What is Celer Network (CELR)? Details of the 3rd IEO on Binance Launchpad


What is CELER

Continuing the project Fetch.AI, Celer Network will be the 3rd IEO project on Binance Launchpad - the token launcher of the Binance exchange. Let's Blogtienao Discover what this project has HOT!

Celer Network Project 

  • Is a layer 2 extension platform using off-chain. Make payment or transaction quick, easy and secure
  • There is support for off-chain smart contracts.
  • Founded by four PhDs from four prestigious universities: MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC
  • Allows developers to build, operate, and use decentralized applications
  • Expandable thanks to innovation in off-chain scaling technology
  • Has launched a testnet application called CelerX. This application displays the transaction process on Celer Network

Main features and highlights

  • There is no off-chain smart contract transaction fee
  • Reduce latency in transactions
  • Accelerate both payments and smart contracts
  • A 100-fold reduction of the fee for micro-payments on Ethereum compared to direct transactions on Ethereum
  • Optimized off-chain payment routing algorithm.
  • The first off-chain cryptocurrency project model, ensuring safety and high liquidity
  • Blockchain agnostic * (currently supports Ethereum, DFINITY and all EVM-based blockchains)


The Celer development team wants to bring broad acceptance to the blockchain by providing great experiences, thanks to the most advanced Layer 2 scaling technology.

Value proposition

For users

Instant interaction: With advanced off-chain networking, Celer upgrades slow interactive dApps to become 10.000 times faster. This enables users to pay immediately; Decentralized transactions become faster and play games with latency in milliseconds.

A lot of games: Celer is the gateway to a decentralized world. This is where users can find many applications; from instant payments to interactive games or market predictions. Besides, new applications are regularly integrated

Spend less and earn more money: With off-chain payments, users can trade small amounts for a fee of 0. That means Celer Network users will have a higher income.

For developers

Easy to build: Celer SDK is available for all operating systems: iOS, Android and Web. There's no need to "learn" a new smart contract language for an existing blockchain platform. In addition, Celer will support the conversion of slow interactive dApps into highly interactive dApps

Drive Mass Adoption: To significantly enhance the user experience, Celer will reduce friction between users and blockchain applications. Since then accelerate the application of a variety of decentralized applications.

Easy to make money: Application developers can host a complete node to join the decentralized Celer Network; thereby easily earning revenue through the value of the application.

CELR electronic currency

What is CELR token?

CELER is the native token in the Celer Network's ecosystem. CELER copper was issued as ERC-20

Celer token index

CELR token use cases

  • To pay service fees and transaction fees for off-chain service providers
  • Use in Liquidity Backing Auction to increase the priority of the bid to support liquidity
  • To stake in the State Guardian Network and become a State Guardian. During the protection process, the State Guardians will receive service fees and rewards from the side-chain block
  • Maintain the stability of liquidity

To administer the token and how to use the fund

As of March 01, 03, Celer has used about 2019% of the amount in the distribution below:

  • Technological development 70%
  • Marketing 15%
  • Juridical 10%
  • Business development and other 5%

Celer has prioritized progress for development; As a result, the group has dedicated most of its funding to hiring talented people in the industry

CELR token release schedule

The following chart shows the number of CELR tokens planned to be issued monthly

Issue CELR token

Distribute CELR tokens

Seed sale accounts for 11.5% of the total supply.

Private sale accounts for 15.5% of total supply.

Launchpad sales accounted for 6.0% of total supply.

The group accounts for 18.3% of total supply.

Advisory board accounts for 1.7% of total supply.

Foundation accounts for 17% of total supply.

Marketing & Ecosystem accounts for 5% of total supply.

Mining rewards account for 25% of total supply.

