What is VICUTA floor? Guide to buying and selling Bitcoin and more than 280 Altcoins for newbies


Vicuta floor Is it reputable? There are many people who ask us about reputable services to buy and sell Bitcoin and Altcoin safely.

Virtual money blog will introduce VicutaThis is a BTA partner virtual currency trading market, so we will be sure of our reputation and safety.

Vicuta - Bitcoin Home Page
Vicuta - Bitcoin Trading Home

About Vicuta floor

Vicuta.com Is one Bitcoin exchange and other cryptocurrencies. Vicuta was founded on the basis of helping investors get closer to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, etc.

Vicuta floor Based in Ho Chi Minh City and built by leading experts in the field of digital currencies.

One of the difficulties for investors when buying and selling digital currency transactions for information verification is very difficult.

At this time Vicuta will be the best solution for you, can buy and sell in VND through popular banks such as Vietcombank, Asia Bank, East Asia Bank, Techcombank, Sacombank, VietinbankBIDV.

Contact Vicuta.com via:

Some pros and cons of Vicuta.com market

Advantages of Vicuta Exchange

  • Fast transaction speed without having to wait long.
  • The exchange rate for buying and selling coins is very good.
  • Support customers to buy and sell 24/7.
  • Liquidity of Vicuta is high.
  • Support payment through many popular banks.
  • Provide more than 280+ different coins with many HOT coins are interested by investors.
  • Support online via Live chat, Facebook, Email, Telegram
  • There are warning pages about risks, guidance and support for investors.
  • High confidentiality in both transactions and customer information.

Disadvantages of Vicuta Exchange

  • The limit for a transaction is less than VND 300 million in 1 day.
  • Not supporting all banks in Vietnam

What is the transaction fee for Vicuta trading floor?

In addition to the value of virtual currencies when converting to currencies, Vicuta There will be additional transaction costs when buying or selling, see details you see here

Instruction to register an account on Vicuta

Step 1: First, you visit here https://vicuta.com/signup and enter the new account registration information with Vicuta as follows:

  • This name is enough: Enter the full name as in your ID card and the same name as the bank account you are using.
  • Email: The email you want to register
  • Password: Enter the password (Minimum password 6 characters and maximum 30 characters ( including az, AZ, 0-9 and "@! - _ # * ")
  • Example: The password is "test123654! @ #". External characters “@! - _ # * " will not be allowed in passwords, such as "$% ^ & ()".
  • XAC Nhan Mat Khau: Retype the password above
  • Check on "I have read the risk warning and ..."
  • Finally click on "Register"
Sign up for a Vicuta account

Step 2:? After signing up for an account, you will only be trading around VND 500.000 per day, and this is an overview to help you understand more.

Limits on photos may vary according to regulations
Limits on photos may vary according to regulations

Because to avoid money laundering, Vicuta will ask you to verify your phone number, email, identity card

Verify with photos of the front and back of the identity card, holding the ID card, clearly indicate on Vicuta.com now, day, month, year.

In addition, you should update your Facebook Profile so that we can authenticate by video call.

The procedure is a bit inconvenient, but when passed, your account will be clean and safe, and will prevent fraud and other forms of money laundering.

Step 3: To log in, select "Login”On the menu

Step 4: Input Email , and Password then click "Login".

Simple as that, you have logged into Vicuta floor already.

Next I will guide you to upgrade your account through a number of confirmation steps to upgrade your daily transaction limit to the maximum amount of VND 300 million.

Guide to verify your identity and raise your transaction limit on Vicuta

Phone number verification

Step 1: Click on your account (Email) on the menu => select "confirm phone number"=> Enter your phone number in box 3 (for example: 966189999, remove the number 0) => click"Add phone number".

Email Authentication

Step 2: Soon after, Vicuta.com will send you a 6-digit verification code via SMS, you enter this code into the "Verification"And click on"Confirm phone number".

Verify Phone Number

Step 3: Vicuta notifies that you have successfully verified your phone number, about a few minutes later you enter the "account"Will see the"Transaction limit”Increased to VND 2.500.000.

Identity verification

This is an important part if you want to increase your daily transaction limit VND 300 million,

Vicuta requires you to verify your identity by sending an ID card or passport for them to review via Email Below I will guide you step by step:

Step 1: Choose "Identity Verification”In the Menu on the left, just below the phone number confirmation just now.

Identity Verification - Front - Back - Hand ID Selfie

Step 2: Here Vicuta will have instructions for you to compose Email details for quick verification, you need to prepare:

  • Front + back photo of ID card (identity card) or passport
  • 1 selfie photo in hand with ID card or passport attached to a white paper stating Vicuta.com - Date - Month - Year. Example: Vicuta May 16, 05

Then send an Email in the form of content that Vicuta requires to email support@vicuta.com, I will take the example for you, you just need to replace your information to be:



Identity verification request for Vicuta account: Your email

Mail content:

  • Full name: Nguyen Van Thien
  • Born: March 16, 03
  • Address: 123 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
  • Postal code (if applicable): 100000
  • Hanoi City
  • Vietnam
  • ID card / Passport number: 145537609
  • Place of issue: Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Issued date: March 16, 03

Selfies need ID


The postal code for Hanoi is 100000 and Ho Chi Minh City for 700000, and the other provinces come in to take.

