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Anyone who thinks about Vietnamese startups thinks it's bad, it sells oranges. But perhaps you do not know that Vietnamese startups are growing very fast, Vietnamese companies of world class size are increasing, even in the field of CryptoCurrency! Perhaps you do not know in the list of top 200 coinmarketcap, there are at least 5-10 projects of Vietnam in it, and there must be 1 coin in the top 20 coinmarketcap with a Vietnamese owner (maybe I will disclose at the end of December or early January).

The other day, I had the opportunity to sit with Founder BitCEO.io To present about this ICO and we spend at least 4-5 hours sitting and discussing continuously to understand the concepts and applications of this BitCEO. And this is my objective thought when reading the Whitepaper, viewing applications, discussing and asking questions ... and then giving my own assessment, so this is not an investment recommendation. You should still have your neutral outlook and make the best decision.

What is BitCEO?

Speaking of BitCEO, everyone probably thinks this token catches Bitcoin before, like a way to rely on Bitcoin to be famous, but the purpose for naming this name is to make it easy to remember along with the true nature and meaning of the token. It is the Bit in bitcoin, the CEO is the representative of business networks, business owners, companies because this application is specifically for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and Business Owner (business owners). The phrase BitCEO will make it easier for people to remember and visualize the meaning of the project (Social Network 4.0 for CEOs). Currently, BitCEO is token on Ethereum ERC20 and will build its own blockchain in the future.

bitCEO comes with Zeniius (would like to introduce through Zeniies is a business social networking platform 4.0 specifically for business owners, corporate owners). On this platform, some behaviors need a high reputation of CEOs when interacting and executing with each other will be recorded directly on the Blockchain platform (The specific examples I will show below for you to understand deeply than). 

When you install the ZeniiCrypto application from BitCEO.io, you will see that there are 3 islands, each representing 1 field, and our brothers are on the island of Crypto - business social networking platform for the field. crypto, where crypto brothers exchange, discuss, discuss business about cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies. 

Back to BitCEO, when you find out the project's information on the website bitceo.ioI am sure you will find quite a lot of information. For me, sometimes too much information will make you can't imagine what BitCEO is? In this article, I will try to use the simplest, most concise words to understand what BitCEO is?

In the BitCEO platform, which components should we pay attention to?

Zeniius Apps - The business social networking app for CEOs working together

- ABILITY CARD - Cards of the qualifications of CEOs and other users

- ABILITY STORE - A place to sell capacity cards to users

- PROJECT HUB - a module that helps CEOs submit their projects to attract resources from the community as well as the missing competencies for the project to be successful.

So what role does "BitCEO" play in this project? Ok, that's the token that will be integrated into the Zeniius social network, helping CEOs exchange needs, competencies, and opportunities. bitCEO also represents the components that use blockchain technology, smartcontract (smart contract), decentralized (decentralized) of the platform.

While Zeniius remains centralized social network (centralized) to ensure user experience and efficient use of system resources. Not all CEOs' activities (likes, comments, etc.) need to be recorded on the blockchain, but only activities that require reputable authentication (transactions, business promises, capacity verification) are recorded on the blockchain.

Detailed analysis of BitCEO project

As mentioned above, BitCEO is considered "4.0 Social Network for CEOs". Of course, being called a social network, understands simply a place for people to act, exchange information, share information, follow each other, see "posts" from each other ... Speaking of which, surely everyone How do people feel like the Facebook app and wonder how it is different?

The Zeniius application is full of basic features such as: posting articles, viewing newsfeeds (opportunity boards, business news, discussion about corporate governance ...), following others, commenting ... exactly like Facebook / Linkedin current. The most difference of Zeniius compared to other social networks is that only for CEOs use, users who are not CEOs cannot join to use. So when you have needs such as: business ideas, fund raising, finding business partners, if you search on facebook or google it will produce a lot of results, but with Zeniius you can find very quickly, and get the best possible solution in the shortest time.

Again, in Zeniius only content directly related to business (business needs, capabilities, opportunities, projects, discussions and events related to the business, ...) are allowed. meet basic social needs like Facebook. Remember!

How to distinguish between ordinary users and CEO to verify accounts?

