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Huobi Exchange: Instructions to register, verify, buy and sell AZ

Huobi Exchange

What is Huobi?

Huobi is bitcoin exchange and leading cryptocurrency of Southeast Asia as well as in the world (Top 3 in the world).

Previously the company targeted mainly the Chinese market. But after the country tightened regulations on exchanges, Huobi moved into the global market.

Although Huobi has cut many features due to pressure from the ban; but the exchange still owns a very large transaction volume.

Huobi Global exchange interface
Huobi Global exchange interface

In Vietnam, Huobi Global is a popular exchange for Vietnamese traders, second only to Binance.

Brief History of Huobi

September 1, 9: The first launch date of Huobi Bitcoin exchange. Within 1 year, Huobi introduced several other important services; such as trading platform Litecoin and margin trading (margin).

12 / 2013 Month: Huobi's trading volume surpasses $4 billion. This makes Huobi the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China.

9 / 2017 Month: This is probably the beginning of the most difficult period for crypto exchanges in China. The government of this country has officially announced a ban on the service ICO and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Faced with this difficulty, Huobi founder Leon Li has adjusted the business organization structure to promote global expansion.

10 / 2017 Month: Huobi officially entered the Korean market with a new headquarters in Seoul.

11 / 2017 Month: A new branch of Huobi in Singapore was inaugurated.

12 / 2017 Month: Huobi opens an office in Tokyo - Japan.

Currently, Huobi's headquarters is located in Singapore

Huobi's Ecosystem

Huobi's Ecosystem

With the goal of becoming the "big brother" in the industry, Huobi has started to develop a world Blockchain complete.

Huobi labs: Established in May 5. The aim is to support early stage blockchain projects.

Huobi Capital: An investment fund focused on the Blockchain industry.

Huobi Mining Pool: Operation of mining pools.

Huobi pro: Digital asset exchange in the top 5 as of 2020.

HADAX: A “sub-brand” of Huobi.pro. This is Huobi's automated digital exchange. This service should only be used by professional traders.

Huobi OTC: Released in November 11. This service is focused on traders who want to anonymously transfer large amounts of cryptocurrencies

In addition to some of the above-known services, Huobi Group also owns Huobi China and Huobi Academy, an R&D department focusing on blockchain application and blockchain research.

Huobi OTC

As mentioned above, to catch up with the current trend, Huobi launched an OTC exchange very soon.

About this section, I will guide you how to trade more clearly in the section “Guide to buy coins with Vietnam Dong on Huobi OTC” below.

Features of Huobi . exchange

  • Supports many Altcoins and Tokens (more than 469 different Coins)
  • Trading fees suitable for the majority of investors worldwide (0.2%)
  • Huobi fully supports platforms and devices such as: IOS, Android, Windows and Mac
  • The interface is friendly and easy to use, the coin rate chart is very professional, taken by Huobi from Tradingview
  • Support investors to trade Margin Trading.
  • High security, email confirmation and support for 2-layer security (2FA) and SMS.
  • Support many languages ​​such as: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French,...
  • Provide basic information about a coin in the transaction interface of that coin such as: Concept, Whitepaper, total number of coins issued, official website, Block Explorer, etc.
  • Online customer support on website and via Email as well as social networks. There is a dedicated support community for Vietnamese investors

Advantages of Huobi Global that you should know

  • They have an insurance fund, so customers won't have to worry about losing money in case the exchange is hacked
  • Huobi Token (HT) is one of the very HOT exchange coins, with high liquidity, good price keeping and stable growth, well worth the investment. Also, if you trade with HT, you will get 50% off the transaction fee.
  • Support a lot of different coins, the main coins have high liquidity.
  • The transaction fee will decrease when you hold HT.
  • When holding HT, you have the opportunity to participate in IEO investment on Prime, FastTrack and receive HPT (similar to the mechanism of IEO). Staking).
  • You can easily sell coins to VND and vice versa
  • There is a co-operation to support Vietnam, please see details at the end of the article.

Huobi Prime

This is one of the highlights that I have dedicated a small space to write about, that is IEO investment on Huobi Prime

That means participating in buying a certain coin that is about to be sold on Huobi Prime, if you buy it successfully, your assets can XXX very quickly.

If you are not sure what it is, then try reading through the article below:

What is Huobi Prime?

After many periods and learning from experience, Huobi announced that the new rules of participating in Prime are quite good.

With the new law, anyone who participates in the investment can successfully buy an IEO, not compete like the old one. And the buy rate will be more if you hold more HT.


