A list of crypto and project resource research sites


A list of crypto and project resource research sites

In traditional stock markets, analysts and researchers have access to official tools such as Bloomberg Terminal, Factset or SNL Financial to easily find and research the information they need. .

However, in the electronics market, research tools are distributed in a distributed way, with no specific homogeneity, making it difficult to search.

As researchers and analysts in the crypto industry, we find that many reports or analyzes on a variety of interesting topics are often published without providing sources of information. in the writing.

In an area where the slogan "Do your own research (DYOR)" is repeated over and over again, it is surprising that many people are extremely protective of their data sources.

Whether you are an investor, journalist or a crypto enthusiast, you should spend a little time searching for tools and spend a lot of time using them. That is why we compile a list of resources and tools that we find valuable in our research.


  • 1ML: A Lightning Network analysis and search platform
  • All-Time Bitcoin Price Chart: Provides a comprehensive Bitcoin price history, from the beginning to the present
  • Anduck: Bitcoin fees and transactions graph, provide a picture of current fees and transactions on Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Charts: Provides a chart for two metrics including the Never Look Back Price and the Power Law Corridor
  • Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator: Provides calculations and estimates of changes in difficulty when mining Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Futures Premium data: Bitcoin Futures market analysis; includes analysis of market share, premiums, open interest, volume - for oshore, listed exchanges, cash settlement and deliverable.
  • Bitcoin HODL Waves: realcap weighted: Provides a visualization of Bitcoin HODL Waves calculated according to actual limits
  • Bitcoin KPIs: Provides charts and data about various Bitcoin data points including security, block space, and privacy
  • Bitcoin Network Graphs: Provides detailed graphs of the Bitcoin network's hashrate, difficulty, computation speed and block versions
  • Bitcoin Visuals: Provides data visualization for Bitcoin blockchain, Lightning Network and Bitcoin markets
  • Bitcoin Optech Dashboard: provide data (Batching, consolidation, RBF Signaling, ...) of the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Bitcoin Trade Volume: provides Bitcoin trading volume for 10 exchanges defined by Bitwise Investments
  • Bitcoin charts: Provide financial and technical data related to the Bitcoin network
  • Bitmex XBTUSD Open Interest and Open Value: Provide XBT Open Rate, Open Value and Bitcoin Volume on BitMEX
  • Bitnodes: Provides a map of all accessible nodes on the Bitcoin network
  • Bitaps: is a Bitcoin block explorer with address distribution
  • Blockchain: is a Bitcoin blockchain discovery tool, providing statistics, charts, download data and Bitcoin APIs
  • Blockstream.info: Is a Bitcoin Blockchain and Liquid Sidechain explorer
  • Casa Lightning Explorer: Is a Lightning Network explorer
  • Clark Moody BitcoinProvides data on Bitcoin's rising rates based on P2P trading activity and bitcoin price from major futures trading platforms
  • Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index: Provides real-time estimate of the total electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network
  • Chainalysis Market Intel: provides Bitcoin data including transaction cash flow, balance, transaction intensity and illegal fund activity
  • Coin Dance: Provides data on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash volumes, demographics (provided by Google Analytics) and reception
  • Corn.lol: Provide market orders and liquidity data of Bitcoin
  • Coinoptionstrack: Provide data options (options) Bitcoin; includes option preference, volume and available options
  • Datamish: Collect Bitcoin market data (liquidation, short sale, buy, sell, price) from Bitfinex
  • Digitalik: Provides live charting of popular on-chain analytics for Bitcoin and Litecoin; include stock-to-flow model, unused outputs, coins inactive and power law oscillator
  • Fork.lol: Provides data comparing miner rewards, blocks found, transactions, hashrate, and security for Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash blockchain
  • Hashrate Index: Allows miners to calculate their mining revenue per TH and profit
  • How Many Confs: Compares the security of different PoW blockchains with Bitcoin, measures the level of security equivalent to 6 Bitcoin confirmations
  • Johoe's Bitcoin Mempool Statistics: Provides data for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin mempools (Unconfirmed transactions, transaction fees, mempool sizes)
  • KYCP: A Bitcoin privacy explorer, which helps users measure the privacy of their transactions
  • Liquid Assets: Provides new issue data on Bitcoin Liquid sidechain
  • Ln.bigsun.xyz: Provides Lightning Network data and graphs
  • Look Into Bitcoin: Provides charts and live information by analyzing the market cycle and on-chain
  • Luke Jr's Bitcoin Node Script: Provides visualization of all full nodes on the Bitcoin network
  • Mayer Multiple: Multiple of the current Bitcoin price relative to the 200-day MA
  • Mempool Observer: A real-time Bitcoin mempool visualization tool
  • Mempool.Space: The website that statistics and displays Bitcoin blockchain in real time
  • OP_RETURN: Provide data on transaction outputs and number of OP_RETURN for Bitcoin
  • outputs.today: Track the average daily Bitcoin outputs
  • OXT: A Bitcoin blockchain explorer, providing statistics about Bitcoin (volume, UTXO, application of Segwit, ...) and charting tools
  • Rekto: BitMEX liquidity monitor
  • Quandl (Bchain): Provide historical data and statistics from the Bitcoin blockchain; includes the number of wallets, transaction volume and trading accounts
  • SatoshiBlocks: Provides timestamp data about Bitcoin blocks that can be mined by Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Statoshi.info: Provides real-time Bitcoin node statistics (Bandwidth usage, block, fee estimate, mempool, mining)
  • The Bitcoin Price Map: provide a view of the global Bitcoin price
  • The Bitcoin Volatility Index: Track price movement of Bitcoin and Litecoin (in USD) over different time periods (30 days, 60 days, 120 days, 252 days)
  • Transactionfee.info: provides data about Bitcoin transactions and payments per day
  • txstats: Provides statistics on Bitcoin transaction types; including Bech32, P2SH and OP_Return
  • UsefulTulips: Provides charts and live data on USD trading volume on LocalBitcoins and Paxful
  • Vol Monitor: Provide charts and data on Bitcoin volatility using FTX's MOVE contracts
  • WalletExplorer.com: A Bitcoin blockchain explorer, providing information about public wallets owned by exchanges, groups, and other Bitcoin services
  • WHALEMAP: Provide charts related to Bitcoin; including unused Bitcoin, hold volume changes and large transactions
  • WooBull: Provides graphs of Bitcoin investment rate, economic properties and network properties


