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The event we see DHT token


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Margin-free copy transactions for mixed assets on the Ethereum platform

With Synthetix's zero-slippage trading model and aimed at expanding its listed asset pool, dHEDGE creates new trends using the derivative liquidity enabled by the Synthetix protocol - the most innovative DeFi platform in the world. needs of the DeFi community.

In a public vote, the dHEDGE community decided to distribute the first DHT tokens to the public through the auction process on Mesa - a platform on the Gnosis Protocol.

The main details for the Mesa auction:

  • Maximum number of tokens sold: 5 million DHT, 5% of DHT's initial total supply (100.000.000 tokens)
  • The bid is set before the auction starts, by clicking the following link: USDC and DHT options
  • The auction starts at 10 a.m. UTC, Thursday 17 September
  • The auction will last up to 24 hours, please note there is a possibility that the auction will end much faster, in just a few minutes, So please place any bids ahead of time
  • Currency: USDC
  • Minimum bid price of $ 0.25
  • Minimum bid value ~ $ 2.500 (Mesa Solver may not include lower bids)
  • DHT contract's address is: (and ENS: )
  • Proceeds from the auction will be held by dHEDGE DAO

More detailed instructions on how to join will be in the next article.

DHT management token

DHT is the native governance token of dHEDGE. It plays an important role in both platform launch as well as its decentralized operations and governance. The dHEDGE community and DHT token holders will have the authority to determine the direction of the dHEDGE protocol. The fixed function for DHT will be activated some time after mainnet launch.

DHT Distribution Schedule

The chart below illustrates the distribution of DHT over time. Note that this does not include DHT's future Mining Performance (an innovation by dHEDGE - more details coming soon) and future DHT use held at DAO. The above information should be viewed as a guide and can be changed through the voting of the community governance and key decisions of the stakeholders in the future. It is important for dHEDGE to provide sufficient initial token circulation to avoid liquidity and speculation issues based on low circulating supply.

DHT distribution

Share of total supply

The price of DHT at the seed round is $ 0.08. The DHT price at the most recent strategic investment round was $ 0.25. The unlocking of the Strategic Seeds, Exchange Partners, Core Teams and Mentors investment rounds will commence 1 month after the auction round.

Since the last round of investment, community building has been spurred through two successful Testnet Contests, both sponsored by Synthetix. UI and branding experts were consulted prior to the launch of the mainnet. The development team is now comprised of five developers who are working on our ambitious roadmap.

* As described above, up to 5 million DHT will be offered in the Mesa auction. Other incentive rewards include such as Testnet Competition Awards, strategic airdrops, exchange liquidity programs, exchange promotion activities, and other community-related growth incentives. 7.72% should be considered the maximum limit for these activities. Part of these tokens may be locked from time to time and not circulated freely.

More information about dHEDGE (DHT)

Backed by some of the biggest names in the crypto market, including Framework Ventures, Three Arrows Capital, BlockTower Capital, DACM, Maple Leaf Capital, Cluster Capital, Lemniscap, LD Capital, IOSG Ventures, NGC Ventures, Bitscale Capital, Divergence Ventures, Genblock Capital, Trusted Volumes, Altonomy, Continue Capital, The LAO and Loi Luu - Co-founder and CEO of Kyber Network. dHEDGE aims to democratize the investment experience by leveraging the unique capabilities of Ethereum and Synthetix.

The Mainnet launch is still scheduled to take place before the end of September, after the successful smart contract verification process has been completed.

Join dHEDGE Vietnam community:

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