I would like to quote the type of paragraph in another article on Blogtienao

“Every month, Huobi Global will announce the names of 5 projects that will participate in FastTrack. Using HT, you can get multiple votes for projects in a weekly voting round. The project that receives the most weekly votes will be selected to list on Huobi Global on the same day of announcing the voting results. Tokens of the winning project will be tradable immediately, and listed in USDT, BTC, and HT pairs.”

Users who voted for the winning project, will be able to purchase project tokens at 50% less than their market value.

Furthermore, 10 lucky users among the participating HT users who voted for the winning project will get to exchange all their HT votes into the project's tokens.

Other users will be distributed the number of project tokens according to the ratio of HT . votes

Because all FastTrack and Prime projects tripled, fivefold or more. So the HOT level of Huobi Global and HT is indisputable.


Like other exchanges, Margin is a trend and an indispensable product of Huobi. Currently, the exchange is supporting many different coins with leverage up to 5X

Margin Huobi interface

Trading Contract (Huobi DM)

This is a futures trading platform. Huobi DM has tools to help protect and manage risks when participating in trading. This helps to avoid market manipulation.

BTC/ETH/EOS/LTC/XRP/BCH/TRX/BSV/ETC contracts will be launched on Huobi DM. These contracts will be priced in USD, with the corresponding digital currency.

Huobi DM currently issues contracts weekly, biweekly, and quarterly.

Weekly contracts will be paid the next Friday. Biweekly contracts will be paid out on the following Friday. Quarterly contracts will be settled on the last Friday of March, June, September and December.

Currently Huobi DM has leverage: 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x

Huobi DM

What is HT Token?

Huobi Token (HT) is the original coin of Huobi exchange, launched on January 24, 01. The purpose of Huobi creating HT is to help reduce transaction fees, use HT to participate in exclusive events, etc.

Blogtienao has made a separate article about this token, you can read it at the link below:

What is Huobi Token? Overview of Huobi Token (HT) cryptocurrency

The benefits that HT tokens bring

Here are some interesting benefits that HT token holders enjoy:

  • HT users in trading can get a discount on trading fees (up to 50%) and can get VIP membership.
  • HT holders can vote for the token list on HADAX.
  • The HT token provides liquidity. And they are also acquired by Huobi every quarter to be included in the Huobi Investor Protection Fund.

Trading fees on Huobi

Huobi exchange divides transaction fees into two categories, one for general traders and one for professional traders.

Fees for general traders

Huobi's general trader fees

Fees for professional traders

Huobi's professional trader fees

Note: Traders holding more than 100.000 HT will enjoy 35% discount rate.

With the above two fee tables, it can be seen that Huobi has used a new tiered fee structure.

Here, Blogtienao will guide you on how to get a discount on transaction fees:

Step 1: Log in to your Huobi account and then go to “fee rate setting”

Transaction fee

Step 2: You can see the current fee rate, in my case it is:

Transaction fee

  • Current fee 0.2%
  • Two Buttons haven't turned on, 30-day trading volume is 6.47 btc
  • The number of HT currently holding is 349 HT

Step 3: You turn on 1 of the 2 buttons on the right, if you have a PointCard, then choose it to reduce the fee. And if you don't have but only HT, then select Button above. In my case, I will choose the HT button to reduce the fee

Transaction fee

Then choose "confirm", the system has estimated the level of Lv that you will enjoy, as your account is Lv3.

Transaction fee

For those who hold more HT, the fee will be greatly reduced. Those who loyally hold HT for a long time will have very low trading fees. You can refer to the image below:

Fee schedule

After the confirmation is complete, it will display like this, that is successful, Now when you conduct the transaction, the fee will be 0.16% instead of 0.2% as before.

In addition, Huobi now also supports buying coins with Visa and Mastercard cards. However, the fee for this service is very high, about 3-5%.

Huobi exchange is a scam (scam)?

Up to this point, Huobi has never had a scam (scam) and there have been no complaints from investors about this situation.

However, in the past, there was information that Huobi exchange was attacked by hackers and stole 12.000 BTC, but this information has not been confirmed.

And the special thing is that they have an insurance fund in these cases, so investors' money will be insured and will not be lost.

Huobi exchange banned in Vietnam?

Because Vietnam is a country in the group that neither bans nor legalizes cryptocurrencies, you can still use Huobi with peace of mind for now.

Is Huobi exchange safe to use?

