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Shiba Inu aims to dominate 2022 with Shibarium

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In response to growing usage, Shiba Inu recently announced its own layer 2/blockchain called Shibarium and intends to move the entire network onto that blockchain.

In addition, Shiba Inu will also launch their own stablecoin called SHI and run gas fees using BONE tokens.

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All of these announcements come after Shiba Inu launched its own announcement website.

All of this is proof that Shiba Inu is taking its ecosystem development very seriously. And this can really improve the performance of the network as well as turn SHIB into an important digital asset.

Shiba Inu has 100.000 new users just weeks after hitting 1 million

Currently, each transaction on Ethereum costs more than $9,1, with transaction fees on L2 hitting as high as $86. Shibarium aims to reduce this to as low as possible.

Ethereum gas fees

Furthermore, the release from Ethereum's fee problems could lead to the Shib network seeing interest from institutional investors.

Therefore, once this happens, Shiba Inu will surely attract a lot of capital inflows from new and revived investors to mark another ATH in the near future.

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