About Seed Sale

Completed in April 4

76.000 CELR = 1 ETH

Earn 15.130 ETH (~ $ 7,475,000) for ~ $ 0.0065 / token

Sold 11.5% of total supply

About Private Sale

Completed in April 8

31.400 CELR = 1 ETH

Collect a total of 49.363 ETH (~ $ 23,250,000) for ~ $ 0.0150 / token

Sold 15.5% of total supply

About Binance Launchpad

Conducted on March 19, 3

Total raised ~ 4,000,000 USD with price ~ $ 0.0067 / token

Sold 6.0% of total supply

Wallet hosting

Because CELR tokens are issued as tokens ERC-20 So you can keep in the for supporting this type of token like: MyEtherWallet (MEW), Metamask or ImToken… Besides, you can keep in hard wallets like Safe deposit, Ledger Nano, Trust wallet… In addition, you can hold directly on CELR listed exchanges like Binance

Route of dCeler Network project 

Quarter 3 / 2018

cRoute: Further research and evaluation

COS: SDK private released beta

cEconomy: Launches the PoLC test

cChannel: Release contract generalized state channel

Quarter 4 / 2018

cChannel: Support multi-blockchain

cRouter: Adjust the algorithm

cOS: SDK public v1.0

cEconomy: Mainnet PoLC is ready

Community: Launching the first blockchain service provider

Quarter 1 / 2019

Make the alpha version of the off-chain application platform public for cWallet users (now changed to CelerX)

Launched two off-chain applications for users

Integrated wallet

cRoute: initial implementation and testing

COS: SDK public v2.0, focusing on mobile and web integration

cEconomy: PoLC and LiBA security audit, SGN testnet alpha

The first quarter of 2

cChannel: Ethereum mainnet is implemented

cRoute: initial testing and implementation

COS: SDK public v3.0

cEconomy: Launch PoLC mainnet

Community: start off-chain onboard service

The first quarter of 3

cChannel: Improving cross-chain interoperability

cRoute: Optimization

cEconomy: Launch SGN and LiBA mainnet

cOS: SDK public v4.0

Community: continue to develop ecosystems

Trade partnerships and business development

DFINITY: A reliable blockchain system running on peer networks; Can operate in anti-forgery mode of smart contract. Celer used DFINITY to support smart contracts, as the first scaling solution

L4: A tool to help build Counterfactual. Celer is working with L4 to scale the Ethereum ecosystem

Nervos Network: A blockchain network, a DApp platform built with a layered architecture. Celer partnered with Nervos to refine the decentralized blockchain architecture.

Quarkchain: A next generation public blockchain system. Celer is testing an off-chain cross-shard transaction system in Quarkchain's sharded blockchain architecture.

QTUM: Celer is testing Qtum's new x86 virtual machine, comparing it with EVM and other VM architectures to scale off-chain.

Atlas Protocol: An application layer protocol of tokenized marketing. Celer is working with Atlas Protocol to break technical barriers to interacting with on-chain advertising

DxChain: The world's first big data hierarchy. In order to increase scalability, Celer will develop and integrate off-chain scaling solutions on DxChain.

Overview of Celer Network development team 

Mo Dong (Co-Founder): A researcher, engineer with extensive experience in network protocol design, distributed system ... Received an award for innovative application for Internet2 and is being awarded by service providers. Great acceptance

Qingkai Liang (Co-Founder): Author of more than 15 leading papers and has invented 5 optimal anti-counter routing algorithms that have been successfully applied in the industry (Raytheon BBN Technologies and Bell Labs). In addition, he has received many major awards in the industry

Junda Liu (Co-Founder): The first to propose and develop routing based on DAG. At Google, he developed a dynamic data center topology capable of dividing 1000 terabit / s bandwidth and connecting more than 1 million nodes. Received 6 US patents

Xiaozhou Li (Co-Founder): You have the buildings discussed in meetings about distributed systems, networking, storage, data management.

Besides, members of Celer Network also have PhD degrees from famous universities such as: MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UIUC. In addition, the project also brings together a team of professional technicians who are former employees of the big names such as Google, Amazon, Cisco, HP ...

