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Update: MVP token was up OKEx floor with the deals met MVP / BTC, MVP / ETH , and MVP / USDT, you can transfer MVP to OKEx to buy and sell.

Update 1: Merculet (MVP) I have started sending tokens back to the ETH wallets of investors, I have also received, you can immediately check your ETH wallet updated in your Tokeneed account, before June 15 they will distribute all. And another important information is MVP will be listed on OKEx floor, one of the TOP 3 exchanges in the world for trading volume.

OKEx lists MVP

Update 2: Merculet just announced that the MVP Token will be sent back to the ERC20 wallet you added in your Tokeneed account (My Profile => Withdraw Address) within 6 weeks (from the end of the ICO). As for those who deposit ETH into Tokeneed but cannot buy tokens, they can withdraw ETH (Balance section), the withdrawal request will take some time to process.

Update 3: ICO Merculet has officially ended, not yet min After the sale, MVP tokens have been bought cleanly, congratulations to those who have purchased and condolences with those who can not buy, I will continue to update the news in the near future, remember to follow. Fanpage , and Telegram channel of Virtual money blog ok

MVP token

Update 4: Currently some of you when logging into Tokeneed.com have white screen status, this situation is caused by browser cookies, you use another browser or turn on incognito when logging in, how to turn on incognito browser as follows:

  • With Chrome and CocCoc: Click Ctrl+Shift+N
  • With Firefox: Click Ctrl+Shift+P
  • For Mac OS: Click Fillet and choose "New Private Window"

Update 5: You can now add Ethereum (ETH) to your Tokeneed account and wait until the ICO is open for sale (at 20:04 p.m. on May 05) is just a purchase, to top up ETH into Tokeneed's wallet you click come in Let me see the instructions. Now open to sell Token you see at https://tokeneed.com/projdetail/vX is correct, when the countdown timer reaches 0, the ICO starts, and the Merculet official website's time is not in accordance with the Vietnamese time frame.

Update 6: Merculet has opened the registration and allowed to perform identity verification (KYC) on Tokeneed (Merculet will open this token sale), only about 10 days to open the sale, you should register an account now and perform KYC to Buy Tokens in time. Click come in down to the instructions section. (If you have any difficulties, please comment at the end of the article I will support you).

Merculet ICO is a fairly potential ICO project in the upcoming May that I myself will participate in. If you have participated in 5 very successful projects Cybermiles , and Arcblock that the Virtual Currency Blog shared not long ago should not ignore this project. This is an ICO project that Krypital Group is a partner and a direct support team in Vietnam (Krypital Group is the group that brought 2 projects Cybermiles and Arcblock to Vietnam).

The Merculet ICO is mentioned by VTC1 next to Facebook

What is a Merculet?

Merculet (MVP) is a project created with the purpose of transforming the internet providing information into an internet that provides real value to users. Merculet use Blockchain technology to transform the relationship between customers, investors, and manufacturers, providing entrepreneurs with a converged solution, allowing users around the world to make money through attention. mine. In addition, Merculet also helps businesses grow their businesses by creating a ecosystem of feedback that is mutually beneficial and redistributing a trillion-dollar economy.

Merculet ICO

ICO project information of Merculet

  • Name of project: Merculet
  • Token symbol: MVP
  • Communication: Ethereum Blockchain standard ERC-20
  • Total number of tokens: MVP
  • Softcap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 37,000 ETH
  • Accept payment: Ethereum (ETH) and Cybermiles (CMT)
  • Country is limited: China, USA
  • Identity Verification (KYC): Obligatory
  • Time to pay tokens: After the end of the ICO, 6 weeks later will return tokens to ERC20 wallet
  • Opening time for selling ICO:
    • Private-sale: (Finished)
      • Time: From April 05 to April 04, 17
      • Token price: 1ETH = 87.500 MVP (Lock for 5 months, open 20% / month)
      • Minimum purchase amount: 150ETH
      • Maximum purchase amount: 1000ETH
      • Hardcap: 21.000ETH
      • KYC: Obligatory
    • Public Sale: (Upcoming)
      • Time: From 04/05 come 09/05/2018 (8:00 AM CST, 8:00 PM UTC + 7 on the same day)
      • Token price: 1ETH = 70.000 MVP (No Token locked)
      • Minimum purchase amount: 0.1ETH
      • Maximum purchase amount: 5ETH
      • Hardcap: 16.000 ETH
      • KYC: Obligatory

ICO Merculet project information

How are MVP tokens distributed?

quantity MVP token which the founding team and the board still hold will be locked for 24 months. Each quarter (3 months) will unlock 1 / 8th of the tokens. Total MVP Token for platform development fund will use:

