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TVL in Defi drops 10% in 4 days, Ethereum TVL dominates at 58%

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Four days ago, total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) was at $255,84 billion and since then, TVL has dropped 8,55% in value. 

In the last 24 hours, TVL has dropped 2,80%. As the digital market has fallen over the past few days, so has the value locked in decentralized finance. 

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Curve Finance holds the biggest TVL right now, over 9,84%, with $23 billion locked. Followed by Convex Finance, Makerdao, Aave, WBTC and Instadapp.

TVL on 8/1

The biggest seven-day drop in TVL in the top ten was Lido, which lost 14,03% this week. Decentralized exchange (dex) Uniswap has lost 9,44% this week and WBTC is down 7,63% due to bitcoin price (BTC) reduction.

Ethereum remains the blockchain that holds the most TVL with $147,9 billion on Saturday. Ethereum's TVL represents 58,18% of the total TVL in defi.

Following Ethereum is Terra ($16,61 billion), Binance Smart Chain ($15,33 billion), Avalanche ($10,93 billion), Solana ($10,03 billion), and Fantom ($5,67 billion). .

The 30-day statistics for cross-chain bridges show that TVL has slipped by 10,4%. The cross-chain bridge with the most TVLs on Saturday was Polygon's TVL at $6,1 billion. This is followed by Avalanche ($5,4 billion), Ronin ($4,9 billion) and Arbitrum ($2,8 billion).

The six best performing smart contract crypto assets over the past seven days include fuse (FUSE), cypherium (CPH), NOAHP, ONE, ICP, and LINK.

The six worst performing smart contract crypto assets this week include the POA network, GTH, DUSK, KDA, ENG, and OLT.

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