What is Vietcombank Internet Banking? The latest way to register and use


Vietcombank is now one of the banks in Vietnam that is used by a lot of people, and to best serve customers without having to go to its branches all the time, Vietcombank came out. Internet Banking service life from 2015 ensures the most convenience for customers. You already know Internet Banking Vietcombank is that yet? How to register and use the service? Let's learn about virtual money blog at the article below!

What is Vietcombank Internet Banking

Vietcombank Internet Banking is an Internet banking service of Vietcombank, allowing you to use utilities provided by Vietcombank right on your phone or computer via a web browser, it is built to fulfill the commitment to bring Vietcombank comes to customers anytime and anywhere with only an Internet-connected computer with an access account provided by the bank, which is very safe and convenient.


Accordingly, when using VCB-iB @ nking service of Vietcombank, customers can perform basic transactions such as checking balance, transferring money, making payments, top-up electronic money, paying local taxes, saving online. route… right on a computer connected to the Internet without having to go to an ATM or transaction counter of Vietcombank.

How to register for Vietcombank Internet Banking

Currently Vietcombank does not support online registration of Vietcombank Internet Banking on the computer, so the only way to register is to go to any of Vietcombank's nearest transaction offices to register for the service or call the number. 1900545413 for further assistance.

If you do not have a Vietcombank account, you need to open a Vietcombank bank account and when you register it remember to select Internet Banking.

Conditions of using the service

- Are an individual customer with a current account at Vietcombank

- Register to use VCB-iB @ nking (for information lookup features)

- Register to use VCB-iB @ nking and VCB-SMS B @ nking (for features of payment, transfer)

Internet Banking registration steps of Vietcombank

- To register to use the service, you can go to any Vietcombank transaction offices nationwide.

- Download the Vietcombank Internet Banking registration form (with the attached copy) and fill in the form or request it directly from the branch.

- During the registration process, if you have any questions, please contact Customer Service Center (VCC) or the nearest Vietcombank branch.

Registration documents include

- ID card or Passport (original) (if registered at the counter),

- Request to use Online Banking.

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Features when using Vietcombank Internet Banking

Query information

- Look up account information and account balance

- Look up account statements from time to time

- Look up information of categories credit, debit card

Payment with individual customers

- Bank transfer payment within Vietcombank system

- Transfer money to financial institutions cooperating with Vietcombank such as finance, insurance, securities companies ...

- Payment for goods and services bills with units cooperating with Vietcombank such as telecommunications companies, travel agencies, airlines ...

- Online savings: Open a savings account; Finalization of accounts; Submit additionally on due date; Partial withdrawal on due date

Payment for institutional customers

- Transfer money within Vietcombank system

- Transfer money to the recipient by ID / Passport at Vietcombank transaction offices

- Transfer money to other banks in Vietnam

- Payment of the list (payment of salaries, expenses with the supply units, ...)

Instructions to use Vietcombank Internet Banking most detail

1. Log in to the service

First, you need to visit Vietcombank's website at https://www.vietcombank.com.vn to log in to your account. Then, please fill in the following information in the form:

- Username: Provided by Vietcombank when customers register for VCB-iB @ nking service.

- Password: The first login is sent to the customer's email.

- Check code: is displayed on the right hand side of box "Enter test code".

Next, click Login button to access VCB-iB @ nking service.

-> Note: For those who use the service Internet Banking of Vietcombank for the first time ” will have to conduct the job is "Change login password", "set the receiving method OTP"," Register transfer limit "and" Declaration of personal information ". If you are a second user or more, you do not need to perform this job anymore but perform the work from No. 2 onwards.

2. Change the login password

If this is the first time you use this service, the system will display a password changing screen, where you enter the first password, new password and re-enter the new password. Then click Confirm to finish.

3. Install the OTP receiving method

After changing password, customers register OTP method to register the phone number used to receive OTP and set the preferred OTP method for each time customers perform transactions on VCB-iB @ nking.

- Customers select "Set up OTP receiving method" in "My VCB-iB @ nking".

- Choose Method of receiving OTP code Among the ways to receive OTP to authenticate transactions:

+ If you choose the "Smart OTP" method: Customers must download and log in the Vietcombank Smart OTP application (VCB OTP) on your mobile phone, then enter the OTP Code sent to you by the bank every time. Translate.