  • Open content platform (Open Content Platform): From Q3 2018 and for 4 years
  • Attention Ecology: From Q2 2018 and for 4 years
  • Global community of developers and volunteers: From Q4 2018 and for 2 years
  • Nourish the ecosystem
  • The platform operates every day

Token MVP allocated

Technological ideas of the Merculet ICO project

Information technology was born, updating and exchanging news became more and more essential. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram surpass other information channels to become the dominant information market in the era of technology 4.0. We update information, post statuses, share photos and information to our friends through these social networking sites. What we don't know, however, is that these social networks "rob" us of our own data resources. We provide information for free, and third parties or information empires will use them to generate huge profits, the technology industry worth trillions of dollars.

And the Merculet project was created to provide value to the users of those social networks. Each of the like, share and comment buttons, interaction or Merculet called the "attention" of the users on the network will be calculated in the MVP currency of Merculet. By blockchain technology and other technologies, Merculet helps users regain values ​​from the data they give.

What is the project solution Merculet offers?

Merculet Attention Value Network: This network connects demand, supply and attention of users through an open protocol, thereby promoting the value of the Internet. On the one hand, this network will provide diverse solutions to track user activity. On the other hand, provide users and businesses with perspectives on existing public chain projects, thereby developing a value cycle.

In this network, there will be 3 core components:

  • User Attention Value (UAV) evaluation system: User Attention Value rating system
  • Attention Incentive system: UAT (User Attention Token): is a token designed specifically for business people, helping them to easily combine and exchange value with each other.
  • Open Content Platform: Built based on its own consensus algorithm and can be used with tokens, and this platform will be able to encourage users to actively participate, contribute and ecosystem.

Merculet MVP token:

  • Helping entrepreneurs will be able to carry out many businesses such as online advertising, content registration and sales. MVP will continue to support the development of these business models and continually improve their ecological values
  • MVP tokens will also become rewards for user attention.
  • Tokens are meant to encourage efforts to build an open content platform, such as rewarding translators
  • Tokens reward producers of high quality content.


  • There are limited quantities
  • Can be applied on services and businesses
  • There is a wide segment of users
  • MVP is a Merculet token, used throughout the system and used by many holders: entrepreneurs, users, content contributors and advertisers (advertisers)

The development roadmap of the Merculet project

It takes 2 years to complete the entire project, but looking at the development roadmap we see a lot of test versions proving that they also have preparation and anticipation of problems that arise in The future can happen and fix the error accordingly. Time and content development in the roadmap is quite clear you can translate by yourself.

Roadmap Merculet

Merculet's development team and advisors

1. The main development team of the Merculet project

  • Mengjun (Ivan) Jiang also known as "China's Reid Hoffman" for his outstanding work in Silicon Valley. He works for companies like HP, SAP and works with well-known global brands like Alibaba and NetEase.
  • Jerry Gao, CPO, has more than 10 years of UI / UE and mobile product experience. He is in charge of E-commerce and DMP systems for P&G and Shanghai General Motor. He is an advisor to Data Solutions of Vivaki Data Systems and the Head of Ad Exchange for the system. He has extensive knowledge of advertising, marketing and e-commerce.
  • Stanley Hu, a partner, is one of the earliest founders of the "Social Media Index" in China and is the chief leader of third-party data analysis and monitoring company, Sizmek China. He also founded Blossom Trading as one of the first international e-commerce companies in China. Ho helped Japan Nikkei Group and JTB, Japan's largest travel agent, successfully entered the Chinese market.

Team Merculet2. Merculet's advisory team

  • Shou Cheng Zhang: Founding Chairman of DanHua Capital Investment Group has a solid investment capital. Mr. Zhang is a professor at Stanford University and a genius in quantum physics.
  • Shen Bo: Founders of Fenbushi Capital and BitShares. FenBushi Capital has a trio of people including Vitalik Buterin. Fenbushi has invested in many famous and successful projects including: Circle, Factom, Sia, TenX, VeChain, Zcash.
  • Roger lim: Is the director of Qlink Fund. Acting as an advisor for projects including: Bluezelle, CoinFi, SelfKey.

Advisor of Merculet

3. Merculet's strategic partner

Partner list Merculet Including the following companies:

  • ELEX, a company specializing in publishing foreign video games for many years
  • Newborntown, have years of experience in advertising, writing apps.
  • Zhuishushenqi : has huge user data both at home and abroad. These applications include about four to five hundred million users.
  • Magicwindows : 1 large enterprise in the content distribution industry.