Compared to many other exchanges, Huobi is an exchange with a superior level of security. Huobi states that:

  • The exchange's risk control measures are developed by giants like Goldman Sachs
  • 98% of funds are kept in cold wallets
  • The exchange now uses a decentralized transaction structure to prevent DDOS attacks
  • The exchange has a User Protection Fund. 20% of the exchange's revenue will be transferred to this fund
  • The exchange also has a Huobi Security Reserve with a total reserve of 20.000 BTC. This money is used to deal with security incidents and to compensate for losses arising from all security incidents.

On which devices can Huobi exchange be used?

Because this is one of the world's major exchanges, they have fully supported on Android, IOS mobile devices as well as on PC. Therefore, you are free to choose the method that is right for you.

On PC, you can log in directly to the floor's website, but on Android or iOS phones, you need to download the exchange's app.

Huobi Website: https://www.huobi.com/vi-vi/

Link app for iOS: Huobi – Buy and sell Bitcoin 

Links to the app for Android: Huobi Global

Instructions to register an account on Huobi

On the computer

Step 1: You visit https://blogtienao.com/go/huobi and enter the requested information. Then click "registration".

Sign up for Huobi

Step 2: You will get Verification code in gmail you are registered. Please enter them as required.

Register for Huobi

So, you have completed the registration of Huobi exchange.

Instructions for registering on the phone

Step 1: After downloading the app, Huobi allows you to be registered in two ways: either by email, or by phone number. Then click "next".



Step 2: There will be one Verification send to address email your. Enter the required confirmation code.

Sign up for Huobi

Step 3: Next you will need to create a password and click "registration".

Sign up for Huobi

Step 4: In addition to setting a password with numbers and regular letters. You can create more “hand drawn password” for added security. This step you can set up later; However, Blogtienao recommends that you still do it right away to improve security.

Sign up for Huobi

Just complete the above steps, you have successfully registered for an account on Huobi.

Instructions for identity verification/KYC

On the computer

Step 1: Click on your account then select "Identity verification".

KYC Huobi

Step 2: Fill in all the necessary information and download a photo of your ID/CCCD, passport or driving license. You need to take a clear picture of your face and information so that the review can take place quickly. Then click on the box "confirm".

KYC Huobi

Step 3: You will get a message like below. Your job is to wait a few hours for the Huobi exchange system to approve.

KYC Huobi

On the phone

Step 1: Select the small round logo on the top left

KYC Verification

Step 2: Select item "Identity verification" and enter the required data

KYC Huobi

Step 3: Upload photo of ID/CCCD, passport or driving license. You need to take a clear picture of your face and information so that the review can take place quickly.

KYC Huobi

Next, you just need to wait for Huobi to approve.

KYC Huobi

Instructions for KYC identity verification to increase withdrawal limit

To do this, you first need to complete and be successful review the item “Identity Verification/KYC Guide” that Blogtienao just instructed above.

Step 1: Click on your account and then select the item UID (circled in red)

KYC Huobi

Step 2: Select item “advanced fiat verification”.

KYC Huobi

Step 3: You need to upload the images requested by Huobi. Note, the image needs to be clear and unedited, especially the second one, which needs to show the arms. Then choose “verify the document is free of errors” .

Instructions to enable Google Authenticator

Step 1: After logging in, click on the account and then select the box UID

GA Huobi

Step 2: After that, you will see the interface appear "safety reminder". You will now have two security options: either use Google Authenticator or use “telephone link code”. In this section, I will show you how to install Google Authenticator. You choose the frame “link GA verification code”.

GA Huobi

Step 3: At this point, you need to download the Google Authenticator app to your phone (follow the link below).

Step 4: Once it's downloaded, simply open the app and scan the barcode provided

GA Huobi

Step 5: You enter the 6-digit code in the Google Authenticator app and click on the box "to send"

GA Huobi

Step 6: You will now receive an entry request Verification code was sent in gmail You sign up for a Huobi account. You just need to open gmail and enter a sequence of 6 numbers to complete turning on Google Authenticator.

Note: You need to save the key circled by Blogtienao in the picture step 5. This key is the 2FA recovery code in case you lose your phone or accidentally delete Huobi's code in the app.

So you have completed the security step with Google Authenticator. Next, I will guide you through the security steps “telephone link code” for the highest level of security.

Step 1: You click on the account and then select the box UID

Huobi Security

Step 2: choose "link" at the phone number line

Huobi Security

Step 3: Enter your phone number. Note, remember to change to Vietnam area code (in the box circled in red). Then click “receive verification code” to receive the code. Finally choose "confirm" to complete.

