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What is AToken Wallet? Instructions for using AToken wallet from AZ

AToken Wallet

What is Atoken Wallet?

Atoken wallet is a decentralized wallet used to directly store many types of assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT. This wallet is the main product of AToken Limited company.

AToken Limited is a company that specializes in blockchain technology and is invested by Node Capital and OjuT Group.

Many useful services are integrated on the token wallet, giving users the most comprehensive benefit of blockchain technology and ecosystem.

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Highlights of AToken Wallet

  • Can make money through Staking , and DeFi
  • Users are free but if you participate in mining, there will be fees for Miners
  • Safely store your assets as an online wallet on a decentralized platform
  • Can create multiple wallet addresses easily to divide assets in management
  • AToken has a vibrant Dapps ecosystem covering many fields from entertainment to finance, games, mining, etc.

On which devices can the AToken wallet be used?

AToken wallet is an electronic wallet on mobile devices. Currently available for download on Google Playstore and IOS AppStore you can go there and type search.

You can also visit the website token.com to download.

At the screen you will see the operating systems that support Android, IOS, select the operating system you use. Or you can check the QR code.

How to create an Atoken wallet account

After downloading the wallet application to your phone, we proceed with the steps to create an account!

The operation I do on Android, but with iOS, everyone does the same.

Step 1: After downloading, open the application and select “skip"

Open the AToken app and choose ignore

Step 2: Click select "Me” in the lower right corner of the screen

Select me to enter the account creation area

Step 3: Click “Sign In” to start creating an account

Click the Sign in button to create an AToken wallet account

Step 4: In the Sign in section, there are two tabs: SMS and Email. Here I choose "SMS” to create a wallet account. Remember to choose the area code of the country where you live.

For example, if you are in Vietnam, choose the code as "0084" and then enter the phone number in the " line "Enter phone number".

Then press “Get Code" to receive the code .Enter the received code in the line "SMS code".

Enter your phone number to create a Wallet account

Create AToken wallet

After you have an account. The next thing you need to do is create a wallet address to be able to transfer, receive and store your crypto assets.

Details are as follows:

Step 1: Return to the homepage of your choice “AToken” to start setting up a new wallet.

Select token to return to the homepage

Step 2: Press the button “Create Wallet” to continue.

Click the create wallet button to create a wallet

Step 3: In the "Create wallet" you need to fill in the information fields including:

  • Wallet name: this item can choose Random or set a name you enter from the keyboard
  • Password: Password
  • RepeatPassword: Enter the password

Pay attention when you set the Password, remember to enter a strong password including both letters and numbers.

Above, I entered the name BLOGTIENAO and set the password, the system reported that it was very strong with 3 blue tiles (strong).

You should set such a password to improve the security of your account.

Enter wallet information

Check the box "Agree to...” and press the "Create” then authenticate the captcha (some machines will automatically verify the captcha for you)

After captcha verification is complete, you have successfully generated a wallet address.

Just follow the steps above, you will create many wallet addresses with different names for easy management for personal purposes.

Next, you need to back up (backup) your wallet address in case you need to use it.

Step 4: After the above wallet creation step, the screen Backup wallet appear. Press the button "Back Up" to continue.

Back Up Wallet

Here you will get 12 english words. Carefully copy this 12 word recovery phrase in order from left to right and top to bottom onto a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

It is strictly forbidden to let it fall into the hands of others, lose money like playing it.

12 characters backup wallet

Step 5: Press the button "Next" Let the system check to see if you have correctly written 12 words. At this Backup screen 12 words will be interchanged.

Your job is to arrange it properly. Press and hold the words to be transferred and bring them to the exact position you copied on the paper in the first place.

For example: This word "grow", the correct position is in box 3. I will press and hold that word and then put it in box 3 instead of the word "flock".

After correcting all the positions of all the words, click the "Confirm” to finish the wallet creation process. Very easy, isn't it?

Reconfirm 12 backup words

How to use Atoken Wallet

You need to pay attention to correctly manipulate the following features, many times you will get used to it.


At the main screen interface, select the item "Exchange".

Use swap on token wallet

In this Swap screen, I take the example of exchanging BTC to ETH: Input Amount (the number of coins to transfer).

Enter the amount of BTC to be converted as 1 BTC will exchange 47,55 ETH with a Fee of 00953 ETH.

Click the button “Exchange' to agree.

Choose coin and amount to swap

Send and receive cryptocurrency in Atoken wallet

Take an example with the coin ETH: At the main page interface you will see ETH displayed, scrolling through the scroll bar you will see there are 19 different currencies you do the same.

Swipe the ETH coin to the right and you will see the item “Receive“-ie “receive money” will be displayed

Get coins on AToken wallet

Otherwise, you swipe to the right of the "Send“- ie “send money”

Send coins on Atoken wallet

I will guide you in detail on how to send and receive coins as follows:

Send cryptocurrency (Send). Click on the “SendA table will appear: Enter the receiving address in the "" field.Big", quantity sent( Amount), and then press the “Send” to complete.

Enter the address and the amount of coins to transfer

Next is receiving electronic money: you can copy the address and send it to the money transferor or take a photo of the qr code for convenience. Enter the amount received in the "Amount".

Address to receive coins on Atoken wallet

For example: I want to receive 1ETH, after entering the amount I click on the icon in the top right corner and send a photo to the money transferer, very convenient, isn't it? Look at the photo to understand better

Wallet receives 1 ETH

At the time of launch, the points that users are most interested in with Atoken wallet are Staking, DApp, DeFi, let's find out.


Here, it is about betting, I will take the example of ATOM, other coins for your reference

Participation conditions: You must hold ATOM, trade anywhere depending on whether you can buy it at a certain exchange or through conversion, as long as you have ATOM in the Atoken Wallet, you are eligible to participate.

Click to select coin ATOM

Choose ATOM to Staking

Click select "Delegate ATOM"

Click Delegate ATOM

Many platforms will say you will choose the one that you are interested in or trust. I choose"POS Bakerz"test it.

Atom staking pools

You can choose by filters including: Comprehensive, Capacity, Revenue, Delegators. I choose according to Revenue (interest).

Filter staking pools

Note: when you want to stop staking and withdraw ATOM to your wallet, click “redeem“. Your staking ATOM will be locked for 21 days and sent to your wallet address. During the 21-day period, there will be no profit from staking. And when you want to enjoy profits, you choose the button "Delegate"

Atom staking authorization

After pressing “Delegate"You choose the amount of ATOM you want to stake

Enter the amount of Atom you want to staking


MakerDAO and Compound are the two current DeFi products of Atoken Wallet. If you want to participate, click on its icon in this DApp section

DeFi on Atoken Wallet


In the DApp section, select the DApp ion as shown

DApp on Atoken Wallet

Next, you choose the DApp you want to join

Storing the private key of Atoken wallet

Step 1: Click select "Wallet Management"

Go to Wallet Management

Step 2: Click here “Export Private Key”

Export private key

Step 3: Select coin and enter the wallet password. For example, if I choose USDT, enter the pass and then the private key information will appear. Remember to store it carefully

Save the private keyVideo about AToken wallet (user manual)


After researching for a while, everyone can easily grasp what Atoken Wallet brings, right?

Set up an account to explore the staking, DApp or Defi features yourself. Not only making money, people can also have fun with different games.

Currently Atoken is also developing, hopefully the future will bring more experiences for everyone. Please learn carefully before using. Thank you for reading the article and good luck to everyone.

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