What is Coinhako? Instruction on registration, trading on Coinhako trading floor


Coinhako cryptocurrency exchange

What are the pros / cons of Coinhako compared to other exchanges? How does the floor work, is it reputable? Let's Blogtienao (BTA) Find out in the following article!

What is Coinhako?

Coinhako is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore in 2014 and has just entered the Vietnamese market. Coinhako users can make transactions of buying and selling Crypto in VND easily. 

People can buy and sell over 35 different coins at Coinhako in VND. Including some names such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, BNB ...

Some information about Coinhako floor

  • Website: www.coinhako.com
  • Products of the company: HAKO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Business certificate: 201332728R by the Singapore government on December 05, 12. 
  • Owner: Yusho Liu (CEO)

Review Coinhako floor


B2C trading floor

Unlike most exchanges that operate under the P2P model, Coinhako currently operates under the B2C model.

This means that all transactions at Coinhako are made between users and the exchange. If you are the seller, then Coinhako will be the buyer and vice versa.

Simply-designed, and easy-to-use interface 

The interface is clear and full of information necessary for easy transaction by everyone. The floor supports Vietnamese so it is very easy to use, even for those who are just beginning to participate in the market.

Preferential transaction fee 

Users who deposit coins or Vietnam Dong (VND) to the floor are completely free of charge. 

For every purchase, sale and conversion of coins on the exchange, users will lose 1% of the fee. However, the fee can be greatly reduced because Coinhako often issues codes that reduce transaction fees. 

It is delicious is not it!

Transaction quickly

Thanks to the advantage of high liquidity and B2C model, all transactions in Coinhako can be completed quickly with just one order. 

Help users not need to place multiple orders at prices to gather enough coins to buy.

Customer support service  

Coinhako has a customer service team that is constantly on hand to support users at any time.

You can contact the floor's support team by email, or send a request via the support frame on the website Coinhako. 

In addition, users can also receive support from the Facebook and Telegram community of the floor.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Coinhakovietnam/

Telegram Link: https://t.me/CoinhakoSingapore

High security 

Founded in 2014 and constantly growing, Coinhako has become one of the safe floors, never having any problems of security or serious property loss. This is probably one of his plus points for Coinhako. 

With the security system of the floor, you can rest assured that your property will be "go to the moon" safe. 

Multi-bank support 

The exchange supports many banks, so you can easily buy, sell or withdraw coins in VND on the exchange.

Some Coinhako banks are supporting: Vietcombank, ACB, Techcombank, Sacombank ... 

Support both on web and phone app

Currently, Coinhako supports both web browser and mobile app. Therefore, you can conveniently trade and manage your assets anytime, anywhere.

You can download the app at the following 2 links:


No operating license in Vietnam yet 

In Vietnam, despite having a business license, Coinhako still has no operating license. However, the floor has been fully licensed by the Singapore government.

This is also the general situation in Vietnam because there is no legal framework for this new type of business. 

The community in Vietnam is not large 

Although going into operation in 2014, the exchange has only officially entered Vietnam recently. Currently the community in Vietnam is not yet growing and there is no active activity.

However, the majority of users in Vietnam are quite satisfied with the service of the exchange.

Instructions on how to register an account on Coinhako Exchange

Coinhako Exchange has an easy-to-see and simple interface with many different languages ​​such as Vietnamese and English to help you use it easily. 

However, to make it easier for new market participants to learn and use Coinhako, I will guide you in detail so that everyone can save time!

Coinhako floor interface 

Coinhako's homepage has the interface as shown below. To switch to Vietnamese, you select "flag" to change it to Vietnamese.

Introduction of interface Coinhako

Then people click on the lower right to see coin prices.

Coinhako coin types supported

Step 1: Prepare before registering

Before starting to get acquainted with Coinhako, people need to prepare some things necessary to register your account does not take much time:

  • email 
  • ID / CCCD photo, including: 1 photo on the front, 1 photo on the back and 1 selfie image
  • Your phone has Google Authenticator or Authy installed.

Step 2: Register for a trading account

First people access https://blogtienao.com/go/coinhako to go to the sign up page. 

Fill out the information including: email, name, password. The password on Coinhako requires at least 10 characters. Including at least 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character like! @ # $ ...

