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What is CoinExtra?

CoinExtra.net is a global crypto exchange, headquartered in Estonia, that allows us to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), CEC (1 floor coin that I will) referral below). This is a product that provides a secure Crypto trading solution and is a place where people can buy and sell coins easily and absolutely. With a professional team, each member complements and enhances each other's features: the analytics department provides us with accurate forecasts, works with the latest data, based on their reporting. The customers can make favorable transactions. And in the near future, Coinextra will add other trading pairs such as XRP, BCH, LTC, ...

Convenient and customer friendly interface
Convenient and customer friendly interface

CoinExtra.net cooperates with major funds and market leaders, having a significant influence on the current Crypto currency exchange rate. Their support and access to inside information allows our company to minimize risks in all areas of activity.

How does CoinExtra work?

By building and consolidating services to support Crypto Money transactions from around the world, CoinExtra aims to build a safe trading method for everyone. Buyers and Sellers can easily transact directly with each other, without any intermediaries, and through the forms and tools to support transactions we provide, can complete the work. Buy and sell Crypto Money quickly, simply and save money.

In addition, through CoinExtra, every citizen in every country in the world has the opportunity to: Exchange digital currencies and currencies with the following preferred payment methods:

  • Exchange Digital currencies and currencies with country-specific preferred payment methods;
  • Create conditions for customers to benefit the most from direct payments with CoinExtra's guarantee;

Our target group is people who want to sell / buy fast Crypto and Fiat money. CoinExtra facilitates closing transactions within 15-30 minutes and makes this exchange one of the most convenient and time-saving exchanges. Secured services are provided until the transaction is completed; In addition, user accounts are protected by our fraud protection system.

How does CoinExtra apply fees?

  • Transaction fee is only 0.4%. However, CoinExtra is offering a refund program for customers in August in CEC. So far, no floor has applied this program. Every month CoinExtra will have new promotion programs for customers
  • Deposit fee: low, free with some coins

Floor features: 

  • Support for trading 5 types of Coin: BTC, ETH, USDT, XLM, CEC
  • Buying and selling Limit, Express orders
  • Deposit and withdraw Coin, VND
  • Exchange Coin types to CEC and vice versa through "CEC bank ”

The advantages and disadvantages of CoinExtra


  • Friendly interface, intuitive trading tools, easy to grasp, especially for newbies.
  • Safe, reputable transactions, have not seen any complaints from customers.
  • Low transaction fees and no hidden costs.
  • There is no limit on VND deposit.
  • Transaction processing speed, fast withdrawal and withdrawal.
  • High security system in the process of trading and storing customer information.
  • Support many banks: Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV, Maritime bank, VP bank.
  • Professional operating team.
  • Quickly support all work processes, including problem solving; especially 24/7 customer service.
  • Having a trump card is CEC (a separate issued currency of the Floor) and is committed to the value of buying CEC at the minimum price of ICO (1 $ / CEC) for a lifetime.


  • CoinExtra exchange is new to many Vietnamese people so the number of users is not high.

Current Promotion Programs: 

  • Bonus 50% transaction fee for referrals who get one person to CoinExtra
  • Refund the transaction fee to customers in August in CEC
  • Money exchange service via CEC bank
  • Weekly dividend program for accounts with 1000 CEC or more in 2018 and 10.000 or more CEC in 2019.

Introduction to CEC

What is CEC?

CoinExtra Currency (transaction code is CEC) is a digital asset issued by CoinExtra, designed to act as a medium of exchange using strong cryptography to secure financial transactions.

CEC is guaranteed by CoinExtra, like BNB of Binance. The value of CEC has tended to increase over time and is committed to value by buying CEC at the minimum price of ICO (1 $ / CEC) for a lifetime.

So how does CEC work?

CEC operates on Stellar Networks, this is an open source protocol applying Blockchain technology. Stellar Networks' Blockchain technology is an outstanding technology, thus helping CEC to connect people with banks, payment systems, in order to optimize the delivery, multi-currency transactions and fast assets. Fast, reliable and extremely low cost. Transaction costs are only a fraction of normal banking transactions

CEC's operations are similar to most decentralized payment technologies. The CEC runs on a network of distributed servers with an open ledger that is recordable and immutable. The ledger update time is only from 2 to 5 seconds across the decentralized system, resulting in very fast CEC transactions.

To learn more about CEC, you can visit the Company's main website through the following information:


Currently in the world there are more than thousands of crypto trading floors in general and in Vietnam there are hundreds of exchanges and Exchange services, so choosing a safe and professional Coin trading place is extremely difficult. towels, especially those who are learning and just starting to enter the crypto market. Therefore, with the preferential policies for customers of Coinextra, this can be a good choice for investors.

Note: if you have any feedback on Coinextra, you can give me feedback, I will give suggestions to the exchange so that they can repair or upgrade the service or you directly notify the support team of the exchange so that they I can help you the best I can!

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