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Ethereum (ETH or Ether) is the second largest virtual currency in the world today in the cryptocurrency market only after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. Since the beginning of 2017 Ethereum has grown nearly 50 times, recently many people have asked me how to buy and sell Ethereum how and Where to buy ETH Prestige, safe, cheap? In this article, I will show you how to buy ETH and sell ETH on Buyselleth exchange, one of the Ether trading market The most reputable Vietnam in VND.

Current time, volume Ethereum transaction at the floor Việt Nam as well as the world is huge. However, many newcomers learn due to lack of knowledge and ability to protect assets or frauds because Ethererum transactions are completely online, if you buy or choose unreliable individuals and exchanges. Very high ro. So how can you convert cash (specifically VND) and virtual money (like Bitcoin) automatically and 100% safely?

Introducing the Ethereum Buyselleth exchange

Buyselleth.com one of reputable Ethereum trading platform to connect and make automated transactions between people sell ETH and people buy Ethereum safely and quickly even without knowing each other. The Buyselleth platform I know is known Ethereum trading floor The first of Vietnam. Buying and selling rates Virtual currency trading platform This Ethereum is quite good and paid directly with Vietcombank bank cards, enthusiastic support team.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buyselleth

BuysellETH.com floor advantages

  • Ethereum trading floor interface is simple, friendly and easy to use for newbies
  • Fully automated transaction between buyers and sellers
  • The support team responds enthusiastically whenever you need it, advises on trading on international exchanges and answers to questions about suspected fraud websites.
  • Connecting rotation with floors like in the world Poloinex, Bittrex or BTC-e

BuysellETH.com floor disadvantages

  • Only support trading Ethereum virtual currency
  • Only support payment via Vietcombank
  • Buyselleth trading limit below 500 ETH

Instructions on how to buy Ethereum and sell Ethereum on Buyselleth

First you should sign up for an account on BuysellETH floor or without registration is still possible buy and sell Ethereum Yes, but I recommend that you create an account to easily manage orders and later any problems with transaction disputes will be better supported. Account registration is quite simple and fast, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First you visit here https://buyselleth.com/ then click on “Log in sign up"Then enter your email, click"Continue".

Sign up for an account on Buyselleth exchange

Step 2: At this time the system of Buyselleth.com floor will send an Email to activate your account, go to Email and click on the confirmation link as shown below.

Buyselleth registration email confirmation

Ok, got it After you click on the system confirmation link Buyselleth will automatically login for you. So finished the account registration step, very fast is not it. Next I will guide you buy and sell Ethereum.

How to buy Ethereum (ETH) on Buyselleth market

note: Before Buy and sell Ether on Buyselleth You need to have a bank account Vietcombank and have a service subscription Internet banking (online money transfer service via website vietcombank.com.vn) offline. If you have never registered, just go to the nearest Vietcombank branch and they will receive guidance from A - Z.

To Buy Ethereum on Buyselleth, you go to the "Buy and sell ETH"Select tap"Quickly"And fill in the sales information:

  • Quantity to buy: You must enter less than or equal to the number of "We have”, Because this is the amount of ETH that Buysell has.
  • Your ETH address: This is where you fill it Ethereum wallet address your (for example, 0x7ab600879a5aeb4e9f17dee2fde58de759261f16), this wallet address you can create on MyEtherWallet or Coinbase (I am using Coinbase online wallet, it is very convenient to receive / send and security). Make sure you fill it in correctly, even if only a few are wrong, you risk losing your money

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Buy ETH on Buyselleth exchange

Next you will have 30 minutes to transfer money to people sell Ethereum according to information like Buyselleth provide the "Payment Guide”. Please visit the Vietcombank website to make a transfer to the seller. These fields you need to fill out 100% exactly, you copy and paste the transfer information including: Account number, amount of money , and content transfer. Because Buyselleth is an automated trading system, if you fill in any wrong information, the transaction will be unsuccessful.

Buy reputable Ethereum where Vietnam

When the transfer is not made, the system will notify the status as "Waiting to receive money”. After a successful transfer, you wait about 15 seconds, the system will complete processing status switch "Finish”Means the transaction was successful, BuysellETH sent the ETH you purchased to your ETH wallet. Depending on Ethereum wallet where is your next time will be long or fast.

How to sell Ethereum (ETH) on Buyselleth

Similar to when buy Ethereum you go to "Buy and sell ETH", Select the"Sell ​​now", Then fill in the sale information:

  • Number of ETH sold: After you enter the amount of ETH you want to sell, the "Amount received"Will display the amount you sold, which must be less than or equal to the amount"We have”(That's the amount that Buyselleth still has and can buy your Ethereum).
  • Account number for receiving money: This is where you fill your Vietcombank account number to person buy ETH send money to you.

How to sell Ethereum on Buyselleth

Next you need to access Ethereum wallet (It can be MyEtherWallet or coinbase or another wallet) to transfer the amount of ETH you want to sell to the wallet address Buyselleth provides. You also have 30 minutes to make the ETH transfer.

Where to sell reputable ETH?

After you transfer ETH to the address of ETH wallet successfully, you wait about 15 seconds to a few minutes to receive money on your Vietcombank account.

note: In the process of creating transaction orders Buy and sell ETH on Buyselleth.com if you accidentally exit the page or accidentally exit, you can still re-enter the order by going to "my profile"And then"My order”Then click on the trade code to continue. This is also the reason that I recommend creating an account from the beginning.

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Watch the tutorial on buying and selling Ethereum on Buyselleth easier to understand


Above is the article "Guide to buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) on the prestigious Buyselleth exchange in VietnamHope to bring useful knowledge for readers. If you are wanted buy Ethereum but not yet known where to buy and sell Ethereum safety, reputation Virtual money blog think Buyselleth trading market will be the address you can trust. ETH coins are still growing strongly, so you should invest early and long-term investment for a few months to a few years to get the best profit. Good luck.

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