If you have a referral code from a friend then fill it out, otherwise skip it.

Then check the box at "By signing up for a Coinhako account, You agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" and click "Registration"

Sign up for an account Coinhako floor

Next, you need to confirm your email address with Coinhako. You open the mail, you will see a confirmation email sent from the floor.

Click on the confirmation link in the email that everyone has completed the registration step.

Note: Because this is an automatically generated email, please check your spam or advertising so it doesn't miss your email!

Step 3: Verify the identity of the account

The interface of the floor will be similar to the image below, I have already circled 3 boxes for you to look. 

Check the box "Verify account" to perform identity verification as well as account security settings.

"Super Wallet" is your Coinhako wallet. In Super Wallet will show all the coins you can currently trade on the exchange.

Click "Take" will see wallet code to receive coin at floor and button "To send" for people to send coins.

Verify identity for the account

Verify Level 1

Check the box "Verify account" on the homepage friend The page will appear as shown below.

Firstly, friend check the box "Country of Residence".

Verify identity level 1

choose "Vietnam" and note that select the item "Citizen"! Then click "Upload".
Identity Verification Level 1- Photo 2

You continue to choose "The main source of income". Continue to choose "Save" to complete this section.
Identity verification level 1 - Photo 3

As I mentioned the required documents in the section above, it's time to use the material I told you to prepare!

Check the box "Identity verification document".

Identity verification level 1 - Photo 4

There are 2 options for you: ID card / CCCD or Passport. You see which one is more convenient, choose. This article I guide everybody Register using ID / CCCD.

People choose "Identification card / ID card".

Identity verification level 1 - Photo 5

You press"Choose" and click "Upload" is done. With ID / CCCD, you download two-sided picture card.

Identity verification level 1 - Photo 6

Then you It takes about 30-45 minutes for Coinhako to verify.

Identity verification level 1 - Photo 7

You will receive notification email when verification is complete. Check your account and see the notification screen as shown below.

Identity verification level 1 - Photo 8

So your account has successfully verified Level 1. You can get started Recharge To buy / sell coins at Coinhako.

Verify Level 2

To increase your daily deposit / withdrawal limit, friend Level 2 verification can be conducted by selecting "Continue to verify". You do not need to wait for Level 1 to verify successfully for Level 2. Verify identity level 2

Coinhako will collect more information of friend, include: Telephone number, selfie with ID / CCCD and documents proving your current address.
Identity verification level 2 - Photo 2

You choose "Verify phone number", enter the phone number and select "Token sending" to get a confirmation code.Identity verification level 2 - Photo 3

Friend Enter the code received in the message from Coinhako and select "Upload".Identity verification level 2 - Photo 4

Next, friend select the item "Selfie with ID / ID card".Identity verification level 2 - Photo 5

Friend Just take a picture of you holding your ID / CCCD and a paper with the words "COINHAKO Day / month / year" as shown below.

Shooting finished, friend click "Choose" to select a picture and press "Upload". Meveryone Remember to take photos so that you can see your face clearly + the information on ID / CCCD

Identity verification level 2 - Photo 6

Next, you choose the item "Proof of address".
Identity verification level 2 - Photo 7

Friend One of the following documents is required: utility bill, bank statement, tax invoice, ...

Note: These documents must not be older than 3 months from friend registration. BYou can use an account Internet Banking and get your statement online. The document must clearly state your name and address in Vietnam.

After preparations are over friend Upload a screenshot or upload the PDF file to the floor system for verification.

Identity verification level 2 - Photo 8

choose "Submit Level 2" Identity verification level 2 - Photo 9

After that, you wait hard for Coinhako to verify.
Identity verification level 2 - Photo 10

Friend will receive notification email when verification is complete. You check your account and see the notification screen as shown below.Identity verification level 2 - Photo 11So friend account verification completed.

Step 4: Guidance on account security (2FA)

This step is not mandatory, but you should do to increase the security of your account.

Check the box "Installing 2FA" on the left hand side of the screen, then select “2FA setting ” in the middle of the screen to get started.

Secure 2FA Coinhako account

Next, download the "Google Authenticator" or "Authy" application to your phone. Download finished, select "Continue".Coinhako account security - Photo 2

You turn on the Google Authenticator or Authy app in your phone to scan the QR code provided on the Coinhako website.

