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Landscape ecosystem Avalanche 32rd week

Hello everyone, we are ending another week of August 8. Now let's take a look at the Avalanche ecosystem in the past week, what outstanding events have happened in the past week and along with that, make a few comments. in the near future. Information and graphics in the article are referenced from Avaxholic – The #1 source of information about the Avalanche ecosystem.

Overview of the ecosystem in week 32

Important events

  • We will start with the first event that the Avax token has been listed on the Robinhood exchange. For those who do not know about Robinhood exchange is a financial technology company (Fintech) established in April 4 in the US. The company provides a service platform for websites and mobile applications that allow users to invest and trade stocks, ETFs, and recently listed crypto assets. Robinhood is known by users for its outstanding feature of no transaction fees, thereby enabling retail investors to easily access the financial market. Thereby Avax can also reach many other customer files from the traditional environment. Read more here.
  • Core wallet developed by Ava labs has announced an upgrade and update to integrate the Ethereum chain and those that support EVM. With this upgrade, Core puts users firmly in control of all your cross-chain assets and makes it easy to access your favorite dApps across different chains. All in a single intuitive and easy to use interface. Read more at here
  • CurateDAO has launched on the Avalanche network. CurateDAO acts like a Pinterest app which means that users of the protocol will gather documents and data, then post them on the protocol and then get rewarded with AVAX tokens when other users find them useful.Read more at here
  • Hubble Exchange launches futures on Avalanche, enabling users to unlock capital efficiency and collateral flexibility. The exchange allows users to mortgage a variety of assets to be able to trade futures contracts. Users can also collateralize assets while providing liquidity. They can also provide liquidity on leverage (up to 5x) and earn trading fees based on leveraged liquidity. That opens up many options for users to use the platform. Read more at here
  • Avalanche Hacks event has started this week, let's take a look at the sponsors for this event. The first is CertiK, which is a pioneer in blockchain security, using formal verification and AI technology to provide end-to-end security for blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications. The second is QuickNod, which makes it easy for anyone to launch nodes and build blockchain applications. Next is ROK Capital, which provides market access and market advisory services to clients who want to effectively penetrate the Korean market. Besides, there are other prominent names such as: C² Ventures, ATTA, The Graph. Read more at here

Notable numbers

  • Defi Kingdoms subnets hit 1 million transactions in a single day this past week. Although only launched the subnet on March 30, 3, the DFK chain has already shown many outstanding developments. With 2022 million daily transactions, it has surpassed many other layer-1 blockchains currently on the market. From there, we see the potential development of the subnet when helping projects that can upgrade the network and operate strongly, thereby attracting more users. Read more at here

  • Avalanche also just hit a memorable milestone with 1.5 million transactions done in a day. In which Defi Kingdoms subnet contributed the largest with 1.1 million transactions and followed by Avalanche C-Chain and Crabada's Swimmer Network. Avalanche set a new high in just 3 months from May 5. Despite the bad market, the network is still showing great growth. Read more at here

  • Avalanche is in the top of the blockchains that use the least energy. The two chains that are using Proof-of-Work, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are consuming the most energy with an index of 89,000 GWh and 17,000 GWh, respectively. Compared with Layer-1 Blockchains using Proof-of-Stake mechanism, the energy consumption is much lower. Typically, Avalanche uses only 0.5 GWh on average. Polkadot and Tezos are reported to use as little as 0.1 GWh. That shows the importance of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that both reduces energy consumption significantly and the network performance is better than Proof-of-Work.

New projects

This week, the Avalanche ecosystem welcomes some new faces from many different fields, let's explore what these projects are:

  • CurateDAO is a community-managed blockchain-based database for Web3 applications
  • Intain is a debt capital markets platform built on blockchain that ensures trust, transparency and efficiency in “structured” finance.
  • Conscious Lines is an NFT collection drawn by artist Gabe Weis with a run of 999. Coming out August 25 on Joepegs
  • CAI develops indexing protocol built by Colony and Phuture and behind Avalabs

The puzzle pieces on the system (Dex, Lending, NFT, Gamefi)


