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For modders who hire with a strong passion for researching bios mods, most of them are interested in the field of learning technical specifications, today Blogtienao share a little knowledge about Timings, especially Vram Samsung Timings (real combat experience from FB Hoang Long - Hoang Lao Ta)

vga msi samsung
vga msi samsung
Samsung Timings
Samsung Timings

Samsung 4G has 3 types of bandwidth ratings: K4G41325FE-HC25> K4G41325FE-HC28> K4G41325FC.

K4G41325FC is the worst chip (removed information on the website, probably stopped production), few card companies used, only seen in PWCL 470/570 SS 4G 1DVI legendary sida running k over 173Mhz (6 pins) . FE and FC flash the wrong bios, then "teo" the card. So taking this type of bios flash for the other card when not clear, it is easy to "pass". Each bios is customized for each shiftrd, should not get him to plug her chin because it will not be true (run through is just lucky), 1 type of card that the company also regularly updates the bios to fix the error. Cards of Giabyte and Asus can go to the homepage to download the update to fix bugs + increase the hash, the bios that followed the card is not very good at first.

Samsung 8G has 3 bandwidth ratings: K4G80325FB-HC22> K4G80325FB-HC25> K4G80325FB-HC28
Sources: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/dram/gddr5/

Which leads to overcloker capabilities of AMD cards, depending on which RAM chip it uses, not just Samsung.

To know what kind of chip it uses, it cannot be used to see the soft (can only know FB, FC or FC but not HC- what), must scan RAM chip on the card

Samsung Timings
Samsung Timings

Samsung custom timing:

UberMix v3.2:

UberMix v3.1:

1750 / 2000Mhz Mix

1625 / 2000Mhz Mix

A17 (for 8G):

617 (for 4G):

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According to FB Hoang Long
Translated by Blogtienao.com

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