Then enter the 6-digit code from the Google Authenticator / Authy application onto the Coinhako web and click the box "Activate 2FA".

2FA coinhako account security - Photo 3

The picture below informs you that you have successfully activated 2FA code. In the future, you only need to open Google Authenticator / Authy app in your phone to get 2FA code to enter Coinhako web.

Note: This code will change every 30 seconds everyone. After 30 seconds, you must get the new code to re-enter it.

2FA Coinhako account security - Photo 4

How to trade on Coinhako

I usually perform the following transactions on Coinhako:

  • Transfer money directly into VND wallet on the floor.
  • Conducting direct trading with the floor.
  • Withdraw money directly to your bank account.
  • Transfer coins to your Coinhako wallet or transfer coins to another wallet.

If you have a problem or error, please chat directly with "Support“Right lower right corner for assistance.

Instruction on how to deposit VND into Coinhako wallet

At Super wallet, friend click on "Recharge" in VNDT wallet.

Deposit VND into Coinhako wallet - Photo 1

You choose "Deposit money by interbank transfer" or arrow sign.
Deposit VND into Coinhako wallet - Photo 2

You will see:

  • Account information for you to top up your Coinhako wallet.
  • Recharge code: Make sure you enter the deposit code in the field "Transaction content" When transferring money to Coinhako wallet. If you forgot to enter your code, please email hello@coinhako.com for assistance.
  • Remember to read the notes carefully when depositing to avoid the case that the money cannot access the wallet.

Deposit VND into Coinhako wallet - Photo 3

After you have finished the transfer, the floor will confirm and add money to your VND wallet friend. Normally, Coinhako will verify quickly, not just dividing the two time frames as above.

Instruction on how to to add a bank account, and withdraw money from Coinhako to that bank account

To withdraw money, you need a bank account, which is why I combined these two steps into one.

At Super Wallet, you click "Withdrawal" in VNDT wallet.

Linking Coinhako bank account

You choose "Withdraw money to bank account" or arrow sign.
Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 2

If you haven't added a bank account yet, select "Add a bank account".Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 3

Then, select your country of Vietnam and fill in your bank account information. Next is to choose "Add a bank account" is done. You can add as many accounts as you want.

As shown below is successful then. Next just click "Choose"To select the account you want to withdraw from.

Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 4

When you withdraw money, the system will automatically ask for 2FA code. So you need to enter Google Authenticator / Authy code in your phone. Next, you choose "Continue".
Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 5

Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and click "Request to withdraw VND".
Coinhako bank account safe deposit - Photo 6

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered with Coinhako.
Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 7

Friend Remember to check the email and confirm the withdrawal request, otherwise the floor will not handle it.

When the floor is finished handling friend You will receive an email informing you that the withdrawal request has been successful. Please note, there is a withdrawal fee of VND 20.000 for Coinhako.

Guide to buy and sell USDT, BTC on Coinhako

The first column in red in green letters (from the right) is the buying price, the second column is the selling price and the last column is the buy / sell order.

Trading on Coinhako - Photo 1

Guide to buy and sell USDT on Coinhako


Step 1: Deposit VND into VNDT wallet on Coinhako

You move back to Vietnamese right above the flag to facilitate the implementation of the steps.

First everyone access the section Electronic wallet then select Recharge.

Deposit VND to buy and sell USDT on Coinhako Exchange

Transfer money to the bank account provided by Coinhako. To avoid losing money, please read the requirements carefully. When Coinhako confirms the deposit transaction, the money will go into your wallet immediately. Usually the time to confirm a transaction is quite fast.

Note: The content of the transfer you have to electricity Deposit code which floor has provided. Money will not be added to the wallet if you forgot to enter it. In case you have forgotten, please contact email: hello@coinhako.com or direct message at the Support section for assistance.

Deposit VND to buy and sell USDT on Coinhako - Photo 2

Step 2: Choose to buy USDT

Everyone on the part Deal Find USDT and select Buy bared.

Choose to buy USDT on Coinhako

At the section "Chi" People enter the amount you want to buy. At the section "Take" is the USDT number converted according to the corresponding price. At different times, prices will vary slightly but not so much so you do not worry. The last step just click "Buy USDT" you have already bought USDT.

