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In today's world, virtual identities have become as important as real ones. We are spending more and more of our virtual life on social media. And maybe in the future, virtual currency will have a very important position and paper money will be replaced.

In 2017 and 2018, with digital fraud and record-breaking cyberattacks, keeping your account and data safe should be a priority.


When someone accesses your account, not only can they cause you to lose your finances, but also your reputation and image.

81% of violations related to attacks The network either steals or weakens the password. According to the 2017 Verizon Data Violation Investigation Report.

And thus, more and more corporate sites and services use cyber security more than ever. In the past, you could set any normal character as a password, but nowadays most websites require you to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters in your password.

This greatly increases account security to fight off the attacks.

However, using complex passwords does not completely solve the security issue. Because we tend to use the same password everywhere, if one of your accounts is compromised, it can have major consequences.

73% of online accounts are protected by duplicate passwords and 54% of users use 5 or fewer passwords during their entire online time. According to a survey conducted by TeleSign.

We tend to use the same key for all digital locks that once the key is lost will be very dangerous.

One way to solve this problem is to use a unique password for each account. But unless you have superb memory, this is completely impossible.

Trying and remembering different passwords for different websites is impractical. Instead, you can use a password manager like LastPass to save all your passwords in a secure archive.

But setting a single password is not enough. Especially, for important accounts like email accounts, these Electronic wallet, websites Cryptocurrency exchanges...

These sites understand their responsibilities and tend to provide advanced security options. Any network security affects not only users but also these organizations.

According to statistics, not only in Vietnam, but also a large number of email accounts and passwords of some other countries in the world have been revealed. The total capacity of those accounts and email passwords revealed up to 41GB with 1,4 billion accounts. Most of these accounts come from world-famous websites such as My Space, Linked In, Netflix, Runescape, etc.And in 2018, there were thousands of crypto account hacks, causing billions of dollars in losses. Great cool to investors. And if you still need more reasons, read the following article:

  • Reasons you should be secure when investing in cryptocurrencies

However, changing your password is not an absolute way to protect your account from Internet threats. Users should pay attention to the following additional steps to reinforce the level of security of their accounts to avoid further risks.

1. Use 2-layer security

If the account has been secured with two layers, then even if the password is leaked, hackers will not be able to steal the user account. The most common form of two-layer security is authentication by SMS sent to the registered phone number for that account. In addition, most users today rely on 2FA Google Authenticator authentication.

If users have not enabled 2-layer security, they need to do this immediately after changing the password. In addition to SMS, there are other common 2-layer security forms, such as receiving calls to a registered phone number, sending a confirmation email or direct notification to the second device with the same login account.

2. Update the software regularly

The second step is to keep all software up to date. Hackers often exploit security holes to launch attacks. Vendors often release patches or updates and it is useless if the user does not apply them.

3. Awareness of online scams

A phishing message or email will be difficult to distinguish from an actual message because it originates from the same legitimate address. You need to be careful about the content and grammar of the message like. If the writing method is confusing, assembled, marked with many red marks due to misspelling, it may be a scam.

4. Use complex passwords

Most experts believe that a password with a high level of security must have a minimum of 12 characters, including characters, numbers and symbols. But most users want passwords that are easy to remember, so they often replace special characters in the string.

This fact will make the password easy to be stolen. In addition, reusing the old password no matter how high the security level is also a vulnerable hole.

5. Pay attention to security settings

Most accounts are equipped with tools that make the overall safe handling easier. That is the security installation tool. You should pay attention to privacy settings, carefully watch the notices and warnings from the supplier.


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