  • 0x Tracker: Provides data on 0x Relayers
  • Aave-WATCH: Provides data for the Aave protocol, including flash loans.
  • ABITopic: provide Ethereum events topic0, a functional selector, and interact with either addressable or ABI contracts
  • Alethio: Data provision on the Ethereum blockchain; including DeFi (MakerDao, Uniswap, Augur, Compound), DEX volume, miner payout and Ethereum contract announcement
  • APY.vision: Helps track the position of liquidity pools
  • Bloxy: Provide data and analysis tools on many types of ERC tokens (ERC-20, ERC721, ERC-223, ERC-827, nonfungibles, decentralized exchanges, ...)
  • BTC on Ethereum: Synthesize information about important BTC sources encrypted on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Compound Lending Rates: Provide loan interest rate history of Compound Protocol
  • Curious Girae: Provides analysis of Ethereum projects
  • dai.stablecoin.science: Show DAI price history
  • Dai Stats: Provides data on MKR and DAI
  • DAO Metrics: Track and rank Decentralized Autonomous Organization projects based on locked value
  • DappRadar: Provides data (volume, DAU, ...) on decentralized applications built on top of Ethereum
  • Debank: Provides data on DeFi interest rate and total locked value
  • Deep DAO: Provide DAO statistics
  • DeFi Explore: Provide information about vault on MakerDAO
  • DeFi Score: Dashboard Ethereum, tracks interest rates on loans DeFi
  • DeFi.ai: Data analysis tool for DeFi projects; Includes stablecoin and staking
  • DEX Tools: A dedicated charting tool for decentralized exchanges
  • Defi Llama: Statistics of total locked value of DeFi projects
  • DeFi Market Cap: Provides market capitalization of top 100 DeFi tokens
  • Defiscan: Provide a snapshot record of the holdings of Compound Finance, Uniswap and Spankchain addresses
  • Dune Analytics: Provide Ethereum smart contract data
  • ETH Balance Graph: Graph showing historical ETH balance of an Ethereum address
  • ETH Dashboard: A dashboard showing useful statistics and charts; including MakerDAO, Gas price and Compound
  • ETHDecoder: Decode Ethereum transactions
  • EthHub: Center for Ethereum research and resources
  • Etherscan: An Ethereum blockchain explorer; provides Ethereum stats, charts, data downloads and APIs
  • Ethernodes.org: An Ethereum blockchain explorer
  • Etherchain: An Ethereum blockchain explorer and blockchain data provider
  • EthStats.net: Provide data (block time, difficulty, block propagation, ...) on the Ethereum blockchain
  • EthStats.io: Ethereum blockchain analysis and discovery platform
  • ETHTECTIVE: A transactional explorer and Ethereum blockchain
  • EthView: provide data on ETH balance, ERC20 balance, MakerDao CDP information, contribution of Uniswap liquidity pools, Compound Finance loan & loan for each specific address
  • GAS NOW: Gas price forecast tool based on SparkPool's pending transaction mempool
  • Loanscan: An Ethereum loan explorer, tracking DeFi loans
  • Maker Governance Dashboard: Provide data about MakerDAO admin
  • Makerburn: Provides real-time data on burning MKR, added to MakerDAO data
  • NonFungible: Data tool and market discovery of non-fungible tokens (CryptoKitties, Decentraland, ...)
  • Oracles.club: Provides data on oracles on-chain
  • Polish: A third-party application for interacting with Uniswap liquidity pools
  • Pools.Vision: Provide a statistical overview of the different Balancer pools
  • Predictions.Global: Provides information about the Augur market
  • SANbase: Provides data on ETH treasury balance and user sentiment trends on social networks
  • Spells.fyi: Allows users to review upcoming changes to the Ethereum platform; includes MakerDAO, dYdX and Compound
  • State of the dApps: Track decentralized apps built on Ethereum and dApp statistics
  • TokenData: Provides performance and token sales of the ICO
  • TokenSets Visualization: Provide a burning chart of tokens
  • Unistats: Provides a history of Uniswap transactions accrued by liquidity providers
  • Uniswap ROI: Help users analyze their investments in Uniswap and find liquidity pools
  • Uniswap.info: Data provision on Uniswap
  • Uniswap Vision: Provides valuation charts of Uniswap assets
  • ZenGo Ethereum TxPool: Provide an image of the Ethereum pool transaction
  • ZumZoom: Provides data about Bancor and Uniswap liquidity pools