Payment of USDT purchase amount

Sell ​​Tether (USDT)

Step 1: Choose to sell Tether

Similar to choosing to buy USDT, people also access the section "Deal" then select "Sell" bared.

Choose to sell USDT on Coinhako

At the section "Chi" You enter the amount of USDT you need to sell. At the section "Take" is the VND number you received accordingly. Finally you just press "Sell USDT" You have sold Tether already.

Payment of the USDT sale amount

Step 2: Withdraw VND from Coinhako to your bank account

Everyone access "Electronic wallet" then select the button "Withdrawal" bared.

Withdraw VND from Coinhako Exchange to Bank account

Here everyone chooses Withdraw money to bank account as shown on the left. Then everyone chose Add a bank account as shown at right bottom.

Note: The first time they withdraw, people will need to add a bank account. From 2nd onwards you don't need any more. Each account has more bank accounts.

Read more: What is Vietcombank Internet Banking? The latest way to register and use

Choose a withdrawal method

Enter all required information floor. After entering it, everyone click Add a bank account. So you've done the steps to add a bank account already.

Note: The bank must match your personal information. If withdrawing someone else's bank account will be rejected.

Enter your bank account information

To withdraw money you press "Choose" to select the account you want to withdraw.

Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 4

There will be a request for two-factor authentication (2FA). Get the code from Authy / Google Authenticator on your phone and fill it out in the section "2FA Code". Then you press Continue.

Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 5

Enter the amount of VND you want to withdraw then press "Request withdrawal of VNDT".

Coinhako bank account safe deposit - Photo 6

Coinhako will send you a confirmation request to the email where you registered your account. Please confirm this email. The remaining is just waiting for money on your account only.

Note: Must confirm email to withdraw money offline.

Request confirmation by email

Guide to buy and sell BTC on Coinhako

Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Step 1: Deposit money into VNDT wallet

After logging in, you access the section Wallet (Electronic wallet) then select the button Deposit.

Deposit vnd ​​to buy and sell Bitcoin on Coinhako

Bank transfer according to information provided by the floor. Remember to read the requirements carefully to avoid losing money. After the transfer, Coinhako confirmed that the money will come into the wallet immediately. Coinhako usually verifies quite quickly, but there are no 2 time hooks 9 hours and 15 hours as before.

Note: When you move, remember to fill Deposit code You will receive confirmation to add money to VNDT wallet. If you forget, please chat directly with Support in the lower right corner or send an email to hello@coinhako.com for assistance.


Deposit VND to buy bitcoin on Coinhako - Photo 2

Step 2: Choose to buy BTC

You guys go to section Trade Find BTC. Then select the button Buy.

Choose to buy BTC on Coinhako

Enter the amount of VND you need to buy BTC in the "Chi". BTC will be converted accordingly in the "Take”Depending on the price from time to time. Then you click Buy BTC. Also you can enter the code HAKOxBTA to get 20% off transaction fee.

Payment of Bitcoin purchases

So you've bought BTC already!

Sell ​​Bitcoin (BTC)

Step 1: Choose to sell BTC

This part is also very simple. You guys go to section Trade, find BTC and click the button Sell ​​(Sell) in the Bitcoin trading section on Coinhako

Choose to sell BTC on Coinhako exchange

Enter the amount of BTC you need to sell in the section "Chi". VND will be converted accordingly in the section "Take" depending on the price from time to time. Then you just press Sell ​​BTC That's it then.

Payment of Bitcoin sales

Step 2: Withdraw VND to your bank account

Have you access the section Wallet then select the button Withdraw (Withdrawal).

Withdraw VND into bank account

Here you choose Withdraw money to bank account. Next, a picture will appear as shown on the right below. You choose Add a bank account. 

Note: You can add more bank accounts. The first time you withdraw money you need to add but from the following withdrawals do not need more.

Choose a withdrawal method

Enter your account information in the form provided. Then you click Add a bank account .

Note: You can only withdraw money to your bank account. Withdrawals to accounts that do not belong to you will be denied.

Enter your bank account information

After successful linking people just need to press the button choose to withdraw to your account.

Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 4

When making a withdrawal request, the system will ask for a code (2FA). Open the Google Authenticator or Authy app to get the code to fill in, then tap Continue.

