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Besides being a leading exchange, CoinEx also builds a charity fund worth millions of USD

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As blockchain technology advances and gets widespread, it has become an integral part of our lives. In particular, the continuous technological advancement in DeFi and NFT in recent years has attracted an increasing number of institutional investors, listed companies, as well as professionals focused on artwork and collectibles for the blockchain world, which allows the industry to grow rapidly.

As the first and most successful blockchain application, Bitcoin has become one of the top 10 financial assets by market capitalization. It is even more valuable than Meta (formerly Facebook). Furthermore, both institutional investors and individual investors are trying to capture the growth opportunities they present by investing in Bitcoin – a decentralized cryptocurrency with a low barrier to entry. short.

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As more and more crypto exchanges focus solely on profiting from this emerging industry, many of them are becoming more socially responsible. They have begun to fulfill their social responsibilities through blockchain technology as well as their resources and influence, among them are coinex – a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange.

A friend of mine suggested coinex for me because this broker has a novice-friendly interface, offers a simple website, practical functionality and a satisfying trading experience, in keeping with its brand slogan: Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easier. As more exchanges continuously list new cryptocurrencies and introduce new features, CoinEx goes the opposite way. As CoinEx CEO Haipo Yang said in an interview, “CoinEx will 'make crypto trading easier' through products, token listings and customer service.”

For example, when it comes to products, CoinEx takes restrictive measures and never piles functions on top of functions. Instead, the exchange promises to offer complete features in terms of functionality and ease of use. This aims to turn complex products into simple to meet the real needs of users. In fact, traders don't need too many fancy functions and having too many functions will only make crypto trading more difficult.

Moreover, while the number of shitcoins and scam projects is increasing day by day, some exchanges lower the listing limit to earn more transaction fees. However, CoinEx is different. The exchange always focuses on long-term growth and will never sacrifice the interests of users for short-term profits. Team CoinEx has spent a lot of time screening cryptocurrencies to help users avoid the risks that shitcoins and scam projects bring.

In addition, many investors, especially beginners, often find it difficult to trade cryptocurrencies. In response, CoinEx provides professional, efficient and attentive customer care, which shows the exchange's deep insights into the field.

As a loyal CoinEx user, I also greatly admire CoinEx's commitment to public welfare. The exchange has engaged in more charitable activities than any other crypto exchange.

Honoring its original commitment to contribute to society and improve community welfare, CoinEx Charity has been hosting charity events in places including the Philippines and Nigeria since 2021. This year, The company also debuted Million USD Charity Fund. Actively involved in charitable activities around the world, CoinEx Charity has contributed to global public welfare, focus on human development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency relief and charity health care. The organization empowers global charities through its social influence.

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