEx matching through our dedicated high-frequency transaction infrastructure.

3. OceanMarket: Enable social trading through OceanMarket, providing an option for algorithm developers to allow other users in Ocean Exchange to register an algorithm and receive transaction fees for high performance algorithms.

a. Once an algorithm is released, other users in the platform can subscribe to this algorithm by creating a monitoring account in OceanEx. Algo Publisher may set limits on total volume and number of followers.

b. The performance (volume and gain, ...) of the published algorithm will be tracked and historical performance publicly available online. OceanEx will also publish metrics that evaluate the performance, guide buyers and risk notification of the algorithm.

c. QuantMarket will be closely monitored by OceanBrain to prevent malicious trading behavior. A credit system will be developed based on OceanBrain to ensure security, setting an upper limit on volume and subscribers based on algorithm behavior and programmer reliability.

Vision 3

Diversity: Choose from a wide range of products

CryptoBento ™: OceanEx strives to be a leader in innovation and innovation in the cryptocurrency trading industry. CryptoBento ™ is a significant innovation in that it is a type of ownership / representation of basic cryptocurrencies at any fractional rate or in whole according to a predetermined percentage provided by the provider. issued liquidity. The coin holder does not directly own or have any direct requirements for the underlying investments in the fund; instead, they indirectly own these cryptocurrencies through CryptoBento can be purchased on OceanEx Platform.

Vision 4

New generation trading platform

The development of the OceanEx Platform is to encompass all aspects of a world that runs on cryptocurrencies. It was a big dream, a dream that would not be possible without the enthusiastic participation of the community. We will empower any user to contribute, monetize, and grow on the OceanEx Platform. OceanEx is not just a tool, it will be a way of life ...

Initial development stage

BitOcean Global will initially focus on providing a safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform: OceanEx.

The first phase of OceanEx was focused on speed and ease of use. In addition to providing BTC and ETH trading pairs with other major tokens, OceanEx will provide VET trading pairs and will list all new projects officially certified by the VeChain Foundation and released on the VeChainThor Blockchain. OceanEx will launch an extremely effective proprietary trading tool and optimized for high frequency trading. OceanEx will be backed by the exchange's native token.

The development phase is ongoing

BitOcean Global will focus on building a complete professional cryptocurrency management and investment platform based on OceanEx Exchange, while attracting and empowering community members by revolutionizing the context. Crypto transactions. These efforts will build a strong ecosystem for OceanEx and provide a significant amount of additional value to members of both the VeChain and BitOcean ecosystems.

  1. OceanEx will provide an open source API set to allow users to develop cryptocurrency trading algorithms and deploy custom trading algorithms.

What is OCE?

OCE is the coin of the OceanEx exchange - The maximum supply of OCE (OceanEx token) will be 10 billion tokens. This release round will be split into 2 or 3 waves, Private round and VeChain community ring, there will be no Public round. 27.5% of the total supply will be issued to participants of the Private round and VeChain community round, with a total of 4.125.000 VeChain tokens raised, the total value of all OCE tokens is 15.000.000 VET tokens.

There may be an additional token issuance with 2.5% of the total supply if the management deems it necessary.

In all token issuance rounds, only VET tokens are accepted.

We will announce the time and process of the VeChain community in the near future.

Private round 

Total 2.062.500 VET.

The Private Round process will begin in the following days, if you wish to join this round, please email to info@bitocean.org.

VeChain community round

Total 2.062.500 VET.

The VeChain community is comprised of X Node, Economic Node and non-node wallet holders with more than 50 VeChain tokens.

There is no public loop.

Token allocation

OceanEx Development Team

Xiaoning Nan (Founder, CEO)

As the founder of BitOcean and Chief Advisor of VeChain Foundation, Xiaoning has entered the cryptocurrency market since 2013 and is one of the earliest contributors to the rise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in China. Xiaoning has extensive practical experience in developing and operating cryptocurrency ATMs and he established the first franchise mining facilities in China. Besides, Xiaoning actively participates in community building. He is an early stage investor of VeChain, Binance, Cerk, ContentBox, Elastos, ChainDD and Nebulas.

Jiayu Zhou (Co-founder, CTO)

Professor Chu is an expert in Machine Learning and AI, and is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Michigan State University. He has led large-scale referral systems at Samsung Research America, delivering ads targeted to millions of Samsung SmartTV users and has extensive experience developing AI systems and Machine algorithms. Learning. Professor Chu is currently supporting a portion of the VeResearch Program, leading the research and development of the Distributed Data Distribution (DDV) framework on the blockchain and co-authored EdgeChain.

Daniel Kelman (Co-Founder, Legal Director)

Daniel is a lawyer from New York, who has only worked in the blockchain space since 2013. After taking Goxxed in 2014, Daniel moved to Japan, where he professionally works on related issues. to the Mt.Gox bankruptcy event. Daniel also acts as an advisor to some of the industry's top players, which includes a special advisory position for the VeChain Foundation Steering Committee.

He Zhu (Chief Architecture & Security)

He Zhu holds a Ph.D. in networking and cloud security. Prior to joining BitOcean, he had many years of experience working at Cisco as an architect for the company's coordination framework, where he promoted the architectural transition of the Cisco cloud platform to be more capable. security, expansion and maintenance. He has more than 15 publications on increasing cloud security. He also holds many US patents on network and security.

Wei Wang (Co-founder, COO)

Working for Deloitte during the early years of her career, Wei has worked in global exchanges providing corporate financial advisory services to companies in Canada, China and Australia. After Deloitte, Wei joined Loncin as an investment director, facilitating investment opportunities for the corporation and its three listed subsidiaries. Wei is also the co-founder of Loji Logistics, one of the largest online cargo exchange platforms for truck drivers in China. Wei graduated from the University of British Columbia and is a member of the CFA.

Strategic advisor

Sunny Lu - CEO of VeChain

CREAM - An electronic commercial bank

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So, Blogtienao general introduction Bitcoin trading platform OceanEx basically with features as well as providing an overview of the team, techniques, token OCE, to help you understand it. This is a relatively new exchange, the brand is not strong, so the price of OCE tokens is quite cheap, it is unknown how the team will develop later, but it is also an option to try in the market context. Cryptocurrency school is booming. Good luck.

This is an overall review, not an investment advice, please pay close attention before investing.

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