Merculet partner

See more information about Merculet's ICO project

Guide to invest in Merculet's ICO project by purchasing Token MVP Token

Instruction to register an account to buy MVP tokens on Tokeneed

Merculet will not sell MVP tokens directly on their website but will open sale on the site Tokeneed so you need to register for an account and perform identity verification (KYC) [required conditions for participating in the ICO]. Here I will guide you to register by Email, in addition, you can register by phone number if you want:

Step 1: First you visit here https://tokeneed.com/ (If you register by this link you will receive an additional 2% Bonus. If you register yourself, you will not receive) and enter Email then click "Send"To receive the code:

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 1
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 1

Step 2: You will see an email with Tokeneed sending a 6-digit code to you now copy this code to step 3.

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 2
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 2

Step 3: Enter the 6-digit code above in the “Email Verification Code” field and the information below:

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 3
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 3
  • Set login password: Enter your password
  • Confirm login password: Retype the password above
  • Set Transaction password: Password when trading, you can enter different password above or the same (bothNote: this is an important password to use when buying tokens, you must remember)
  • Confirm transaction password: Retype the password above
  • Click on "I agree to…."
  • Finally choose "Sign Up"

Step 4: So you have registered, now click "Update Now"To add personal information

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 4
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 4

Step 5: You enter the username (username) and click "Done”Is done.

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 5
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 5

Step 6: Now you need to add ETH wallet (ERC-20) to receive Token later, this wallet can be used MyEtherWallet (MEW), Metamask or ImToken. Usually I use MEW wallet. Click on "Withdraw address"Then click"Add One Now".

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 6
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 6

Step 7: Enter your ETH wallet address and select “Send"To receive the code to the mail (same as step 1 when registering), then go to the email to get the 6-digit code entered below and press"Submit”Is done.

Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 7
Sign up for a Tokeneed account. Photo 7

Guidelines for identity verification (KYC) for Tokeneed accounts

To participate ICO of Merculet or any future projects on Tokeneed you need identity verification (KYC), you can use your identity card or passport, below I will guide you with ID, before KYC you prepare yourself 3 photos:

  1. Photo of the front of the ID card
  2. Photo of the back of the ID card
  3. Selfies with your face, can also hold your ID card

Attention: Clear photos should not be blurred. Ok, now you select "KYC Authentication"And select"ID”Then enter the following information:

  • Last Name: Enter your "Last Name"
  • First Name: Enter your Name
  • Choose gender Male (male) or Female (female)
  • Selected country "Vietnam"
  • ID Number: Enter your ID number
  • Identity Card - Front Card: Click “Upload” and upload the front photo of ID card
  • Identity Card - Back Card: Click on “Upload” and upload the photo on the back of ID card
  • Selfie With Photo ID: Click on “Upload” and upload a selfie with your face

KYC Merculet

Finally click "Confirm"To complete, Tokeneed will now send you an Email (if you use phone number, it will be sent via SMS)"Your KYC application has been submitted and please allow a few days for us to review it. You well get notification when result comes.That means they need to review the documents you upload and will send email notifications when the results are available. As I wait for about 2,3 days, if successful, there will be a notice sent to you and my account will appear like this.

KYC succeeded

Instruction to buy tokens when Merculet opens an official ICO sale

Day 04/05 This Merculet will officially open for sale of ICO, I will update the buying guide as soon as they open sale, first you just register for an account and conduct KYC done, followed by preparation of Ethereum (ETH), if If you don't have ETH, you can watch it guide to buy ETH This, then load ETH into Tokeneed's wallet and wait until Merculet to open for sale. I will do the detailed instructions later.

To load ETH into Tokeneed you do the following: Access your Tokeneed account => select "My Banlance"=> Select"Deposit Address"=> Below you will see Tokeneed's ETH wallet address, you transfer ETH to this wallet address offline.

Deposit ETH into Tokeneed

About a few minutes later, you will receive a Tokeneed notification via Email or SMS that your account has been successfully loaded with ETH.

Remember to watch it Fanpage , and Telegram Blog of virtual money to update as soon as possible offline.


Above is the article "[ICO Review] What is Merculet? Potential ICO investment project for sale Token MVP in MayHope to help you with more useful information and general reviews ICO project this of Merculet Coin. This is an extremely potential ICO project Virtual money blog Highly appreciated, moreover, this is a pure ICO, not MLM, you determine that you will invest in the long term, instead of eating like the MLM ICO projects.

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Recommendation: All content in "ICO investment”Belongs to the content of the press release. Investors should be cautious before engaging in investment or taking any action in relation to the advertised company. Virtual money blog No liability is accepted for any loss or damage related to the use or belief in the content mentioned in the article.

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