Linking Coinhako bank account - Photo 5

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press VNDT withdrawal request.

Coinhako bank account safe deposit - Photo 6

Confirm email is sent to the email address where you registered your Coinhako account. After successful email confirmation, you have made a successful withdrawal request. Now, all you need to do is wait for the money to go into your bank account.

Request confirmation by email

Receive and send Crypto from Coinhako exchange

In addition to buying / selling in VND, friend You can also send Crypto directly from your personal wallet to Coinhako wallet and vice versa.

Get coin

Next, I will guide friend How to send BTC to Coinhako:

Friend click on "Take" on the right of BTC wallet.Get crypto floor on Coinhako

Copy the BTC address and then transfer the BTC from your personal wallet account to the floor address according to the copied address.
Receive Crypto from Coinhako Exchange - Photo 2

Finally, it is waiting to confirm the process of loading BTC.

Note: Only deposit BTC into BTC address on Coinhako exchange. If friend If you send another coin, you will not get it back.

Withdraw coins

Withdrawing BTC is also done the same way as depositing BTC on the same interface. You choose the item "To send" next to the BTC wallet.

Later Enter the BTC wallet address and the number of BTC you want to send and then click "Continue".

Withdraw Crypto from Coinhako exchange

Coinhako will ask you to confirm all transaction information. You have checked the information, then choose confirm.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered with Coinhako.

Request confirmation by email

Friend Need to check the email and confirm the sending request, otherwise Coinhako cannot process it. You can feel secure because there will be an email notification when the coin is successfully sent. Normally it only takes a few minutes.

How to get ref link to introduce Coinhako floor

People click on referrals or on this link: https://www.coinhako.com/wallet/affiliate_program/commission_history

In the commission section of the account section, friend Copy the sharing link to send to friends when they want to create an account and trade on Coinhako.

Introducing commission rates friend receive 20% on the total transaction fee.

Referral link

Frequently asked questions when trading coins on Coinhako exchange

Should I trade on Coinhako?

Compare to RemitanoCoinhako is the same age (since 2014) and is also the top floor in Singapore, one of the most fastidious markets in Asia.

The floor has fast customer service, multi-bank support, very convenient for all everybody.

To make sure, friend Can test the floor with a small amount before making big deals.

Is Coinhako floor safe and reliable?

The answer is yes!"

Along with common security measures such as 2FA, the floor uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure user information is completely encrypted and sent over the Internet safely.

In addition, the exchange has never had problems such as being hacked or leaked user information, so you can rest assured.

Has Coinhako been hacked yet?

Until now is not yet.

What are the deposit / withdrawal fees on Coinhako exchange?

Recharge fee: Free

Withdrawal Fees: See details of withdrawal fees for all coins at: https://support.coinhako.com/hc/vi/articles/115002062992

What is the transaction fee on Coinhako exchange?

1.0% of the transaction amount of each coin purchase, sale and conversion.

Does Coinhako floor often have maintenance errors?

Occasionally, the floor is prone to errors such as: failing to withdraw money, errors in login / registration, or not being able to trade.

However, these errors are very normal and the floor resolves the problem quite quickly. With normal maintenance, the floor always gives notice in advance friend Can completely take the initiative.

Is Coinhako a scam?

So far, not yet. Coinhako operates under the laws of Singapore.

Coinhako floor of which country?

The exchange was established in Singapore and registered business license in Vietnam.

What is the limit of deposit / withdrawal on Coinhako exchange?

To make a deposit to Coinhako, you need to have completed at least KYC lv1. After your account has completed KYC lv2, you will no longer be limited to the deposit amount.

Which trading markets are Coinhako currently supporting?

Coinhako is currently concentrated in 4 countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Coinhako is a 6-year-old cryptocurrency exchange, has served nearly 200.000 users in Asia and has completed more than 35 million transactions on the exchange.

From that, it shows that Coinhako has proven itself in the cryptocurrency market when people trust to choose to trade.

Coinhako is a new factor in the Crypto market in Vietnam, helping people have more places to trade, choosing the best utilities for themselves.

Hopefully this article will help you better understand Coinhako as well as help you find a safe and reliable place to trade Crypto. Blogtienao (BTA) Wish you a successful investment and a lot of profits!



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