Introducing the Matic Network token sale (MATIC) on Binance Launchpad.


Binance is excited to announce the next project on Binance Launchpad - Matic Network (MATIC). MATIC tokens will be sold as a lottery, using the new rules that Binance announced earlier. Based on feedback from the community, Binance lowered the threshold for participation to the lowest level - 50 BNB. Stay tuned for time below if you want to join.

Details of token sale

  • Time sold: April 24, 04 2019:08 AM (UTC) to April 00, 26 04:2019 PM (UTC)
  • Token Name: Matic token (MATIC)
  • Total token supply: MATIC
  • Total tokens allocated to Binance Launchpad: 1.900.000.000 MATIC (19% of total supply)
  • Price of public token sale (Public Sale): 1 MATIC = 0.00263 USD (price in BNB will be determined 1 day before the date of lottery)
  • Form of token sale: Lottery
  • Maximum number of winning lottery tickets: 16.666
  • Award for each boarding pass: 300 USD (114.068,44 MATIC)
  • Accept payment: only BNB

Lottery time

  • April 01, 04 2019:11 AM (UTC): Start depositing or buying BNB in ​​your account. Users can also begin to sign a "Token Purchase Agreement".
  • April 05, 04 2019:0 AM (UTC): The user's BNB balance is recorded at this time and will continue to be recorded at 0:00 AM (UTC) every day for 20 days.
  • April 24, 04 2019:0 AM (UTC): The final BNB balance in the user account is recorded to determine if the user has met or is ineligible to participate in the lottery purchase. The "Token Purchase Agreement" will close and cannot be signed after this time.
  • April 24, 04 2019:8 AM (UTC): Open ticket sales to all eligible users for a 24-hour period.
  • April 25, 04 2019:8 AM (UTC): Close of ticket sales and lottery program begins.
  • 25/04/2019 2:00 PM (UTC): Winning tickets are announced and the corresponding BNB numbers will be deducted from the winner's account within 24 hours. Please make sure you have enough BNB in ​​your account to deduct if you have a winning ticket.

Allocate lottery tickets

Users will be able to purchase up to 5 lottery tickets, depending on their 20-day BNB hold rate, X represents BNB balance in the table below:

For example, 50 ≤ X <200 means that the BNB balance that you accumulated over 20 days is 50 BNB or more, but not equal to or exceeding 200 BNB.

Project link on Launchpad: BNB session

To learn more about the Matic Network (MATIC) project, read Binance research report depth about MATIC.

Note: Users can now sign the "token purchase agreement" ahead of time. Please login and check your status now.

Project link:


Whitepaper: Matic Network


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