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Landscape BNB Chain week 24, 2022

So that everyone can quickly update the news about the ecosystem BNB Chain, BTA Hub will be released BNB Landscape weekly.

Let's BTA Hub see last week (20 / 06 - 26 / 06), Ecosystem BNB Chain Have some outstanding news, worth noting!

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As of today, amount of locked assets, transactions, trading volume tend slight increase, but suddenly. Shows user uncertainty.

Unique Addresses


As of Sunday, 26 October 06, amount active address It's better to continue to reach new peaks 170,824 million address. With level increase more than 288,823 thousand New address every day.

Daily Transactions


Looking at the short-term weekly frame, the total amount Daily deals Compared to last week, there was a sudden increase in the middle of the week, at the end of the week, there was a decrease Giam still 3.622.030 transaction. 

Network Utilization


Network performance in the middle of the week there was a slight increase in volatility compared to the previous week, now it is Giam down to 18,84% shows continued momentum decline.

Top 10 TVL (Total Value Locked)


Ranking of 10 projects with amount of property lock top on BNB Chain. Amount of locked assets, liquidity on projects with increase slightly compared to last week.

Takeaways, through the above 7-day onchain data statistics, it shows that BNB Chain just had a positive week about network performance as total number of transactions. However, users' anxiety is still overwhelming, so the positive signal does not last long. On the weekend, step into the new week and continue to witness the event decline.


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