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What is JUST?

JUST is a project stablecoin Decentralization is built on the TRON Network with the aim of providing an open financial platform for anyone in the world.

With the aim of building a fair financial system, providing stable governance and lending mechanisms for users around the world.

The JUST system consists of 2 tokens:

  • The first token, USDJ is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar at a 1: 1 ratio and created by mortgaging TRX through JUST's CDP portal.
  • The second token, JST can be used to pay interest, maintain the platform, participate in governance through voting, and other activities on the JUST platform.

main function 

  • A stablecoin helps to maintain price stability.
  • Transferring stablecoins is fast, efficient and low-cost.
  • Allows anyone to create free accounts and create USDJ using JUST's smart contracts.
  • Anyone who holds JST can participate in USDJ system administration.
  • Access to the TRON ecosystem and its many decentralized applications.

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JST virtual currency

JST is a TRC-20 token and governance token for JUST network. As mentioned, this is one of the two tokens of the JUST system.

What is JST used for?

  • With JST ownership, one can participate in system administration. It is done by voting on proposals for the network.
  • Access to TRON ecosystem and decentralized dApp applications
  •  JST can be used to pay interest on CDP

Basic information about JUST Copper (JST)

  • Token: JST
  • Standard: TRC-20
  • Total Supply: 9.900.000.000 JST
  • Public sale price (on Launchbase Poloniex): 000202 USD
  • Individual Cap: 5000 USD
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: 50,000 JST
  • Project Website: just.network

JUST token allocation (JST)

  • Seed Sale:11%
  • Public Sale (LaunchBase Allocation):4%
  • Strategic Partnerships:26%
  • Team:19%
  • Airdrop (Only for TRX Holders):10%
  • Ecosystem:30%

JST token supply distribution

The distribution details are as follows:

Seed Sale

  • Date of implementation: February 02
  • Price: 0.003 USD / JST
  • Earnings: 3.267.000 USD
  • Accounted for: 11% of total supply

Poloniex LaunchBase Sale (public sale)

  • Date of conduct: April 05, 05
  • Price: 0,00202 USD / JST
  • Earnings: 799,920 USD
  • Accounting for 4% of total supply

Token administration and fund usage

As of April 3, 4, JST has not used any funds from the token sale. Any funds received from the token sale are expected to be spent according to the following allocation:

  • Partnerships and community development: 15%
  • Marketing: 30%
  • Product Development: 25%
  • Equipment and software: 10%
  • Operational Costs: 20%

just jst token administration and use of funds

JST token issuance schedule

The release schedule is shown in the photo below:

jst token issuance schedule

Updated roadmap

The first quarter of 2

  • OpenPlatform: Developer SDK and documentation API
  • USDJ on many exchanges, many trading pairs.
  • JST Launchbase

The first quarter of 3

  • USDJ & JST on decentralized exchanges
  • DApp support on TRON Network with USDJ integration
  • JUST Forum & chatroom
  • Offer a derivative DeFi product USDJ

The first quarter of 4

  • To issue JUST 2.0
  • Supports many collateral
  • Collaborate with the community to deploy more USDJ derivative DeFi products
  • Offers more DeFi products based on USDJ & JST

The first quarter of 1

  • Support for security collateral
  • Protected transaction support for USDJ & JST

Overview of the development team

  • Terance F (Head Of Project): Master of Science in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ. 7 years of experience working at Barclays and IBM. Blockchain specialist
  • Elvis Zhang (Head of Technical): 7 years of development experience and smart contract specialists. Blockchain researcher and senior developer.
  • C Wu (Head of Product): 5 years working at Tencent, specialist in Wallet and exchange (exchange)
  • ...

How to own JST

From the present time, you can own JST in the following ways:

  • Register an account and buy JST on the following listed exchanges: MXC, Kucoin,…
  • Airdrop: Valid only for TRON (TRX) holders
  • ...

Evaluate the potential of JUST copper (JST)

First, to evaluate their potential, let's look at the foundations they have built and the characteristics that the JUST system offers:

  • JUST is a defi project, a very hot keyword in 2020, and will tend to have a great influence in the future. And built on top of the TRON network, a strong community in the crypto world.
  • Poloniex launched its LaunchBase token sale platform in early April. Its first hosted project was the token of the decentralized lending platform TRON, JUST. And the sale announced by poloniex ended within 4 minutes 4 seconds.
  • Currently, a large exchange like Binance, ... has not listed JST coins, hope this event happens soon. Blogtienao will notify you as soon as there is information.
  • Some mechanisms of the JUST platform such as: The mechanism implemented by JUST to create stablecoins through mortgage will be complemented by TRON's DApp ecosystem to allow users to reap the most profits possible from their investment.
  • When it comes to DeFi, one of the first names we mention is MakerDAO (A). Some reviews say: JUST is powered by the powerful TRON network, JUST has surpassed MakerDAO on all aspects including decentralization, user experience, transaction speed.

Community and social channels


The aforementioned features of the JUST project are expected to drive a bullish rally in the JST cryptocurrency. In the future, hope to add more benefits and incentives for JST owners to make its application more

So one more virtual currency is quite potential Blogtienao provide information to brothers. The above are only reviews and materials provided from the project, not investment advice. You should consider with your own money. Thanks

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