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Internet Banking What is Techcombank? Instructions for registration and use

Among Internet Banking services of banks today, the service Internet Banking of Techcombank It is highly appreciated because in addition to it completely waiving the usage fee, it also supports the function for customers to withdraw money without using the card. So Internet Banking Techcombank what? How to register and use it? Let's find out with the virtual currency Blog in the article below!

Internet Banking What is Techcombank?

Internet Banking Techcombank is an electronic banking service of Techcombank with the aim of bringing the most convenience such as viewing account balances and online transfers to its customers.


In addition to the mobile money transfer/withdrawal feature, Techcombank will not collect any fees from customers when using Internet banking (F@st i-bank). So, if you already have a Techcombank payment account, don't forget to register for this service.

Internet banking Techcombank what's different?

  • Special features: Transfer money to phone number and withdraw money without card, receive money from abroad sent back via Western Union;
  • Completely free: Registration fee, maintenance fee, money transfer inside/outside HT, money transfer to card number...

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Instructions to register for Internet banking Techcombank

To register for Techcombank Internet banking service, you first need to have a payment account at Techcombank. And only those who are 18 years old, just bring their ID card to the nearest branch to open an account.

After successfully opening a Techcombank account, you can choose one of two ways to register for F@st i – bank:

  • Register directly at the counter: When you go, you also need to bring your ID card;
  • Register online without going to the bank (but need to use an additional ATM card): You need to access Techcombank's i-banking website and select the box "Register for F@st i-bank" and follow the instructions.

Instructions to register for Internet banking Techcombank by Internet

Step 1: Go to the service's homepage Internet banking Techcombank leaves https://ib.techcombank.com.vn

Step 2: After entering Techcombank's homepage, on the left corner of your computer screen you will see a box "Register now", click on the word registration right below.

Step 3: After clicking register now, the bank will redirect you to a new tab to make registration easier. Here you fill in the information required by the bank such as ID/Passport/CCCD Number, Card Number, Pin Code, and finally click on the box to perform.

Step 4: After 30 seconds of texting, your phone will receive an OTP code sent by the bank, now you just need to get this code to activate the account confirmation.

Step 5: Now you start creating Techcombank Internet Banking account, on the interface you enter your username and password.

Note: When setting a password, you are allowed to set from 6-8 characters, in which you need to fill in both uppercase, lowercase and numbers to be valid. Example: Nguyen23.

Finally, when there is a congratulatory message as above, you have registered Internet Banking Techcombank successfully, now you can download the application to your phone or use Techcombank's online services right on your computer.

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Instructions for using Internet banking Techcombank

After logging in to F@st i-bank, the homepage interface will appear as follows:


At the service's homepage interface Internet Banking Techcombank will display all existing accounts at Techcombank including existing current accounts, savings accounts and credit card accounts.

To check account number or balance for each account just select Account to view details.

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Instructions for transferring money

Are from "Home page, you move to the "Transfers” in the feature bar. At this time, the screen interface will list applications that allow transferring money with the same bank, transferring outside the bank, transferring money to a phone number, transferring money in batches (many people at the same time).

Transfer money via F@st i – bank

You just need to choose the right application to do it. Note that the transfer content is unsigned characters.

Instructions for paying bills

Are from "Home page, you move to the "checkout". At the interface will display the types of bills that can be paid: Electricity, water, telecommunications, insurance, air tickets / train tickets, phone top-ups, electronic top-ups.

Attention should be paid to electricity, water, telecommunications bills, ticket bookings that require a customer code / pre-order code to be able to pay.


Payment via F@st i – bank

Internet access devices can use Techcombank Internet banking anywhere and 24/7. Transaction requests made after office hours will be processed the next business day except for ATM card transfer.

Other banks may charge a service maintenance fee of about 80.000 VND/year, interbank money transfer fee from 7.000 VND/time, but Techcombank is a rare bank that completely exempts Internet banking services Techcombank F@st i – your bank.

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Above is the article “What is Techcombank Internet Banking? Instructions for registration and use” of the Virtual Money Blog, hopefully through the article you can more easily register and use the service of Internet Banking Techcombank.

If you have difficulties in the registration process, use the service Internet Banking Techcombank Then leave a comment below of Cryptocurrency Blog OK, we will reply to you as soon as possible. And don't forget to give yourself a Like, Share and rate 5 stars below. Good luck.

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