Technical overview of Celer Network

Top public Github repositories

AndroidSDK: Celer's original Android SDK

Celer-iOS-SDK: Celer's original iOS SDK

cChannel-eth: A collection of smart contracts, compiled into EVM byte code


pb3-gen-sol: A proto3. Used to create libraries that support proto3 root types

Top private Github repositories

goCeler: Fully implement the button of Celer Network

cChannel: This repository stores implementations of cChannel for different block chains

AndroidApp: Android version of CelerX

iOSApp: iOS version of CelerX

proto: deploy proto3

appService: The transaction status pillar for status channel applications

cEnv: Celer developer environment

Celer Network Products & Figures 


In February 2, the project launched CelerX (formerly cWallet). CelerX currently has over 2019 users and more than 3.300 caro games have been played. Users from over 28,000 countries worldwide. On average, each user spends about 40 minutes on CelerX.

In October 10, Celer Network released cWallet for both Android and iOS operating systems. In recent updates, cWallet has been renamed to CelerX. CelerX allows users to send payments immediately with no transaction fees. In addition, users can play community caro games and be rewarded with ETH for winning.



  • 300 monthly active users
  • The highest number of daily active users recorded was 396.
  • 924 caro plays are played monthly
  • Delay in off-chain transactions at one millisecond
  • On the current testnet, the Celer latency achieved on blockchain transactions is 20 ms.
  • On the Centauri testnet, Celer processed ~ 1.1 million off-chain transactions

Metric Celer

Community data of Celer Network 

Telegram (English) | 27K members

Twitter (English) | 7.5K followers

Medium | 60 Articles

Facebook | 2.6K Likes

Wechat official account - CelerNetwork 技术 社区 | 9.6K Followers

Overview of Celer Network competitors

Competition group

Competition group

Differences of Celer Network

  • Support multi-blockchain
  • Support payment and smart contracts on off-chain
  • The optimal state routing algorithm can achieve 20 times higher performance

Adviser Celer Network project

Dr. Christos Kozyrakis | Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University; member of ACM and IEEE

Dr. Alan Mishchenko | Research scientist at UC Berkeley since 2002.

Dr. Shoucheng Zhang | Professor of Physics at Stanford University; member of the United States Academy of Sciences, Arts and the National Academy of Sciences.

How to own a CELR token?

  • Join the IEO Celer Network
  • Buy CELR on Binance or some other listed tokens
  • Go to the State Guardian to receive service fees and rewards

How to profit from CELR

  1. You can trade for profit (like BTC or ETH) on exchanges
  2. From time to time, you can check to see if Binance supports the monetization method lending for CELR

Should we invest in CELR?

To know how the token has the future, or potential for growth; You need to have a thorough understanding of the technology, your future development goals, the products that will be released and will be released, members of the development team, etc. Blogtienao provided in the above items. Besides, any investment is always risky. Therefore, we hope you consider carefully before making a decision.

Details of the Celer Network project (CELR) on Binance Launchpad

  • Tên token: CELR
  • Tổng cung cấp token: 10,000,000,000 CELR
  • Tổng số token được phân bổ cho Binance Launchpad: 597,014,925 CELR
  • Giá bán token công khai: 1 CELR = 0.0067 USD (Giá tính theo BNB sẽ được ấn định vào ngày mở bán)
  • Hình thức bán token: Xổ số
  • Token được hỗ trợ: Chỉ BNB
  • ONE ban đầu sẽ được phát hành dưới dạng tài sản ERC-20

The CELR token offering will start at 21:00 on March 19, 03 and will have only one trading session

The caption section

1) Blockchain agnostic: refers to a single platform that allows multiple chains.

2) Machine learning: is a field of artificial intelligence involved in the research and construction of techniques that allow systems to "learn" automatically from data to solve specific problems.

3) overlay network: is a computer network built on top of another.


Blogtienao Hope to have provided the information you want to know through the article above. Thank you for reading and wish you a successful investment.

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