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Detailed and easy to understand instructions for using MojitoSwap

What is MojitoSwap?

MojitoSwap is a DEX that runs on KCC, with lots of features that allow you to earn tokens.

The goal of the floor is to be fast, cheap and easy to use. MojitoSwap now opens Trade, Bar (Farm), Lunchpad and Wine Pools. Other functions are being rolled out and will continue to roll out such as Cocktail Tickets and NFT.

To learn more about the project as well as the governance token MJT, you should see the article:

Instructions for using MojitoSwap on Coin98 Super App

Create a Multichain Wallet on Coin98 Super App

MojitoSwap is an AMM belonging to the KuCoin Community Chain, so you definitely need a KCC wallet to use this platform. Multichain wallet is recommended in this case. If you already have a Multichain wallet, you can skip this tutorial.

Once you have downloaded or updated the Coin98 Supper App, which is available for iOS and Android, you can follow the instructions below or import the wallet already available on other wallet applications into Coin98.

See full instructions for creating an account on Coin98 Super App here.

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Next, follow the steps to create a Multichain wallet to transact on MojitoSwap:

Step 1: You choose "Manage” to start creating wallets on Coin98 Supper App.


Step 2: You choose “Multi-Chain”, and then select the “Create” as shown below.

note: You can only create a wallet on Kurcoin chain, but in this example, I will guide you to create a Multi-chain wallet to help you manage tokens on many different chains later.


Step 3: You name your wallet then choose "Next". In this step you need to backup “Passphrase” in a safe place. (This is extremely important information that directly affects your assets. If you lose it, you won't be able to recover your wallet).

choose “Create Wallet” and follow the instructions to complete the wallet creation process.


Instructions for using MojitoSwap on Coin98 Super App

Step 1: At the main screen of Coin98 Super App, you select the icon "Swap".


Step 2: Select the icon "MojitoSwap”.


Step 3: If you want, you can choose Basic UI (Basic Interface) or Pro UI (Advanced Interface) by selecting the icon "Settings” as in the picture.


Here you can adjust the Slippage and other information according to your needs.

  • Slippage Tolerance (slippage): The higher the slippage, the highest success rate and vice versa.
  • Transaction Deadline (transaction deadline): This is the maximum time for 1 transaction to be processed.
  • Unlimited Approval (unlimited browsing): The feature allows the smart contract to fully handle the maximum amount of a token in your wallet.
  • Default Pair: Default token for your favorite trading pair.


Step 4: Select the wallet containing the token/coin you want to trade.


Step 5: You choose the token you want to trade from the list. As shown in the picture below, I am swapping KCS and USDT pairs.


Step 6: Enter the amount you want to trade. Below the button "Swap" you will see.

  • Rate & Inverse rate: Price ratio of 2 types of token swap.
  • Price impact: Estimated % difference in swap price compared to display price.
  • Liquidity Provider Fee: Fees will be used to pay fees to LPs – liquidity providers.
  • Gwei bar: Allows you to adjust the amount of Gas (transaction fees) to suit your needs.
  • Share URL: Share trading pairs via url.


Step 7: Press "Swap" and follow the instructions to finish.


Step 8: Return to the main screen after successful swap to check the traded tokens by selecting “History icon” as shown in the image below.


You will then see your trading pair under “Trading history".



So, with the simple instructions above, I hope you will be able to make transactions on MojitoSwap quickly and easily.

MojitoSwap is the DEX with the largest TVL on the KCC ecosystem, so in the future, it can grow significantly in terms of products and quality, so learning how to create a wallet and use it is an indispensable thing to know when you want to join the platform. this platform. Good luck!

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