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SnapEx World Trading Championship - Total prize pool up to 200.000 USD


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As usual, the Margin Snapex trading platform will hold a worldwide trading tournament called "SnapEx World Trading Championship“. To join you need to prepare what?

I will guide you in detail how to join:

Information to note

  • Time: 29/09/2020 – 13/10/2020
  • Total pzice pool: 200.000 USD,
  • To join competitions, create groups, join groups, check competition results
  • The total prize pool may vary according to the number of traders participating in the tournament, as illustrated in the table below:
Number of Trader 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Prize Pool (USDT) 15.000 30.000 50.000 100.000 200.000

Guide to joining the "SnapEx World Trading Championship" tournament

Create a Snapex trading account

I will guide you step by step as follows:

Step 1: Register for a Snapex account at the link:

Step 2: After creating your account successfully, you need to pay attention to the contest website.

Contest participants and mechanisms

1) Team Event - Best of The Best

The Best of the Best Team Event is a contest that seeks to find out which team can offer the most profitable overall deals. The top 10 teams will win a total of 71% of the competition's total prize. DThe best team will have a chance to win!

Mechanism of action:

  • Prizes for the competition will be determined on a floating basis. It is thought that the more participants, the higher the total prize (up to 200.000 USDT).
  • The allocation for the Best of the Best event is 71% of the bonus amount.
  • Meanwhile, registration for The Best of the Best Team Event starts from September 14, 09 (GMT + 2020) and ends on September 8, 29 (GMT + 09).
  • Only profitable transactions are included in the group's total profit. Any loss caused by participating team members will not affect the final result.
  • Individual team member profit - The sum of all profitable trades opened and closed during the match period.
  • Team total profit - The total profit of all individual team members for the duration of the match.
  • Distribution of prize groups
    • 30st prize - 42600% (about XNUMX usdt))
    • Second prize - 15%
    • Third prize - 8%
    • Prize 4 - 5 - 4%
    • Prize 6 - 10 - 2%
  • Distribution of prizes
    • Groups with more than 30 members - 20% share to Team Leader, 40% equally to Top 10 Collaborators and 40% equally to all other team members.
    • Team with less than 30 members - 20% for the Team Leader and 80% equally divided among all other team members.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 10 Popularity Points in order to be eligible for the prize.

Become the team leader:

Join group:

2) Personal Events - Pro Trader

The Pro Trader Personal Event will reward top traders based on personal profit each day, as well as at the end of the contest. A total of 19% of the prizes will be awarded to the top individual traders of the contest.

Mechanism of action

  • Prizes for the competition will be determined on a floating basis. The more people join, the higher the total prize will be (up to 200.000 USDT).
  • Allocation for the Pro Trader event is 19% of the total bonus amount.
  • Personal Daily Profit - The sum of all Trades that have been opened and closed within any 24 hour cycle
  • Personal Gross Profit - Total daily personal profits in the contest.
  • Distribution of prize groups
    • First prize - 2% for Personal Gross Profit; 0,5% for personal daily profit
    • Second prize - 1,2% for Total personal profit; 0,2% for daily personal returns
    • Third prize - 0,8% for Total personal profit; 0,1% for daily personal returns
    • Fourth prize - 0,6% for Total personal profit; 0,06% for daily personal returns
    • Fifth prize - 0,4% for Total personal profit; 0,04% for daily personal returns.

3) Most Wanted

The Most Wanted Popularity event is the most anticipated event and exclusive to Team Leader of competing teams. A total of 10% of the prize will be awarded to the top performing Team Leaders inviting traders to participate in the contest.

Mechanism of action

  • Prizes for the competition will be determined on a floating basis. The more people join, the higher the total prize will be (up to 200.000 USDT).
  • The normal prize distribution for the Most Wanted event is 10% of the bonus amount.
  • Valuable and meaningful rewards encourage Team Leaders to reach out to more contest participants. All of them will be ranked based on Popularity Points.
  • All successful invitations after September 8, 09 (GMT + 2020) will be graded based on entry criteria. New SnapEx users will receive 8 points each while existing SnapEx users will get 2 point.
  • Distribution of prize groups
    • First prize - 5%
    • Second prize - 2%
    • Third prize - 1%
    • Solve 4-5 - 0.5%
    • Solve 6-10 - 0.2%

4) Bonus Event - Early Bird (before competition)

For the first 50 teams to register and deposit, you will receive $ 50 for yourself + $ 10 for the first 10 members in the group.

