What is a masternode? Instructions to find the best masternode


Currently, there are many ways to invest and own cryptocurrency cryptocurrency, the fastest possible way is to buy directly from reputable exchanges like vicuta, remi, ... In addition, you can also buy Virtual money miners: like bitcoin miners, ethereum miners, ... to mine cryptocurrencies, own them and sell them when they see the price. To mine a coin, you have to use specialized machines with powerful hardware to solve relatively difficult algorithms that require powerful supercomputers. However, you can also invest as a masternode for mining, so what is a masternode? Let's join Blogtienao to learn about masternodes and how to find out the coins with the best masternodes.

What is masternode
What is masternode

What is a masternode?

It can be understood simply that a server server performs certain tasks, some service functions for a coin on that coin's blockchain. Currently the most popular is the Proof of Work form, which takes a lot of power resources, greatly affecting the energy environment, so with the advent of the masternode will help improve this problem, help keep safety. , system security and help transactions take place more quickly and conveniently.

Anyone can own a masternode, because this is actually an investment array and this is also an area that is encouraged to invest if you intend to learn more about the cryptocurrency mining segment. For example, if a Block Dash block is mined, 1% will be awarded to miners, 45% will be rewarded to masternodes, and the remaining 45% will be for developers to develop Dash projects.

However, owning a masternode requires high combat experience with a large amount of capital, such as DASH, to create a Dash masternode, you must own 1 DASH, and not sell or use that DASH. If you accidentally use that DASH, the masternode will turn off and of course your reward will be lost. (Like bank savings, if you withdraw it before maturity, there will be no interest). Usually, masternode will be hosted on cloud vps, or cloud dedicated servers like vultr, amazon, ...

As noted above, Dash was the first cryptocurrency to encourage users to store money with the idea of ​​Masternode (MN). The operation of Masternode (MN) enables transaction authentication almost instantly (instantpay) and provides privacy for transactions on the network. Super-fast transactions take only 1 second to be valid, and its use with cryptocurrencies is very potential in the future. Unlike Bitcoin and many other coins that use a Proof of work (POW) mechanism, Dash MN holders receive financial compensation for their service. With high demand, the number of Dash MNs has increased dramatically from the last 1000 MNs in 2014 and more than 3500 MNs today.

What is masternode
What is masternode


MN's profit margin declines as more and more nodes join the system, but it is offset by the coin's continuous added value. In POW mining the difficulty level increases but the cost does not change much. A lot of people can buy machines to dig. At the moment, the value of a Masternode Dash is about $ 215.000 (quite large if anyone wants to invest). But I also can not calculate when actually more and more MNs appear while the price is no longer increasing but decreasing, so you must have a very careful and proper strategy when investing.


Last year, when the coin price increased, many people formed a masternode association and many people increased their assets rapidly x10 x20, but from the beginning of 2018 until now, the coin is decreasing, everything goes down, including MN, Investing in MN is also very risky, and requires some experience, the following is your experience from FB Phan Tri, she has a lot of valuable experience with MN: Lending bitcointalk, masternode.online, masternode. pro, mntop, mnrank are generally all forums

  1. Check out the names of the dev teams, make sure to use linkedin to search for information, if the developers are famous, you definitely won't be afraid to show their names. As for the 'newbie' account you have just created, you should avoid it.

2. Join the discord and telegram channels to see if the support team is working, how much the community is, how active the activity is, and if not, how to avoid it.

3. Check the Roadmap, see if the coin and team are on the right route, if not in the roadmap or jobs of Q1 that only Q2 Q3 should be avoided (because most even dev also frustrated, let alone investors, I throw in there only lose all)

4. Read White Paper, see if it elaborates every word or not, if the doctor sells oranges just copy the White Paper or write it over, And the project is applicable or not and if not, it should be avoided.

5. Check out its website, check tranffic website on alexa or similarweb and feel bad, you should avoid

6. Calculate the amount of premine, see what it plans to do with the pile. If the premine is too high, there is no specific plan, then press the dodge button. Remember to check the dev's wallet again and again, lest they run away to get people.

7. Calculate the% distribution rewards for masternode, miner, dev team, including the POS part is reasonable or not -> the reward for the masternode that is too high is next, the first rewarding trend is BLTG, except for that child. I have not seen any other animals can eat.

8. If the coin is not on the floor and is required to dig, then you can calculate how long is enough 1 node as follows:
[(Coin generated in 1 day x your device's hashrate) / total amount of nethash of coins] *% reward for miner = number of coins you scratched in 1 day
Calculate the ROI at the time you accumulate 1 node:
(Coin spawn 1 in 1 day *% reward masternode) / total number of nodes at that time
The total node at that time, you estimated according to the explorer and the amount of coins generated in 1 day

9. You must know that at the moment a coin wants to be strong, the dev must have power, at least 1 bits. And some developers sell nodes to collect btc to list the floor then next go, bit to list on the floor, if there is no, then where to hook the bit to hit coin? Either sell or hide or list up for farmers to play with each other, dev enjoy

10. Stay away from all pink coins on masternode.online
At the current market, if we check all the above factors, then 1000 units should be 1 or 2 units.

Confidence and Conclusion

Choosing a good coin is not sure to eat, or even lose if your mentality is not solid, only I advise you not to greed, greed is deep. Feeling profitable, then release the node and latch immediately. If you like that project, have confidence, keep the social node reward to cover the original capital & electricity you spent.

I have seen many 'great falls' so now I am very scared, an old man hugging nearly a hundred coin node xxx node prices sometimes up to $ 30k decided to keep no one coin, now 1 node has 1k $.

There is an old man who can eat vietlot, 1 day reward 1 node if sold is more than 3 bits, he said: he doesn't care about the price, he likes this coin, so building up to frequency, the amount of coin he holds is more than the dev . Now he must be taking down the dev to replace ...


According to FB Tri Phan and Masternode.Online
Translated by Blogtienao.com

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