What is ProEx floor? [Guide to registering & using the whole episode]



What is ProEx?

ProEX is the world's leading multi-contract trading platform. ProE Global PTE. LTD. is headquartered in Singapore and Canada Prochain Limited is a branch in Canada.

The current team consists of financial experts from different countries with KYC AAA, AML / APG (Asia / Pacific Group on Money Laundering).

Management system has over 20 years of experience in the field of HSBC and Standard Chartered SCB. ProEX offers services in four languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Turkish.

ProEX is committed to launching many derivative products and services to create a better trading environment for its customers.

ProEX has obtained MSB (Money Services Business) licenses in the United States and Canada. (The US MSB license is carefully reviewed and issued by The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is an office of the US Treasury Department.)

Some advantages of ProEx

Diverse products

  • Coin to coin: Where you can trade coins together. The exchange supports most popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. There are also floor coins like: HT, GT, OKB.
  • OTC: The fiat to crypto portal allows people to buy crypto in VND, CNY, ... The electronic currencies provided by the exchange such as: BTC, ETH, USDT, IBC.
  • Contract: ProEx supports popular USDT contract pairs with flexible leverage from 1x-100x. Tier 1 liquidity and risk mitigation mechanism help you to be assured of trading.
  • ProEX Saving (coming in the future): Help you earn passive income with a 15 or 30 day private cycle, annual interest rates up to 12%.

Ensuring information and property security

With the security team, decentralized custody and clearing technology have been certified worldwide patents. ProEx is a safe place for you to trade cryptocurrencies.

User friendly platform

ProEX offers a friendly trading platform. You can easily trade cryptocurrencies or contracts with up to 100x leverage.

ProEx also provides high performance tools with low latency to provide the best user experience.

Overview of fees on ProEx

  • Exchange transaction fee: Maker: 0.3%, Taker: 0.3%
  • Contract transaction fee: Maker 0.02%, Taker: 0.075%
  • OTC transaction fee: 0.05%
  • Coin loading fee: Free
  • Coin withdrawal fee: Depends on the cost of net
  • Internal transaction fee: Free

* Maker: The order taker is not immediately matched, * Taker: The order taker immediately matched

Instructions for registering a ProEx floor account

First everyone access the link: https://blogtienao.com/go/proex to register. Next, you enter here sufficient information such as email, password and press the line SEND VERIFICATION CODE.

Sign up for a proex floor account

Slide the puzzle piece right to get the verification code to the email. Once you have the code from the email, enter the box "Code".

Check the box "I have read and ..."Then press the button REGISTRATION .

Confirm registration proex floor

Instructions for ID verification

This step is for those who want to trade OTC and improve their withdrawal limits. If you do not verify your ID you can still withdraw coins equivalent to 3 BTC.

Step 1: Start ID verification

First everyone come in account then select User Center and click on the box ID verification.

verify proex floor id

Step 2: Basic verification

You enter basic information such as Country, Full Name. The ID type is the document you use to verify it can be a citizen ID card or a Passport.

Once completed, all you need to do is press the button TO SEND .

Enter id information to verify

So the basic verification step has been completed. Next we will go to the advanced verification step.

Imperial Citadel Basic ID Verification

Step 3: Advanced verification

First, you upload photos before ID card.

Next, download a selfie with your ID and a piece of paper stating: Full name, Pro Exchange, verification date.

Finally you hit TO SEND is done. Now you just need to wait for the floor to confirm again.

Upload proex floor verification documents

Instructions for validating phone numbers

Phone number verification helps you enhance account security as well as to use OEx service of ProEx platform.

Step 1: Start validating phone numbers

Everyone in Secondary users come Phone and select the button CONSTRAINT.

Verify phone number

2 step: Enter the phone number

Enter your phone number and press the button SEND VERIFICATION CODE at the SMS Verification Code line. Next, you enter the code to be the message from the phone on.

Final, SEND VERIFICATION CODE at the Email verification code line then enter the code sent to the email and press the button TO SEND .

Enter phone number and authenticate

Instructions for setting up a Property Password

This password is for withdrawals, transfers and OTC transactions, not a login password. Do not be mistaken.