  • TraderJoe recorded a total trading volume of $70B. Currently TraderJoe is still the DEX with the highest TVL on Avalanche with over $230M and is in the Top 20 DEXs with the highest daily trading volume in the market. In the past 30 days Trader Joe has also recorded the highest daily trading volume of nearly 42 million dollars, and the other days of the month are stable in the range of 20-30 million dollars. Besides, with Trader Joe's high transaction volume, it means that many transactions are made and Joe also receives a lot of transaction fees (revenue of the protocol), from which users participating in staking $JOE tokens will be rewarded. profit from profit sharing in USDC. Read more at here 
  • As mentioned above, Hubble Exchange has successfully launched on the Avalanche network. Thereby helping Avax users can maximize capital efficiency and collateral flexibility to execute futures contracts entirely on the Defi space. Here are the impressive Hubble Exchange numbers one day after launching on the Avalanche network: 
    • Volume: $438K CZK
    •  Open Interest: 3380 AVAX
    • Liquidity: $4.88M
    • Insurance Fund: $201k
  • This past week, Platypus has just announced that the PTParty event will be launched soon and along with many new updates. +
    • Platypus first introduced “Voting Gauge”, which is a feature that allows #vePTP owners to control the amount of PTP rewards in each Pool. That means the Pool with the most votes will get the most PTP (APR will increase). 
    • Party Participants: For tokens already listed on Platypus. By promoting PTP loyalty, Platypus incentivizes projects with tokens listed on Platypus to become more attractive to Liquidity Providers. From there, the token with the most attention will receive a reward PTP 

From the above event will boost the demand for PTP token and those tokens that are combined with Platypus to optimize farming like ECD & VTX will also increase. From there, users will receive benefits such as enjoying higher APR, sharing transaction fees from the protocol… Read more at here

  • After more than a month of launching AB bridge, $1M native BTC has moved into Avalanche ecosystem, but of which more than $54M BTC.b is farming on Platypus to enjoy 40% APY. Although there are many other protocols that also support native BTC for users to participate in farming, staking… but Platypus accounts for an impressive number and outperforms the rest. It shows that Platypus' liquidity and rewards are attracting a large number of BTC bridge users to the Avalanche network.
  • Pangolin has just announced that it has successfully fixed the UI error of Pool & Farm on the DEX platform. Although this only affects the user interface and other functions work normally. But Pangolin's team realized that Pool & Farm is very important as the place where users go and do activities like providing liquidity, farming, etc., so the team decided to hire a data scientist to upgrade and repair to be able to integrate other chains in the future besides Avalanche. Read more at here


  • AAVE V3's TVL on Avalanche is the highest ever at $1.7B, the highest of all blockchains the protocol integrates with. AAVE V3 supports users to borrow and borrow native USDC, USDT instead of USDC.e and USDT.e. This is also the reason why recently the amount of USDC issued on Avalanche reached a new ATH. 
  • Last week, Benqi announced a partnership with Symbiosis. For those unfamiliar with Symbiosis is a cross-chain engine and inter-chain communication protocol. Users can use Symbiosis providing liquidity to third-party DeFi protocols through Symbiosis with just 1 click. From the above cooperation promises to attract users to know Benqi through the use of Symbiosis. Read more at here
  • The Moremoney project's $MONEY token has just announced to move to the Alternative pool on Platypus and participate in the PTParty participant event as mentioned above. With the upgrade to the new pool, the APR on this pool will increase sharply, so join farming early to get the most profit and don't forget to transfer money from the old pool to the Alternative pool. Read more at here


  • In general, recently, the NFT transaction volume on the largest marketplaces is on a downward trend, Joepegs still maintains the leading position in the NFT transaction volume on Avalanche. Read more at here
  • On August 12, Joepegs discovered a potential vulnerability that could lead to loss of NFT from users who used the Bulk Transfer feature on the platform. Immediately, the team informed users how to protect their NFTs as well as a plan to patch the vulnerability, so no damage has been recorded so far. 


  • SnakeCity will integrate on the Swimmer Subnet, which is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network. This will help SnakeCity reach the large number of gaming users available on this subnet. Read more here
  • Plusar 1 MMO RTS title that allows players around the world to mine, build and fight in a real time battle to be the ruler of Pulsar will release Beta and Get 1/150 Beta Pass NFT on This August, Beta Pass is 8/1 NFT, whitelisted users can use the redemption code. Minting will begin after the Beta is launched later this month on the Pulsar website.

How to join:

    • 40 slots will be allocated to Twitter followers
    • 10 slots will be allocated to those who share the best story of gaming experience 
    • 25 times allotted for random interaction on Twitter
    • 75 slots will be allocated to Plusar's Alpha Ambassadors

Read more here


We ended our 32nd week with a lot of memorable events and milestones happening on the Avalanche ecosystem. With this week's hottest event, Avalanche Hacks Summer 2022, took place and was a great success. In addition, on-chain data of the Avalanche network has recorded a new milestone in the number of daily transactions taking place. It can be seen that although the market situation has not changed positively, the excitement of the Avalanche ecosystem has never stopped this is sure to continue and more so please look forward to exciting events in the next week.

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