After sending you need to wait about 15 - 30 minutes Vicuta review your papers, if the necessary information is yours then you will receive a verification email

You wait a few minutes for the Vicuta market system to update, then you go to “account”Will see the Daily Transaction Limit increase VND XNX.

Instruction to buy and sell BTC and USDT on Vicuta.com

Below we will guide you how to buy and sell BTC and USDT.

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Vicuta

How to Sell Bitcoin (BTC) on Vicuta

How to buy USDT on Vicuta

(below is the instruction to buy USDT on the Dark interface, it's just different colors, the buying method is the same as on the new interface, please take a look)

Step 1: After logging in Vicuta.com, type in the coin name search box (See coin names and coin symbols here), here you need to buy USDT so enter "USDT"=> Click on"Buy".

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 1
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 1

Step 2: Here you will enter your USDT purchase information as follows:

  • Number of coins: Enter the amount of USDT you want to buy (Minimum of 75 USDT)
  • USDT wallet address: Enter your USDT wallet address (You can use USDT wallet on Bittrex, Poloniex, Tether.to or your USDT wallet)
  • Bank: Select the bank you will use to pay (here I choose Vietcombank)
  • Branch: Write your bank branch (This part can be omitted, but should be recorded because if Vicuta floor runs out of USDT for sale or the quantity is not enough, they will use it to send money back to you)
  • Account name: The name of your bank account
  • Account number: STK your bank

On the right will be some information like:

  • USDT exchange rate
  • to change: USDT exchange rate changes in real time
  • Transaction fee: This is your transaction fee to buy USDT, this fee Vicuta will not accept but will pay to the "miner" for them to confirm the transaction for you.
  • The total amount you pay: = Purchase amount of 75 USDT + total transaction fee is 1,888,640 VND

Check the information and click "Confirm".

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 2
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 2

Step 3: At this time you need to transfer the above amount to the bank account provided by Vicuta as shown below.

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 3
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 3

in which you notice 2 things are: Content of money transfer , and Amount to transfer, you need to copy exactly the same word without a word, some of it.

Step 4: After a successful transfer to the bank account that Vicuta provides, usually the Bank they will send you an email to notify the successful transaction.

It contains a receipt, you should take a photo of the receipt, in case of transaction errors or unexpected incidents, it will be used as evidence to appeal to Vicuta.

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 4
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 4

Step 5: Now you go back to Vicuta and click on "Confirm the transaction”To complete.

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 5
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 5

Soon Vicuta floor will announce "Transaction completed", Now you need to wait for your transaction to be confirmed, it takes about 30 minutes for the USDT you buy will go into your USDT wallet.

How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 6
How to buy USDT on Vicuta. Photo 6

How to sell USDT on Vicuta

How to sell USDT on Vicuta.com is similar to buying so the operation is not very difficult, you follow the steps below to sell USDT to Vicuta.

Step 1: Similar to when buying, type in the coin's name search box "USDT"And select"Sell".

How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 1
How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 1

Step 2: Enter your USDT sale information as follows:

  • Number of coins: Enter the amount of USDT to sell (Minimum 75 USD)
  • Your wallet address: Your USDT wallet (this can be ignored, but should still be entered in case Vicuta can not afford to buy all your USDT, they will send USDT back to your wallet address.)
  • Bank: Select the bank you will use to receive payments from Vicuta
  • Branch: Enter your bank branch
  • Account name: Your bank account name
  • Account number: Your bank account number

On the right you can see the transaction fee is 3,300 VND, this fee is the bank transfer fee of Vietcombank and the total amount you will receive is 1,681,350 VND.

Finished, you click on "Confirm".

How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 2
How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 2

Step 3: Next you drag down a bit, now you need to transfer the USDT that you want to sell into the address that USDT wallet Vicuta provided as I circled red.

How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 3
How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 3

Step 4: After you transfer the USDT amount you sell to Vicuta's wallet address, then go back to Vicuta click on the "Confirm moved”As shown above.

You will then see the status of the transaction as "Pending".

How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 4
How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 4

Now you need to wait for a 30 minute - 1 hour transaction confirmation.

When Vicuta receives your USDT amount, they will transfer the money 1,681,350 vnđ into the bank account you provided.

And then your transaction will be completed as shown below.

How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 5
How to sell USDT on Vicuta. Photo 5

Alternatively, you can go to the "Transaction history”To see the status of your coin purchases.

Vicuta.com transaction history
Vicuta.com transaction history

If the case waits for a long time and the transaction has not been processed or any difficulties encountered during the purchase and sale of coins.

You can inbox Vicuta support staff by clicking on the green chat frame “Online”In the lower right corner of the screen.


That is Virtual money blog introduced to you digital currency trading platforms Vicuta.com,

This is one of the reputable and safe exchanges in Vietnam guaranteed by Tien Tien Blog

With over 280 coins to be traded, it will be more convenient when you want to buy or sell, fast speed and the best exchange rate.

Hopefully the investors will support the Virtual Money Blog as well as our partners.

If you have any questions during the learning and use process Vicuta floor Please leave below the comment section we will reply you as soon as possible.

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  1. The exchange operates at the same time as REMI and is still priced better than remi. Coin withdrawal fees are also cheaper than remi.
    And now, old accounts registered before May 5 will have to verify their identity from the beginning.For security and fraud protection reasons!


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