Huobi Security

Instructions for depositing coins on Huobi exchange

For Huobi exchange you can use both Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USDT (Tether) to buy and sell other coins.

But in the limit of this article, I only guide you to deposit and buy and sell coins with BTC, because this is the most common way that most investors use.

With ETH and USDT, you do the same thing.

You need to note one more thing that to load Bitcoin into Huobi exchange, you first need to have Bitcoin on another exchange. That means you bought Bitcoin on exchanges like Vicuta, Remittan, Coinhako... and now want to transfer them to Huobi to trade with cheap fees.

Instructions to buy and sell Bitcoin on Vicuta.com from A - Z

Here is how to deposit BTC into Huobi:

Step 1: After logging in to Huobi, click on “asset" then select "Trading account (deposit & withdrawal)".

Top up Huobi coin

Step 2: Here, you can see that the exchange interface is very friendly because looking at it, you already see a place to deposit BTC. Click "recharge" right line of BTC.

Top up Huobi coin

Step 3: Soon, you will receive BTC wallet address on Huobi yours as shown below.

Top up Huobi coin

Step 4: Find the entry "Your BTC wallet address” in your account on Vicuta or Coinhako… is containing your BTC. Then you just need to enter the BTC wallet address that Huobi has provided that I circled in red in the picture above.

Note: If you accidentally deposit BTC into your ETH or USDT wallet address on Huobi, then determine, that coin will be lost completely. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the wallet address part.

Step 5: After depositing BTC into Huobi, you need to wait about min come 1 hours for the system to confirm your transaction, it may also be faster or longer depending on where you loaded your BTC from and whether the transaction is congested or not. To check if BTC has entered Huobi wallet or not, click on "history" right above.

Top up Huobi coin

Instructions on how to withdraw coins to Vietnam floor for sale

You must first have an account with an exchange that is affiliated with banks in Vietnam and can exchange coins directly into VND, for example Vicuta, Coinhako, Remitano

If you already have it, you just need to log in to your account and get it wallet address. For example, if you transfer BTC to Coinhako exchange, you need to get BTC wallet address on Coinhako exchange. Then follow these steps:

Huobi coin withdrawal

Step 1: Open the "withdrawal" section (box 1 in the picture above)

Step 2: Import Bitcoin wallet address On the Coinhako floor you just got in box 2 (as shown in the picture above)

Step 3: Enter the amount of BTC you want to withdraw into box 3 (as shown in the image above)

Step 4: Box 4 will tell you the fee you have to pay, box 5 shows the remaining BTC in the account. After checking all the information, select box 6 "Withdrawal".

Note: You need to wait a little while for the system to complete your withdrawal.

Some basic knowledge to know before trading

Trading order

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the exchange, you must place a trading order. When you want to buy, place a buy order. If you want to sell, place a sell order.

You can understand the trading order is a way for the exchange to understand how much you want to buy or sell the coin for.

Several types of trading orders: Limit (Limit), Market (Market), Stop-Limit (Stop-limit).

Limit order (Limit)

This command helps you to buy coins at the desired price. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin for $8.000 then you would place a limit order for 1 BTC at $8.000.

Trading Huobi

Market order (Marker)

This order helps you buy/sell Bitcoin quickly at market price without waiting like limit order.

For example, you see Bitcoin is down 20%, so you want to buy it right away at a bargain price. You will place a market order to be traded immediately, without missing an opportunity.

Trading Huobi

Stop-limit order (stop-limit)

This order is often used to stop loss in case the price drops sharply. Reduce peak swing risk. Or use to buy when breaking the resistance area.

However, this type of command is easily "hunted by sharks". That is, they will push the price to break the support or resistance area and then the price will return to the original level.

A simple example to make it easier for you to understand: I want to buy BTC for 8.000 USDT and accept a loss of 100 USD. To preserve capital and not suffer further losses. At this point I will place a sell stop loss order with a stop price of 7.910 USDT and a limit price of 7.900 USDT.

At this point, the stop price is the condition to activate the limit price. This means that when the Bitcoin price drops to 7.910 USDT, the floor will automatically place an order of 7.900 USDT.

The difference of 10 USDT is used to deduct the loss when the price drop is too strong, avoiding the case that the price does not match. Therefore, you should not set a price that is too little different from the stop price.

Things to keep in mind when using a stop-limit order:

  • when the in: Stop price bigger limited price
  • when the mua: Stop price less limited price

Trading Huobi


The main market is the main currency traded there. For example, you buy and sell normally in Vietnam. The market here is the VND market.

