What is Blockchain wallet? How to Create Blockchain Wallet AZ (Update 2020)


What is Blockchain wallet?

Blockchain - a word that is always mentioned a lot on the mass media such as newspapers, television, ... But in this article it is understood as Blockchain wallet, A wallet used for storage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar,… Most popular in the world today, quite safe and secure and also free. So today, Blogtienao will rewrite the post Instructions to Create Blockchain Wallet Latest.

Before going into the tutorial, I will repeat the salient features of Blockchain Wallet to help you know whether or not you should decide to use it! As well as analyzing the security capabilities and bugs that can lead to hacking of users.


  • Simple interface, easy to use, color easy to see, cool eyes.
  • Safe and secure, Easy backup and restore.
  • The credibility is not debatable, so be assured to use it.


  • Use on the Web, the download is a bit slow, for example when you log in it will be frozen for 2-3 seconds before showing it fully
  • Support is quite few coins, but I think it will slowly add more later.

Is Blockchain Wallet Safe?

Currently, in my opinion, it is very safe, but nothing is absolutely safe, this is a hot wallet, a wallet running on the web and also a mobile version, so the dangers are still unavoidable. , if you have an email hack, or do not activate 2FA, you may be hacked, or if your computer is infected with a virus or a keylog, your money may not fly. So safe or not is up to you, but if you want to be more secure then you should use it ledger nano s wallet. So to make sure, you:

  • Activate 2FA for Email registration of the wallet
  • Activate 2FA for the wallet login account
  • Make sure your computer or phone is free from viruses, trojans
  • Avoid unsafe websites.

Is a Bitcoin wallet a Blockchain wallet?

Initially, the blockchain wallet was created with the sole purpose of storing bitcoin, so it could be called blockchain wallet.

Later, for the purpose of development, they decided to add other types such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar ... And I believe it will expand further.

Instructions to Create Blockchain Wallet


1 Step: Enter https://login.blockchain.com/#/signup here to register for an account

Register for Blockchain Wallet
Register for Blockchain Wallet

You enter the email, password, and select the Continue icon, to continue, it will display the internal interface of Blockchain Wallet always, but before exploring, you should go to the email to check the confirmation email. registration.

Blockchain Wallet Registration Confirmation
Blockchain Wallet Registration Confirmation

Click "Yes, This is My Email" to confirm that it is your email. Do you see the line "Your Wallet ID: xxx"? That is the line for you to login to the wallet on the web, instead of filling in the email to login, you enter that line, enter the password to login.

Introduction to Blockchain Wallet Overview

Basic interface on Blockchain wallet
Basic interface on Blockchain wallet

The picture above is the basic interface of Blockchain walletAt a glance, it is easy to understand in general, but I will introduce the basic functions:

  • Control panel: Click it, it will display again as the picture above
  • Buy & Sell: this is a place where you can buy and sell, but Vietnam is not supported, so you do not need to pay attention to it.
  • Swap: is a function that helps you change from one currency to another with cheap cost.
  • Transactions: Where to view and execute transactions, as you can see, the wallet supports 4 coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar. Press each coin and it will display its trading function. Note the newly added Stellar, Blockchain is promotions if you Up Photo Seo Phi ID card successful, you will receive $ 25 Stellar there.
  • Storage: this is a link to a cold wallet for extra security.
  • Security Center: Set security for your account
  • Installation: Where to display the ID of the wallet, Connect Code to the phone when you use it on the phone, ...
Security Settings Blockchain Wallet Is very important
Security Settings Blockchain Wallet Is very important

Account Security

The first thing is that I always expect you to glide through the area Security Center, to set up email security, 2-step verification, and backup word groups. In the picture, there is a specific explanation of each important function of each one, please skim and remember Turn on Security functions up, follow the steps it recommends to complete the security function.

  • 2-Step Verification: Should use Google Authenticator (2FA), and the SMS is because it is unstable, sometimes receives SMS, sometimes should not choose the SMS.
  • Backup Words group: this is very important when you recover your account, I assume a bad day, your account is lost (lost email, lost phone)? Only with Backup Words, you can restore your account easily. This group of words has 12 different random words arranged in order of 1 - 12, you note clearly. The recovery steps I will introduce later.

So why when security and security, how to receive and send money, you look at the picture and pay attention to the "Send require " Please

Send And Receive Bitcoin

  • Request : is where you get Address BTC, ETH, BCH, XLM your. When you want to receive money, you copy the address and send it to your sender.
  • Gui : when you had virtual currencies BTC, ETH, BCH, XLM then you can send it to others by clicking on the Send item
Your Wallet Address
Your Wallet Address

As shown above, I click on "Request" it will display Bitcoin address you can Copy, or view as a QR Code, and use it to send the Bitcoin "Sender" to you. Region: Currency: Bitcoin, you can choose Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar let's see Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar addresses yours too.

The "OR" area is the place to request payment, for example in the picture below, I want to request to receive 1 BTC, pick up at Bitcoin wallet, Description, whatever you write, suitable for you and who will send you money, then click Next.

You just need to copy that link, send that link to "Sender". Note that the sender must also use the wallet in Blockchain. You try clicking on the link below it will show nothing offline.

"https://blockchain.com/btc/payment_request?address=16s9ahfmxxMqzMSw6rihtJBV588aLcqZjo&amount=1&message=Ai Có Lòng Gửi Tôi 1 Bitcoin Nhé"

Every time you do that, Bitcoin address will change, you notice in the 3 photos I posted above, the address has changed but it all belongs your account, and one address can receive money more than once, not only one address. So don't be alarmed if it changes its address.

Once you have bitcoin, if you want to send it to another person, click the "Gui"

Send Bitcoin
Send Bitcoin

Enter the receiving address, Enter the amount, and Description. The Transaction Fee section is left blank, then press continue. As shown in the picture, I send a bit to that address, but because there is no money, I can not press continue, if your wallet has enough money it will allow you to go through the next step is confirmation before sending. So has completed how to send Bitcoin already.


In the writing, Blogtienao Introduced basic features and an overview of how to use Blockchain wallet to help you understand better. This article has just been written so it is true to the fact that when you follow, in the article we introduce about bitcoin, send and receive bitcoin, you can do with bitcoin cash, ethereum, stellar exactly the same. I wish you successful investment. Particularly for the account recovery section, I will update it later.

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  1. Would you recommend the blockchain wallet over "Mycellium"? Mycelium has been around for a while and its one of the first btc wallet but it doesnt get all that popularity.

  2. Dear friend, let me ask a little, I received BTC from another address sent to, but today waiting for 1 in 6 confirmation is too long, it took half a day and still has not been 2 confirmed, so I want to contact support. blockchain how? Hope you help


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