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Hot news! CoinEx Wins US MSB License

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On December 28, 12, the cryptocurrency exchange coinex applied for a US MSB license approved by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and officially received an MSB license (registration number: 31000205450387).

Check up at: https://www.fincen.gov/node/7501 

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 This approval marks a major milestone in CoinEx Exchange compliance and also recognizes its position as one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

As one of the most authoritative licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, the license MSB There are quite strict review procedures.

With this license, CoinEx Exchange is empowered to conduct legal and compliant cryptocurrency trading worldwide to promote the development of derivative contracts, including cryptocurrency issuance, ICO, and foreign exchange. .

In March 3, the US Department of Treasury and the Securities and Exchange Commission made it clear that cryptocurrency exchanges and their regulators must apply for an MSB license with FinCEN before they can participate in the exchange. digital asset-related business in the United States.

The US MSB License is a financial license overseen and issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), an agency within the US Department of the Treasury that primarily oversees businesses and related companies. related to money services, including digital currency and virtual currency trading, ICO and foreign exchange.

As one of the top ten standard licenses for global digital currency institutions, the global top ranking platforms such as Coinbase, Binance, okex and Huobi have all registered as Money Services Enterprises currency (MSB).

At the forefront of globalization, CoinEx promotes compliance activities

 With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, compliance has become the most pressing issue facing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Founded in December 12 and based on self-developed core trading matching system as well as extremely fast and smooth user experience, CoinEx is committed to becoming a global cryptocurrency trading platform most secure, stable and efficient for worldwide users.

CoinEx exchange has always adhered to a compliant global development strategy. After registering as an MSB, the CoinEx exchange will accelerate its globalization strategic plan.

It is known that in addition to the US MSB license, CoinEx is also actively applying for financial licenses in other countries, based on compliance operations around the world.

For this exchange, a competent US MSB license will act as a stepping stone to success in the US market and even into other markets.

We have every reason to believe that CoinEx will soon introduce its premium brand and products to users worldwide, thereby expanding its global presence.

 KSince its inception, CoinEx has long focused on compliance practices as well as the security of users' assets. With its entry into the US market as a compliant MSB, the CoinEx exchange has a strong and well-regarded reputation, and therefore has ample opportunity to expand its presence in the market and stimulate growth. long-term development. 

In the future, “license” will be mandatory for all crypto exchanges. The party that receives the license sooner will enjoy a first-mover advantage in terms of compliance.

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