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What is MojitoSwap Launchpad? Instructions to buy IDO on MojitoSwap

In 2021, IDO is a familiar trend for investors of Defi projects. There are many IDO platforms built to support and incubate potential projects in different ecosystems.

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In this article Blogtienao will share with you, MojitoSwap Launchpad, is the IDO platform of the MojitoSwap exchange. This is one of the largest DEX exchanges in the KCC ecosystem Kucoin support).

So what's so special about MojitoSwap Launchpad? What are the steps to use this platform? My brother and I find out below.

What is MojitoSwap Launchpad?

MojitoSwap Launchpad is a premium fundraising platform. The projects not only raise funds for themselves, but at the same time are a great opportunity to promote the project to KCC users.

From a user perspective, MojitoSwap Launchpad is an accessible channel to invest in projects at a low price.

Instructions to join IDO on MojitoSwap Launchpad

Step 1: Set up a wallet and connect to MojitoSwap

To start using MojitoSwap, the first thing you need is to set up a wallet that supports Kucoin Community Chain (KCC).

You can use any wallet Ethereum and configure the parameters of the KCC chain, such as Metamask, Coin98 wallet...

For example, for Metamask wallet, the steps are as follows:

  • Network name: KCC-MAINNET.
  • Chain ID: 321.
  • Symbol: KCS.
  • RPC address: https://rpc-mainnet.kcc.network.
  • Browser address: https://explorer.kcc.io/en.
  • WebSocket RPC address: wss://rpc-ws-mainnet.kcc.network.

After setting up the KCC chain, you connect to MojitoSwap and transfer some KSC and MJT tokens to make transaction fees.

Step 2: Fulfill the conditions to buy IDO

On the homepage of MojitoSwap, you go to "Launchpad”.

mojitoswap launchpad select

Read and fulfill the conditions required by the platform to be able to buy IDO. Conditions to participate in IDO include:

  1. Prepare MJT/KCS LP tokens: The first condition is to have the liquidity pair LP MJT/KSC.
  2. Buy Tokens: Buy tokens to MJT and KSC to add to the IDO selling pool. You can buy and add Liquidity right on the MojitoSwap floor.
  3. Collect your tokens: Connect the MJT/KSC LP pair to the project pool to participate in buying IDO.


Step 3: Instructions to buy IDO on MojitoSwap Launchpad

To understand how to use it, I will guide everyone involved in the first project on MojitoSwap Launchpad, CoolMining (COOHA).

On January 21, MojitoSwap is selling the Coolmining project. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: In MojitoSwap's lauchpad section, it is divided into 2 methods: Limited Sale , and Unlimited Sale. Users can choose according to their own preferences.


  • Limited Sale: In the Limited pool, investors participating in the launchpad will be equally distributed the number of token sales. For example, there are 100 participants and the total token sale pool is 1000, each person will be able to buy 10 tokens.
  • Unlimited Sale: In the Unlimited pool, the number of token sales is allocated according to the investor's capital. The more capital a player invests, the more token sale will be allocated.

note: Investors can join both pools at the same time.

Press the button "Check More” and take the next steps.


Step 2: Set up Profile to join Launchpad.

note: This step cannot be skipped. Establish Profile your account and joining a group is required to join Launchpad.


Set up a certification profile to qualify for all IDO projects. This step only needs to be done once with a fee of 1MJT to mint your own NFT.

Do it in order: Join team -> Activate your Profile -> Enable -> Confirm.

Step 3: Prepare enough LP tokens in advance.

set 2

Add the MJT/KSC LP pair to the pool to join IDO. In there, you can see the time to start selling, the number of LP pairs that you add. The more LPs, the more IDO tokens will be purchased.

Detailed instructions can be viewed in the following video:

After completing the tracking, click the button “Commit" To confirm.

Step 4: Claim token

After the sale period, you claim your MJT/KSC LP pair and wait for the platform to distribute the token sale to everyone.

The user needs to claim the tokens within the specified time. Failure to request it within the time limit will be deemed a waiver of eligibility for it.

mojitoswap launchpad claim token


So, I have finished showing you how to buy IDO on MojitoSwap Launchpad, it is also simple and similar to previous IDO platforms of other ecosystems.

KCC is an emerging ecosystem supported and supported by Kucoin exchange MojitoSwap is currently the largest DEX on it however To evaluate this IDO platform, we need to monitor more time because it is still quite new.

The cryptocurrency market has also been quite bleak recently due to the strong correction of BTC, please keep a close eye on BTC's movements in the near future to make your own investment decisions, good luck to everyone. lucky person.

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