What is Mixsome? Details about the virtual currency Mixsome


What is Mixsome?

Mixsome is the industry's leading DeFi Flow tool to assist in the development and creation of solutions Decentralized finances.

What problem does Mixsome solve?

As DeFi is evolving, it is still at an early stage in terms of technology, user experience, accessibility. Mixsome will help streamline the application of DeFi and address 3 core issues:

  • Accessibility: Using crypto and DeFi solutions remains a hurdle for regular retail customers. Negative interest rates indicate that they are looking to use their money.
  • Complication: DeFi created new token and yield rating mechanisms. With more than 100 DeFi projects and many other projects being implemented, it makes it difficult for users to invest and optimize, have an investment strategy. The scope of constant innovation means complexity is the number one problem to tackle.
  • Usability: It takes some transactions on Uniswap before you can stake tokens on Aave. After that, swap the LP token on PancakeSwap. This is a scenario that can be replicated and broken down into many similar cases.

With an extended eco of DeFi protocols, investors often experience difficulty, limited access, average rate of return, and have to transact with centralized entities if they want to invest in DeFi yields.

How does Mixsome solve that problem?

Mixsome allows customers to create and optimize DeFi strategies by mixing DeFi protocol and tokens into custom basket tokens. Clients can diversify their portfolio and DeFi:

For you to understand how to solve problems, see what they do:

  • Fiat-Crypto: Easy to use application with fiat to DeFi on-ramp. Many people have ignored DeFi because it is difficult to deposit fiat. Mixsome made it easy for anyone to exchange their fiat on Mixsome.
  • Investment flow: There are millions of possibilities to build complex financial products. Mixsome has built in processes that allow you to smoothly navigate DeFi markets and find your desired product.
  • Investment strategies: Custom, predefined, and trending DeFi strategies.
  • Data Science: AI-retested strategies yield the highest returns.
  • Risk / Reward profile: Choose a pre-built investment strategy based on different Risk / Reward profiles. Mixsome's tools allow trader and investor to find the perfect flow and determine a winning strategy.
  • Put / Call option: Automatically hold your position at a specific rate to protect it from liquidation or increase leverage based on market movement.
  • Lower cost ratio: When index-based ETFs seek to profit from a market that it aims to multiply with less fees. Mixsome allows to take advantage of lower cost ratios compared to buying DeFi tokens separately.

What is Token Mixsome?

Mixsome is governance token of the platform used in many different functions.

Basic information


Token allocation

mixsome token distribution

Token issuance schedule

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Misome Token Sale

mixsome token sale

What is Mixsome copper used for?

  • Governance: The user will make decisions about the protocol, roadmap and even the code base. They will also allocate money to ensure platform development.
  • Marketing: There will be an airdrop for Mixsome users soon to help control liquidity. These tokens will also be given to influencers, customers, and other social media accounts to enhance Mixsome's brand. Referral rewards will also be rewarded with Mixsome tokens
  • Exclusive Mixsome: Holder with enough Mixsome tokens will be joined soon in special liquidity pools and vaults. There may also be initiatives that are invited only to holders of a sufficient number of Mixsome tokens.

Evaluate the potential of Mixsome

Mixsome Team

  • William McGuire (Co-Founder): Currently working as Co-Founder Web3.Davincis and former CEO of Fund Beyond Ventures
  • Sarunas Legeckas: Years of experience as a business developer on building technology businesses. Featured on The New York Times, CNN, Irish Times. The top 100 digital challengers (NEWEUROPE100) in the CEE region of Google and the Financial Times.

Investor & Partnership

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Governance tokens allow users to make core decisions about the protocol, roadmap, various parameters, and the entire code base. These tokens can also be redeemed through treasury management because the token holder has an opportunity to allocate the money and ensure further development of the platform.

So governance token Mixsome will allow Mixsome users to make important platform decisions with the team. They will also serve as a marketing tool, increase liquidity in the platform, and build community.


Mixsome's vision is the Index COOP, which aims to create predefined and community-regulated crypto ETFs.

Furucombo and dHedge are also creating similar ETF products for the crypto and DeFi markets, backed by smart contracts:

  • dHedge Focus on individual-run metrics or funds that resemble fund-like structures. Users can follow every manager on the leaderboards and follow their win strategies
  • Furucombo allows creating individual combinations of different DeFi protocols and tokens. It simplifies many processes in the DeFi market enhancing visibility and mass adoption. And yet, Mixsome offers even more user-friendly UX, and it's even more convenient to build your own DeFi ETF.


Q1 2021

  • Fundraising
  • 3 DeFi flows launch
  • Testnet V1 Mixsome app launch

Q2 2021

  • Public Token Sale
  • Mainnet V1 Mixsome app launch
  • Integration with DEX
  • xDai blockchain integration
  • Security audit
  • Referral Mining program

Q3 2021

  • Badger, AAVE integration
  • Flash loan launch
  • V2 Mixsome app launch

Q4 2021

  • More protocols integration
  • Insurance coverage protection

Should you invest in Mixsome?

It can be seen, although the DeFi market is growing exponentially. Every project and platform should do its part in attracting more users to the world of crypto.

To ensure its sustainability and development, the project must continually attract new customers. Whether the project's growth model is consistent with what is needed to apply DeFi.

This is information obtained from the project and is not an investment advice. Or make a decision and take responsibility. Thanks!

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