+ If you choose "Via SMS": When a transaction arises, the bank will send OTP Code via SMS to customers at the phone number registered to receive OTP.

+ If you select "Using EMV card": Customer must use the EMV card reader provided by Vietcombank for customers and Vietcombank card, and enter the OTP Code sent to that device every time the delivery Translate.

- After choosing the form of receiving OTP, then select the button "Confirm" to complete the installation

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4. Register the transfer limit

After registering OTP method, customers can choose the maximum limit for money transfer for transfers via VCB-iB @ nking (depending on demand).

- Select the maximum daily limit of transfer on VCB-iB @ nking.

- Choose the method of receiving OTP to authenticate transactions.

- Click the button "Confirm" to complete.

5. Declaring personal information

Customers can check and change personal information registered with the bank by selecting the "Personal information" section of "My VCB-iB @ nking", set the language they want to use. Used on VCB-iB @ nking.

Vietcombank Securities-Internet-Banking

Then press "Save information" to complete.

6. Transferring money inside and outside the system

In the main interface, select the Transfer. Here, there are 3 forms of money transfer for you to choose from:

- Transfer money to beneficiaries at Vietcombank.

- Transfer money to beneficiary at another bank.

- Transfer money to charity.

Then follow the onscreen instructions.

7. Payment of service invoices

Vietcombank's e-banking service allows customers to pay telecommunications bills, electricity bills, tuition fees, air tickets, train tickets, travel, hotels, insurance fees ... Just click on the Payment item, Select Bill Payment to make transaction.


8. Open an online savings account

Vietcombank supports customers to open online savings accounts with great convenience, just click on Online savings, select Open savings accounts. Then, the system will ask you to enter transaction information as shown below. In addition, you can deposit additional money into a savings account, close a savings account, withdraw money from a savings account on the due date right on VCB-iB @ nking (24/7).


9. Sign up for value-added services

Customers can do this on VCB-iB @ nking with the following services:

- VCB-Mobile Banking and Mobile BankPlus: Register the service, Lock the service, Re-open the service, Re-issue the service login password, Change the default account number used for the service, Cancel the service

- Receive active messages (Active SMS): Service registration, Service termination, Account registration to receive account balance fluctuations, Register additional accounts to receive account balance fluctuations

- VCB-SMS B @ nking: Stop using the service, Change the default account to use the service

- Cards: Unlock card, Change card limit, Change default account using card, Register / Cancel card payment on internet, Lock card temporarily

- VCB-Phone B @ nking: Register service

- E-wallet (Momo wallet): Register the service, Stop the service

Note: Vietcombank-iB @ nking service fee of Vietcombank from March 3 is 2018 VND / month

In addition to making transactions on your computer, you can also download the Vietcombank Internet Banking mobile application to enable bank transfer whenever needed right on your phone.


Fee for using Vietcombank Internet Banking service

Services Charges
Register and maintain the service Free registration and usage fee is 11.000 VND
Transfer money within the system VND 2.200 / transaction of less than VND 50 million and VND 5.500 with transaction of over VND 50 million
Other money transfer system 7.700 VND / transaction
Pay the bill Depending on the service provider
Financial services Depending on the service provider
Electronic recharge Free
Pay domestic taxes Free of charge for the State Treasury's Collecting Account at Vietcombank, and for the State Treasury's Collection Account at another bank, the fee is 10.000 VND / transaction for an amount of less than 500 million; and 0,01% of the transaction amount; Maximum: 200.000 VND / transaction with an amount of over 500 million


With Vietcombank Internet Banking, you will easily carry out transactions online anytime, anywhere, including outside office hours as well as holidays. So, register to use the service today to enjoy all these attractive utilities.


Above is the article "What is Vietcombank Internet Banking? The latest way to register and use”Of Virtual Money Blog, hopefully through the article you can easier to register and use the service Internet Banking of Vietcombank.

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  1. Let me ask: if I register for mobile banking, will I be allowed to send an SMS to notify about the balance in my account, money transferer, email? And how much is the service fee?


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