A close-up of the Bitcoin mining machine is terrible


Close bitcoin mining rig also known as "Bitcoin plow"Terrible configuration - Right from the start of the virtual currency bitcoin (Learn.) What is bitcoin money?) has attracted the attention of many people, especially investors, financial and monetary in the world. Price 1 bitcoin is now up to $ 1231.67 or about 27 million dong (at the time Virtual money blog write this article).

Therefore, the attractiveness of Bitcoin increasingly makes many people excited, ready to spend hundreds of millions to buy a bitcoin miner Dedicated crisis configuration. Especially able to mention here is bitcoin VGA plow rig.

Bitcoin miner
Bitcoin miner

Great value like gold, making copper Bitcoin cryptocurrency there is tremendous attraction with "underworld"Of precepts"Plowing”Bitcoin is in Vietnam and is quietly working day by day to earn BTC. Job bitcoin mining Not at all simple requires you to have one bitcoin mining rig terrible if you want to achieve the desired effect. Currently, in Vietnam there are quite a few units selling staging bitcoin miner, but there are still some individuals, companies that own professional bitcoin mining rigs.

The process of creating Bitcoin from bitcoin miners

According to the source from Wikipedia then virtual currency bitcoin is created from algorithms, processed by the peer-to-peer computer system. This data processing process is called "Dig"(Mining) or"Plowing”(Name often referred to by miners).

The bitcoin mining calculator must be engaged in continuous digging, almost never stopped, from which bitcoin is created from the performance of each btc tractor rig invested by users with a unit called Work Unit for the purpose. convert to Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin mining rig
The process of creating bitcoin by bitcoin mining machine

So, a worker bitcoin mining If you want to earn bitcoins, you need to invest in a high-capacity bitcoin plow computer, a large video card, besides that, the internet must have high speed and stable power (including electricity and need to prepare a generator). preventive). That is, the investment cost of bitcoin mining is not just bitcoin miner but also the cost of electricity, electricity, .. It takes a few dozen to hundreds or even a few hundred million.

A close up of a bitcoin mining rig called VGA is terrible

Only after a while since virtual currency bitcoin advent, the world's leading electronics have invented the ones bitcoin miner or all Bitcoin plow rig to find bitcoins faster, increase efficiency earn bitcoins. In particular, the VGA system is considered as the most professional bitcoin plowing system today, with hardware and software configurations beyond imagination.

Bitcoin VGA miner configuration is terrible
Bitcoin VGA miner configuration is terrible

1. Hardware configuration of bitcoin mining machine VGA

The minimum configuration of a excavator must meet the following conditions:

  • Celeron G1480 CPU
  • Main Biostar Hi-Fi h81 s2 has 6 cards
  • HDD running well, stable
  • Ram 3 4G
  • VGA RX 480 or VGA ASUS R9 380

With VGA hardware, just having such a configuration helps the process bitcoin mining achieve good results and return profits for investors

2. Bridge shaped software dig bitcoin bitcoin

To mine bitcoins, you only need to install Windows 7 to 10, but must have full activation and driver installed, turn off Firewall, turn off automatic updates. Install the driver for VGA, you can download it squid fishing tours.

The actual video of the Bitcoin mining rig is huge for you to feel


In short, in order to mine bitcoins you need to invest one terrible digging machine and besides having the knowledge, understanding how the bitcoin system works, can make a profit from it plowing bitcoin. If you are in need buy a bitcoin miner or want sell bitcoin mining rig but have not found a buyer, you can contact Blogtienao.comI will advise you the seller buffalo plow bitcon Good configuration with cheap price and quality.

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