Mechanism of action

  • For teams that have successfully registered 10 or more members during early bird registration. The team leader will be awarded 50 USDT at the start of the contest and the first 10 members of the team will be awarded 10 USDT for each participant.
  • Limited to the first 50 registered teams during early bird registration.
  • Early bird registration period starts from 12:00:00 (GMT + 8) of September 8, 09; and ends at 2020:11:59 (GMT + 59) on September 8, 22.
  • All members including team leader must have a minimum of 50 USDT in their account balance at the start of the contest [12:00:00, September 22, 09] to receive the bonus.
  • If a group does not have enough eligible members (10 members with minimum balance of 50 USDT), the bonus will not be transferred to the team.
  • Team members (first 10 participants) with no minimum balance at the start of the contest will not be eligible for the bonus. Rewards will be routed to the next qualified member.
  • All bonuses will be transferred on the first day of the contest.

5) Bonus Event - SNAP Giveaway

  • At the end of WTC2, all first-time depositors who have completed KYC will be awarded an additional 500-3000 Snap (equivalent to 30USDT) based on the following criteria:
  • First deposit ≥ 100USDT will receive 500 Snap
  • First deposit ≥ 500USDT will receive 1500 Snap
  • First deposit ≥ 1000USDT will receive 3000 Snap
  • Users please complete the following form to be eligible to receive the gift. All Snapshots will be deposited into user accounts 7 days after the end of WTC2. Note: For security reasons, all internal transfers will not be considered for this gift.

Questions related to the tournament

Q: How to join the contest?

A: During the contest, you must complete KYC and execute a transaction that requires a minimum trading volume of 20.000 USDT to be considered an active participant.

Q: Can I change groups?

A: No, you won't be allowed to change groups after joining. You will also not be allowed to create a new group under the same account once you have joined an existing group.

Q: Why is P / L account (balance) different from P / L account shown on the chart?

A: For the contest, the system only tabulates and displays profitable transactions in your account during the contest period. All handling fees and swaps are omitted in the table

Q: When will the award be awarded?

A: All winnings directly from the WTC2 contest will be distributed and sent to the winner's SnapEx account within 14 working days after the contest ends

Q: Can I attend more than one event at a time?

A: All participants are eligible to participate in multiple events at the same time and will have an equal chance of winning any bonuses.

Q: During Team Event, what happens when team members fail to comply with the minimum requirements for the bonus amount (i.e. fail to complete KYC or reach a minimum trading volume of 20.000 USDT in during competition time)?

A: If any team member does not meet the minimum requirement, the prize money will be divided equally among all other qualified members on the team itself.

Q: How will the prizes be distributed if I only join one team after the contest starts?

A: You are allowed to join any team after the start date. As long as you complete the KYC and meet the minimum requirement of $ 20.000 in trading volume, you have an equal chance to take your bounty home as described in the Team Event section. The percentage of bonuses you receive depends only on the amount you contribute to the team.

  • Winners from WTC 2 will be eligible to participate in the Grand Finals - where SnapEx will host both online and offline trading competition (with details to be announced at a later date)
  • During the contest, all rankings and Leader results will be refreshed every 5 minutes.
  • If multiple winning accounts are found under the same IP address and if SnapEx has reasonable evidence to suspect any misconduct, we reserve the right to suspend the account during or after the contest for investigation. add based on Terms of Use. SnapEx reserves the right to disqualify and revoke any winning titles as well as bonuses if found fraudulent.
  • All winnings directly from the WTC2 contest will be distributed and sent to the winner's SnapEx account within 14 working days after the contest ends.
  • Teams must accumulate a minimum of 10 Common Points in order to be eligible for any team event bonuses.
  • User must have a minimum total trading volume of 20.000 USDT (margin x leverage) during the match period to be eligible to receive any bonuses.
  • SnapEx offers Contract Trading on many cryptocurrency pairs. Contract Trading carries a high degree of risk because leverage can bring both benefits and disadvantages to you. Therefore, Contract Trading may not be suitable for all investors as it is possible to lose all of your invested capital. Traders should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading the complex financial products offered, please be sure to understand the risks involved.
  • SnapEx's decision as to who may enter and select a winner is complaints / feedback related to the contest are considered.
  • SnapEx shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such changes will be effective immediately upon posting to the contest website.
  • SnapEx also reserves the right to cancel the contest if circumstances arise beyond its control.

Wish you all to win? Bring glory to Vietnam, kkk

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