To set a property password, follow the steps below.

In the Password property box, everyone click the button SETTING.

Set property password

The next step, people enter their property password and enter again to confirm. Finally press the button SEND VERIFICATION CODE and enter the code sent to the email and press the button TO SEND .

Enter the property password

Instructions for turning on Google Authentication

Everyone press the button CONSTRAINT in User Center.

Validate Google

Next you follow the steps ProEx has guided. First, download the Google Authenticator app, then scan the QR code or enter 16 characters to get the Google authentication code.

Finally enter the code Email verification , and Google authentication code (6 digits) and press the button FINISH .

If you do not know how to use, you can see the article how to use Google Authenticator this.

Conducting authentication through Google authenticator

Instruction to deposit and withdraw coins on ProEx

Deposit coins into ProEx

To send money to the floor, people come in Surplus At the root of the screen, find the coin you want to deposit and press the button Send money.

Here I will example is USDT offline. Other coins are similar.

Deposit money into ProEx

Next there will be the address of the coin you want to send. You only need to send the correct address to the given.

*Note: Should send the correct minimum amount and type of TRC20, ERC20 Or OMNI.

ProEx deposit address

Withdraw coins from ProEx

To withdraw coins, first everyone has to set up the Password of the property if you have not already set up, then review the section you wrote earlier!

Just like depositing money, people go to the balance and choose the coins they want to withdraw. Next press the button Withdrawal hey

withdraw coins from proex

People need to enter the address and amount to withdraw and press withdraw. Then everyone press the Withdraw button to withdraw.

In the process you will need to enter an Asset Code, ... then you will be able to withdraw.

Enter the address and number of coins to withdraw

Instruction for trading on ProEx

After you know how to make a withdrawal, it's time for the transaction.

Trading coins

About the trading interface:

  1. Where you choose the trading pairs
  2. Candlestick chart of the pair you are choosing
  3. Where you place the buy and sell order
  4. A place to display buy and sell orders
  5. Transaction history of the coin pair
  6. The order history you placed and pending orders

Proex coin trading interface

Once you have a rough idea of ​​the interface, how do we get to the trading part.

To buy and sell on ProEx, you have 2 types of orders to choose which are limit orders and market orders.

Buy coin

To buy coins, you select coin, enter the price and quantity you want to buy if you use the limit order.

As for market orders, you only need to enter the quantity and press the button MUA .

Buy coin on proex floor

Sell ​​coins

For selling coins, the same. You just need to choose the coin, enter the price and quantity you want to sell for the limit order.

Market orders need only enter the quantity and then press the button SELL. The order will be immediately matched to the market price at that time.

Sell ​​coins on the proex floor

OTC fiat trading

OTC fiat trading is a way for you to trade coins in VND.

To trade, then first you need Set up a legal OTC account.

When clicked there will be requirements such as KYC, phone number verification, additional payment methods.

After having established successfully, you can trade it. You just need to choose the coin you want to buy and sell.

Next choose VND then select the tab I WANT TO BUY to buy either I WANT TO SELL for sale. Finally, just press the button SELL OR MUA then comply with the request such as transfer to the seller, ...

Trade fiat money on Proex

Contract transactions

For contract deals, people choose Transaction agreement then press the button START TRANSACTION.

Start contract trading on proex

In terms of interface, it is quite similar to coin trading but differs in place to place orders. To open positions, people choose tab Open Position and choose Buy (Open long position) to LONG or select Sell ​​(Open long position) to SHORT.

For example: If you guessed Bitcoin went down from 9300 then you chose Sell (Open Sell Position). If the price of BTC decreases then you will profit. You can customize the leverage level to suit your fighting style.

To close the position, you can close it manually or select the tab Closing position to close it with the desired price. If the Open Position tab is selected Sell ​​(Open long position) then the Closing tab you choose Buy (Close short position).

Note: You can choose Regular (Limit command) or Stop-limit ok

Opening and closing positions on the proex floor


Through this article, everyone knows about ProEx and how to register and use it, right?

If you have any questions, you can contact the Blogtienao fanpage or support of the floor.

Wished everyone success!

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