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What is Pontem Aptos Wallet? How to create a Pontem Aptos Wallet

The Aptos ecosystem is having great development and receiving great attention from users recently, currently Aptos is still in the early stages of development. testnet and the majority of projects in the Aptos ecosystem are still at the testnet stage.

To join the experience testnet For projects on the Aptos ecosystem, the Pontem Aptos Wallet is an indispensable part.

With this article, BTA will provide everyone with some highlights about Pontem Aptos Wallet, how to download Pontem Aptos Wallet to participate in experiencing projects on the Aptos ecosystem.

What is Pontem Aptos Wallet?

Pontem Aptos Wallet is one of the main products of Pontem Network. Pontem Network creates innovative products based on Move that can be deployed on blockchains. Pontem Aptos Wallet is just the beginning of our vision Pontem Network is a full dApp ecosystem that leverages the security and speed of Aptos and Move.

Pontem Aptos Wallet is likened as a gateway to help users access the Aptos ecosystem easily. The wallet helps send and receive tokens, connect to dApps, and explore the features of the most secure and highly scalable blockchain.  

How to create a Pontem Aptos Wallet

Step 1: Visit the link to download the wallet Pontem: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pontem-aptos-wallet/phkbamefinggmakgklpkljjmgibohnba

Step 2: Select Add to Chrome

Step 3: Select Create Wallet to create a new wallet.

Step 4: Enter password and confirm password 

Step 5: Follow the project's communication channels and then select Finish

Step 6: Select Resolve to get the wallet recovery passphrase.


With this article, BTA has guided everyone how to create and use Pontem Aptos Wallet, now let's explore projects on the Aptos ecosystem for a chance to receive Airdrops from projects. !

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