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There's a strong trend in games these days pump & dump from WSB. In my opinion, this is just a pump dump game like before, thanks to taking advantage of the GME trend, there is a new breakthrough. Very HOT and can be a short-term trend, but in the long-term, pump & dump will always exist.

What is WSB?

So what is the reason for the appearance of the WSB trend? You can read it here: https://blogtienao.com/wallstreetbets-la-gi-cuoc-chien-giua-nha-dau-tu-ca-nhan-vs-quy-dau-tu-lon-bat-nguon-tu-dau/

Therefore, if anyone understands how it runs, perhaps they will earn some sweet "cane". If you don't understand, just eat SHIT soon.

Principle of operation of PUMP & DUMP

The way it runs is based on the old principle, it allows its brothers (vip or admin) to collect certain lowcap coins (usually on Binance). After collecting it, it will create a fomo like "Million dollar bet will be public in 9 hours, turn on notify..."

And created fomo continuously when they finished collecting, and pumppp…..the fomo brothers jumped in and made the coin price increase by 100-300%. And those admins successfully took profits.

The result is:

  • The admins and vip mems are very profitable and waiting for the new round.
  • Some of you are quick to close the dc 50-100% profit.
  • Some of you are swinging sml, cutting holes to prepare a new round.

Cash flow is just that. For example, there is $ 5 million according to the following ratio to that ALT coin (5 million comes from the group owner, vip member, and investors who follow their channel on twitter, telegram)

  • The group owner enters 1 million, equivalent to 20%.
  • VIP member in 1 million, equivalent to 20%
  • NDT followed the channel to 3 million, ~60%.

After the pump dump is done, then:

  • The owner of the group earned 2 million, ~40%
  • Vip mem earned 1,5 million, ~30%
  • NDT follows earns 1.5 million, loses 50% of her mother (in this group, there are winners and losers...)

So only when you understand can you play. This is a MONEY GAME, a gamble. The above quantities are only estimates and examples, just for you to understand. In each specific case, it will be different. In short, if you don't understand, you will LOSE!

Standard Investment Principles

The most standard investment principle is to find the core values ​​of real projects. For example LINK, ALPHA, COMP, AAVE. This requires us to learn a lot over time, through research articles, market data, fundamental analysis, team, vision, etc.

Get rich fast always comes with high risk, that's the principle!


If you already understand the pump & dump rule. It's up to you whether you decide to play or not. Maybe you think you will calculate carefully and quickly, so give it a try. And if you're afraid, it's best to just let it go.

Hope this article helps those who don't know a bit. For those of you who already know, you can give me suggestions so that I can correct it to help the community have a better view.

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