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MetaMask advises users to turn off iCloud backup to avoid exposing wallet data

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MetaMask advises users to turn off iCloud backup to avoid exposing wallet data

MetaMask has informed users that automatic data backup in Apple mobile devices may lead to the risk of wallet hacking.

In a recent statement, Dappradar warns that “iCloud backup could be a risk factor that allows hackers to break into crypto wallets.”

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MetaMask advises its users that “You are better off turning off automatic iCloud backups to avoid exposing wallet information”.

On Sunday, MetaMask tweeted: “If you have iCloud backup enabled for your app data, this will include your MetaMask wallet data encrypted with your password. In case, if your password is not strong enough and someone gets your iCloud login, this could mean that the money in the wallet will be stolen.”

The warning comes days after a MetaMask user named Domenic Iacovone said he lost money in his wallet, estimated at $655.000, after being hacked into his iCloud account.

Turn off iCloud backup on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > Apple ID Account (shown at the top of the device).
  2. After entering your Apple ID account, click on iCloud
  3. Scroll down and select iCloud backup (or iCloud Backup).
  4. Turn off iCloud backup and select OK to complete the setup
  5. After shutting down, restart your device for iPhone to recognize the new settings

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