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What is BlueMove? Top NFT Marketplace Usage on Aptos and Sui

BlueMove is a leading NFT Marketplace built on Aptos and Sui. In this article, let's learn about BlueMove with BTA and its current features on BlueMove!

What is BlueMove?

BlueMove is an NFT Marketplace built on 1 blockchains Aptos and Sui, BlueMove's goal is to become the leading NFT Marketplace on 2 blockchain networks Aptos and Sui.

Traders, collectors and creators will have the opportunity to receive rewards for using BlueMove:

  • Get Rewarded – Users who buy or sell any NFT on BlueMove will earn MOVE tokens.
  • Platform fee sharing
  • Creators get paid instantly – BlueMove creators will be paid royalties at the time of sale.

What makes BlueMove different


About Token SUI

Ticker: MOVE

Blockchain: Aptos, Sui

Token Type: Utility, Governance

Total Supply: 300.000.000 MOVE

Token allocation and Token payment schedule

Token allocation MOVE

MOVE token payment schedule

MOVE token utility

Staking Program

The main utility of the Move token is to reward MOVE staking people. Stakeholders will be rewarded with transaction fees from NFT Marketplace. Users can collect network fees in $MOVE or $APT or $SUI tokens and rewards will be paid out daily. Buyers and sellers are rewarded with $MOVE if their NFT is sold on BlueMove.

On-chain governance

Users who stake $MOVE will have the right to vote and participate in the governance process to change product parameters.

Product development

MOVE revenue from transaction fees will be partially used for product development and future ecosystem growth.

Programs for Membership

When becoming a Membership, users will receive tiered benefits on the platform, enjoy incentives from BlueMove and have privileges when participating in BlueMove products/services or participating in events from BlueMove. strategic partners.

How to use BlueMove

First to use BlueMove, you need to prepare wallets that are integrated by BlueMove on the platform on 2 blockchains Aptos and Sui.

You can refer to how to download and use one of the following wallets:

  • Martian Aptos Wallet: here
  • Pontem Wallet: here
  • Sui Wallet: here

In addition, you can also use wallets that have integrated Aptos and Sui!

Instructions for use on BlueMove 

Step 1: Access to https://bluemove.net/

Step 2: Select Connect Wallet to connect the wallet.

Step 3: Click on the icon Avatar and choose My Profile to update username, discord, twitter, etc. After you're done, choose Update Profile

Mint NFT on BluMove

Step 1: Select item Launchpad -> Launches

Step 2: Select the upcoming NFT set and join

Step 3: Select 1 NFT collection that is about to open for sale. Note before joining you need to choose Confirm Mint NFT To confirm. 

Step 4: Select Tweet, then copy the link you just tweeted into the box below and select Verify.

note: After Verify successfully, you pay attention to the time of that NFT mint schedule and join the NFT mint.

Sell ​​NFT on BlueMove

Step 1: Select the Avatar icon and choose My Items —> Select the NFT you want to sell.

Step 2: Choose List NFT —> choose quantity APT to sell NFT and Submit to complete.

Send NFT

Step 1: To send NFT, you select the NFT you want to send and then select Send NFT.

Step 2: Paste in the address you want to send your NFT and select Submit.

Get MOVE testnet Tokens on BlueMove

In this section there will be 2 parts: 

  • Listing and Trading
  • Staking

Listing and Trading

Rewards from Trading

When you conduct NFT buying and selling transactions on BlueMove, you will receive MOVE testnet tokens for each transaction. Note: 24h will update 1 time.

Reward from Listing

When you list NFT for sale, if after 24 hours NFT still has no buyers, you will receive MOVE tokens.


This feature is not yet available.

BlueMove's communication channel

You can follow BlueMove's media pages below to keep up to date with the latest news about the project, other benefits and NFT sales on BlueMove!


Through the article BTA introduced everyone to BlueMove and instructed how to use the existing features on BlueMove. Hopefully through the article will help people have more information about the project and participate in the experience in the most effective way.

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