Low Cap coin / token list for 2021 can be considered for investment


Before going into specific articles in the field Electronic money investmentWe will have a few arguments evaluating how a coin is Low Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap Please. And of course this is just ad's personal thought, for other nobles may be different, so this information is for reference only.

Money Flow in Crypto

Low Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap

  1. Market Cap: this is a parameter that tells how much capitalization that coin is
  2. 24h Volume: This parameter is about trading volume for 24h

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Sometimes a coin is changing, the transaction volume suddenly soars, even up to $ 100 million in 24 hours, it is not sure if it is a top coin. So let's go into finding out more.

ALTTOP - Large Cap

Those are the coins that emerged from the first major uptrend in December 12. Then the top 2017 will default to the coin top. By 10, this criterion needs to update a little more. An alttop would have to have:

  • Marketcap to (typically over $ 1 billion)
  • 24h Volume to (usually> 100 million $ 24h)

That does not mean that some dong has a big marketcap is alttop, for example FIL, CEL at the time of writing, mkt cap ~ 1 billion, but 1h vol is only $ 24 million. 

Or BAND has 24h vol up to $ 200 million, but not alttop. We have to consider when it normally has no variables. For example, ZEC is 1 alttop, bt has 24 vol of $ 200 million, currently vol it up to 1 billion USD / 24h.


As ad coins it is under 1 billion USD and over 100 million $ and 24h vol is also about tens of millions USD. For example: WAVES, THETA, OMG, ...


Are coins under $ 50 million, small vol 24h, sometimes only a few hundred k USD in 24 hours. The easiest to see can be coins <10 million $ marketcap - dc called low cap, small vol, easy to push.

 For example: ALPHA, XVS, AST are all lowcap. As Alpha, initially ~ $ 3-5 million, x9 up is still $ 30 million, still called lowcap, can still be pushed to $ 60 million is normal.


Depending on different investment conditions, that can allocate capital differently, and set different goals. Coast 2021 is very close, we can take a little bit more risk, let's give it a try.

There are some of you who still do not understand the concept of new coin, old coin. Ad explains to you guys (personal experience).

You often think that new tokens are new coins, for example CTK, INJ, HARD ... That's right, it's a new token, and the new token is easier to push -> the more true, because the new token has no people. swing so easier to push ...

But in ad experience, the new token includes tokens in 2020 and 2019 as well. Because there are tokens that have been pushed, but not yet pushed to the roof. For example: XEM is a mid cap coin - top coin - x1000 times, before XXX it also floating SML.

And the important thing is, those coins usually come out for a long time to be pushed, for example XEM is finished and it is almost 2 years to push. Before that, there are also waves of large form x2 x3.

So, if you consider new coins, you should consider some old coins from 1 to 2019. A token, when launched, sometimes the code team takes 2020-1 years to create an ecosystem, it is all right. multiply 2-1 times.

And that is the reason for this post with the topic LOTTERY - MAKE HOLDER LOCK UP. You try the following steps:

  • B1: Prepare $ 500-1000 (for choosing 5-10 coins)
  • B2: Register a new tk binance (dk support BTA: https://accounts.binance.com/vn/register?ref=11885538)
  • B3: choose for yourself 5-10-20 coin launched from 2019 up to now, 5 newest coin and 5 coin "older than ugly"
  • B4: Each kumquat is $ 100
  • B5: delete the app, do not look at that tk until the day BTA urgently announces x20 x30 x50, pulls the tk out. Forget about what coin to whip as always possible.
  • B6: If you lose, then 1000 $ will be divided by 2 divided by 3. If 1000 $ can be multiplied by 10, 20, 30, go back to shore whether tk or another trade wins or loses.

And below is a table of coin listings, marketcap can change, even many coins can be from low cap to mid cap. Therefore, by 2021, you will re-evaluate yourself every time!

Update 02/2021: The list below is subject to change, admin has not updated the entry yet as well as the list of new coins.

Coin name Market Cap Target Basic information
RIGHT tO HAKKA MarketCap 500M https://blogtienao.com/hakka-finance-coin/
INJ INJ MarketCap 150M https://blogtienao.com/injective-protocol-inj/
Xvs XVS MarketCap 120M https://blogtienao.com/venus-xvs-coin/
EASY EASY MarketCap 120M Not yet
UNFI UNFI MarketCap 100M https://blogtienao.com/unfi-coin/
HARD HARD MarketCap 120M https://blogtienao.com/hard-coin/
CAKE CAKE MarketCap 200M https://blogtienao.com/pancakeswap/
FRONT FRONT MarketCap 80M Not yet written
ROSE ROSE MarketCap 500M https://blogtienao.com/oasis-network-rose-coin/
AUDIO AUDIO MarketCap 100M https://blogtienao.com/audius-audio-coin/
CTK CTK MarketCap 200M https://blogtienao.com/certik-ctk-coin/
AXS AXS MarketCap 120M https://blogtienao.com/axie-infinity-axs-coin/
OGN OGN MarketCap 150M https://blogtienao.com/ogn-origin-protocol-la-gi/
Aergo AERGO MarketCap 120M Not yet written
BOT BOT MarketCap 70M Not yet written
DAY DIA MarketCap 180M Not yet written
SLP SLP MarketCap 50M Not yet written
KP3R KP3R MarketCap 350M Not yet written
FOR FOR MarketCap 150M https://blogtienao.com/for-coin/


The future cannot be foreseen, therefore rich and poor have numbers, just hope you guys apply this way and can return to the shore, profit is ADVERTISEMENT very happy. In addition to the coins mentioned above, there are also many children that I hate and swing a little SRM, SOL, RSR, SUSHI, FIL, NEAR, CRV, OM, BEL, WING, FLM, SAND, ... still has great potential. Wish you luck.

Source: Hen Vai - BTA CLOSE FRIENDS group

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