BTC market is using BTC to buy and sell with other coins.

Trading Pairs

The main trading pair is the price of one coin relative to another. In the BTC market, there are trading pairs ***/BTC. Similar to the HT market, there are ***/HT pairs.

For example: We have an ETH/BTC pair where you use BTC to buy ETH or you use ETH to sell BTC.

Instructions on how to trade on Huobi

After Bitcoin has been successfully loaded into the wallet of Huobi Pro, you can use it to buy and sell the coin you want.

Huobi floor supports over 200 different coins and Tokens, depending on your research and needs, you can choose the right coin to invest!

I will make an example with Ethereum (ETH).

On the phone

Step 1: After logging in to your account, select the item "market" lying below

Trading Huobi

Step 2: Select item "all" above the interface

Trading Huobi

Step 3: Select item ETH / USDT

Trading Huobi

Step 4: choose "buy into" or "sold out"

Trading Huobi

Step 5: Next you will see the following interface.

Trading Huobi

At this step, you choose one of the three types of orders you have circled above to trade. As for how these orders work, please review the section “Some basic knowledge to know before trading”.

On the computer

Step 1: After logging in to your account, select the item "transaction" and select the type of coin you want to trade in the left hand column

Trading Huobi

Step 2: You then choose one of the three circled order types to trade. To understand more about order types and how to trade, please review the section “Some basic knowledge to know before trading”.

Trading Huobi

Instructions to buy coins with Vietnam Dong on Huobi OTC

In addition to trading coins like many other exchanges, Huobi also helps the Vietnamese trader community more convenient in buying coins when allowing transactions in VND.

However, to use this feature, you need a bank card. Here I will guide you how to buy coins in VND:

On the computer

Step 1: After logging in, you select the item “fiat”. At OTC Huobi, you can buy the following coins with VND: BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, XRP, LTC, HT, HUSD and BCH.

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 2: If you want to buy Bitcoin, then select BTC, then select the person you want to buy.

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 3: Next after choosing “buy BTC”, the interface will display the box "VND level" you will pay and the corresponding BTC amount. After entering the amount, you choose “create order”.

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 4: You will have 15 minutes to transfer. When the transfer is complete, you choose “moved, next step”

Trading Huobi OTC

Then you just need to wait for the other party to confirm to complete the transaction.

On the phone

It should be noted that on the mobile interface, you can only buy coins on the OTC exchange with Yuan (CNY), USD and Hong Kong dollars (HKD). That means you Can't buy coins with VND as on the computer interface.

Step 1: Log in to your account, select item "transaction" (1) at the bottom of the interface, then select “fiat” (2) in the top row.

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 2: Select item "purchase" (1), select the coin you want to buy (2), select the currency you want to trade (3).

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 3: After you have selected the currency you want to trade, you need to select the object you want to trade and click on the item "buying".

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to pay (1). The interface will show the number of general BTC corresponding to your amount (2). Then choose "order" (3)

Trading Huobi OTC

Step 5: Next, you will transfer money to the other party, when the transfer is complete, choose “I have successfully paid”. Note, when transferring money, the content you do not go to write words like BTC, ETH, Huobi, ... so that the transfer is not blocked or the account is frozen.

Trading Huobi OTC

Then you just need to wait for the other party to confirm to complete the transaction.

Instructions to make money on Huobi

Unexpectedly, in addition to trading coins, Huobi offers you several other ways to earn money on the platform. Here, Blogtienao will guide you how to make money on Huobi floor easily without trading coins.

First, log in to Huobi, select the account item and then select “invite friends".


Then, you send the link in the box “subscribe link” to those in need. You can invite via facebook, zalo or you can post introductions on your own Fanpage pages, or large facebook groups about the community to make money and electronic money.


However, since most people know this form, you have to do it very naturally, avoid offending readers, and always follow the rules of the groups, avoiding rampant spam.

More advanced, if you have a website, you can showcase the way you feel is best to encourage more people to sign up for your link.

For details of the program's rewards, you can read it at the link below.

Guide to Invite Friends Program

In addition to Huobi Referral Program, there are also Bounty extremely attractive, with great prizes. As the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Huobi has "hanged" prizes including: 10000 USDT, 5000 HT, Xe AB, IphoneX, ...

Follow Huobi Global at


Hopefully through the above article, Blogtienao has helped you have an overview of this emerging Huobi exchange. Personally, I think Huobi is quite ok and I am currently using this exchange.

Finally, any questions you can inbox to ask on Blogtienao fanpage, we will answer more.

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