  • block Chair: Provide a search engine that focuses on cryptocurrencies, analytics and visualization tools
  • Bitcoinflow: Order flow visualizer for Deribit Bitcoin and Ethereum options. With this tool, you can see how entities position themselves for current or future price action in real time; includes price chart of option contract, live orderbook, last transaction and statistics
  • BitInfoChartsProvides price, reward, difficulty, hashrate, market cap, blocktime, block number of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum
  • By: An information platform & cryptocurrency futures trading. Where you can find Bitcoin liquidity data and Bitcoin Long-Short rate
  • ByteTree: Provides real-time network data for major Proof-of-Work chains like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
  • Coin ATM Radar: Provide data about electronic money ATMs
  • Coinalyze: Provides real-time price charts on cryptocurrencies and futures platforms; Includes open interest, liquidity and funding rate
  • Coinfarm: Provide transaction data for exchanges; including BitMEX, Binance and Bitfinex
  • Coin Metrics: Provides data download and charting tools for many cryptocurrencies
  • Coinpaprika: Provides data on cryptocurrencies and exchanges. The platform allows users to analyze groups of developers who are responsible for a given coin, price history, charts, as well as GitHub progress.
  • Coin360: Provides a visualization of the market cap and price volatility for cryptocurrencies
  • CoinGecko: Provides cryptocurrency charts and exchange data
  • Coinlib: Provides cryptocurrency charts and exchange statistics
  • CoinMarketCap: Provides cryptocurrency charts and APIs
  • Crypto Fear & Greed Index: Analyze emotions and emotions from different sources to create a “Fear & Greed” index for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Fees: Estimated transaction fees generated from different crypto projects
  • Crypto51: Track and calculate the cost of 51% attacks for Proof-of-Work blockchains
  • CryptoCompare: Provides data on mining returns, asset distribution, mining difficulty, hashrate and transaction value outside of API
  • CryptoMiso: Provides GitHub statistics (followers, recent updates, etc.) about crypto projects
  • CryptoPanic: General news page about electronic money
  • CryptoWatch: Provide real-time electronic money transaction data
  • DeFi Pulse: Track key decentralized financial projects and protocols, based on the amount of locked value
  • Deribit Options Scanner: Dashboard of options on Deribit
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