Instruction to register and use MBBank Internet Banking is the most detailed


Internet Banking MBBank what? What service packs does it have? How to sign up for this service? Along track the article of Virtual money blog to know!

What is MBBank Internet Banking?

Internet Banking MBBank is the electronic banking service of MBBank also known as Vietnam Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. MB Internet Banking (eMB) is a banking application with security features, allowing customers to access their accounts opened at MB Bank to perform banking and financial transactions (payment, money transfer) , query transaction history ..) quickly and conveniently, via an internet connection. Although not a big bank but the service Internet Banking MBBank There are still full services and utilities for users.


Signing up for MBBank Internet Banking will help users to be able to use many services at the same time, such as checking MBBank balance, before they were busy trying to check MBBank balance through another service. like SMS with a long wait time. Therefore, the benefit of signing up for MBBank Internet Banking is low cost, you should not miss this service.

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Internet Banking MBBank has various service packages

There are currently 03 packages Internet Banking MBBank For customers to choose including:

(1) Basic eMB package: Allow customers to perform non-financial features such as: General information management (Query access log; change password; change personal information ..); Account activity (Querying account balance information; Querying the transactions of the day; searching for transactions; managing accounts ..)

(2) eMB Advance package: Allow customers to perform both financial and non-financial services, including:

- Basic package features;

- Send savings online;

- Transfers:

- Transfer money between customers' accounts

+ Interbank money transfer

+ Internal money transfer

+ Internal transfer in batches

+ Interbank money transfer in lots

+ Card transfer

+ Transfer via MBS;

- Pay the bill

- Card utilities: Create beneficiary card, Card list of customers, Search card transactions, Activate card / temporary card lock / unlock card;

- International money transfer / receipt;

(3) Advance + Package: Applies to corporate customers. Allows customers to carry out all the features of the advance package, adding the following features:

- Supply chain financing

- International money transfer online

- Borrow online

- Account management

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Instruction on registering MBBank Internet Banking

Currently to register Internet Banking MBBank There are 2 ways to register online at the website In order to register for MB Bank Online Internet Banking, you need to provide personal information and receive your username and password to operate your account.

If you register directly, please come to MBBank's counters and complete procedures. MBBank works during office hours so you should pay attention to those hours. If you have opened an account at MBBank before, just bring your ID card to register for MBBank Internet Banking, the time for implementation is extremely fast.

If you do not have an account at MB Bank, then when registering you need to bring your identity card / citizen identity card for the teller to open your account. You will then receive a notification of your username and password to log into your MBBank Internet Banking account.

On the first login to MBBank Internet Banking, you will be asked to change your password immediately, after changing to your password, you can make transactions immediately. Waiting time for procedure is quite fast, about 30 minutes is finished, so be patient!

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Instruction for using MBBank Internet Banking

To transfer MBBank Internet Banking, you can follow these instructions:

- 1 step: Login information of MB's Internet Banking account

- 2 step: Select the transfer in the Main Menu

- 3 step: Fill in the recipient information, amount, content of money transfer, ...

- 4 step: Enter the order password on your application

- 5 step: Confirm and enter the OTP code sent to the customer's phone number

- 6 step: Complete the transaction

Notes for safe transactions at Internet Banking MBBank

Note on login

- You only access MB e-Banking service for individual customers via the link:

- You should type this address directly into the address bar on the browser, do not access from the links attached to the email not sent from MBBank.

- Do not access strange paths, use unreliable connections.

- Do not declare personal information, passwords and usernames on non-MB websites.

- Only login via trusted devices, not public / shared devices. Also keep in mind the devices used to log in, and limit login across multiple devices.

- Log out immediately after the end of the session; Do not exit the browser without using the logout button to avoid unnecessary errors; Do not leave the device while performing transactions or while the login session is available.

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Note when setting and using the password

- Use a reliable password that is of sufficient length (from over 7 characters), with a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers, with special characters (@, #, &,%, ...).

- Change your password periodically to ensure safety; Change the password immediately if there is any suspicion of disclosure.

- Contact customer service center MB247 for support (service lock ...) when detecting abnormal signs (account is debited for unknown reasons ...).

- Do not disclose password / username information, provide security equipment for others in any form.

- Do not save the default password on websites, software ...

- Do not provide / input password at any website other than MBBank and MB e-Banking websites

Note about OTP code and use OTP

OTP is a security code randomly generated from the system and automatically expires after a certain period of time, used to confirm the performance of a certain transaction, and is a security measure. OTP will be provided via the phone number you register with MBBank.

Please note when using OTP as follows:

- When receiving OTP message, please check carefully the content related to the transaction including the amount, beneficiary account number ... In case of incorrect, you absolutely do not enter OTP and please notify the central. Customer Service Center MB247.

- If you do not receive OTP, please check your phone network connection and try again.

- Do not disclose information providing security equipment, OTP information to others in any form.

Other notes about account security and virus prevention

- You should upgrade to the latest version of the current browser to ensure information security.

- Regularly scan for Viruses, use anti-malware software on devices used to log in to eMB.

- Update the correct email address at eMB (to receive account transaction information) by following the link: Log in eMB → Select Favorites → Options → Email: Update the corresponding email address.

Fee for using MBBank Internet Banking service

Minimum feeMinimum feeMaximum fee
1Service fee
1,1EMB packageFree
1,2EMB Plus package
aRegistration feesFree
bAuthentication service fee (choose one of the two following methods)
Hard Token FeesVND 300.000 / Equipment
Fee for using security code generation software on mobile phone for individual customers (soft Token)VND 50.000 / Software
cAnnual feesVND 100.000 / year
(Except for the first year of collection according to the actual number of months of use of VND 10.000 / month)
VND 100.000 / year
dInformation changing service fee at the counterFree
2Transfer fee
2,1Fee for transferring money in the systemVND 3000 / transaction
2,2Interbank transfer fee
Transactions valued at less than VND 500 millionVND 10.000 / transaction
Transactions valued at VND 500 million or more0.045% / ST transactionVND 800.000 / time


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