There may be a lot of people asking about this issue, because if a member is registered on it, then how to confirm whether the CEO is really good or fake.

When you download the app, to register for use, you must declare a lot of information, including some information that normal users cannot get. For example: business license, email domain name of the company, business tax code, website address, information about your company in which field ???

After you have declared and clicked to register as a member, the BitCEO team will receive a notification and check that information by manual operations (authentication on government portals.) If the information is OK , they will confirm your account, here you will receive a notice that the account has passed "challenge" and you can use it.

Complicated so who to use?

We have to understand that everything has its two sides. For example, if everything is as simple as Facebook, anyone can register and use the application, then that environment is already good for the job? Or a specific purpose for a group or someone style ...

As originally defined, BitCEO is a 4.0 Social Network exclusively for CEOs. So only the CEO can use it. And if you are the CEO, you are cherishing your business every day and every hour, I believe, you will do everything you can to grow your business at all costs.

Therefore, the "input" of the App, although complicated in information declaration, will bring the CEO community members "quality", the right target for the user, making the development model in the right direction and in the right direction. destination later. And the special thing is the fact that 1,500 CEOs accepted all difficulties, diligently filling out information to participate in the Zeniius social network, including many CEOs with businesses over 1000 billion even over 10,000 billion ... ( I will point out the participating businesses later.)

Who is using the Zeniius App?

According to BitCEO & Zeniius, the platform has been built for nearly 2 years with more than 8.000 hours of dev team work and over 30 people running the CEO community. Zeniius application has attracted about 1.500 businesses actually use, corresponding to 1.500 CEOs. On the website you can verify exactly this. Some typical businesses even after using the platform have applied to invest in the project and BitCEO has uploaded information of these businesses on the site through the image of the logo of the unit and the representative.

The most prominent among CEOs using App Zeniius is Mr. Tran Qui Thanh - nicknamed Doctor Thanh - the owner of the brand "Zero Degree Green Tea", he is also the founder of Tan Hiep Phat Group with business number 10,000 billion / year. The company's CEO with sales of 15,000 billion / year Kim Loi Dai Thanh - Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien is also an active user.

So, why do CEOs need to use Zeniius application?

That's a pretty interesting question! So have you ever thought, why should you use Facebook? Sure, everyone has an answer for themselves, but most of it will be related to basic social needs such as making friends, discussing social ...

Talking about Zeniius, in this application environment, almost all user posts (CEOs) are only related to their own business. Very few and almost no startus are like "checking in" at a luxury restaurant, yesterday they were "hanging out" somewhere, the other day they were "avoiding skills" by going to the movies in CGV ...

Please no, there will be no such posts even though the CEO has the right to post what they like. In Zeniius only work and everything is related to the job. Therefore, the App creates countless jobs every day .. For example:

Mr A: I need a processing unit to wear Bags

Mr B: We are ABC Company Limited, currently the company has just imported 2.000kg of Fresh Seafood including: Crab, Crab, Squid ... Any ACE needs please alo 0123456789

Mr C: I need to build a Café, ACE who has experience please alo ...

Mr D: We are a construction contractor, have many years of experience ... Any ACE who needs to build a house or villa can alo us for a free consultation.

Mr E: We transfer electronic circuit boards, ICs, capacitors, accept orders on request ... Any ACE needs can alo ...

Before I built Blogtienao myself, I was in the field of apparel, so I hope more businesses will come to me knowing me in the field of apparel, cum in further communication about blockchain, cryptocurrency with What is the hope of earning lots of quality contracts with the goal? retiring before 40? (Fun only)

What will happen? Nothing, but the CEOs are creating or in need of a job. And when one side needs and one side can meet that need, a Project of work is born! It is a combination of buying and selling, in any business field, if you have the quality to find buyers associated with the seller, then you are MAX RICH!

That is the goal of this project, BitCEO. And Zeniius will be an application that helps meet every need, all executed and data will be recorded on BitCEO's Blockchain ...

In this analysis, if you are a CEO, do you think you should install the Zeniius app to find more job opportunities for your own business?

What is ABILITY Card?

ABILITY Card is also known as "Capacity card". It is visualized as a "license card", "practice card" of your own business.

For example, your business is currently able to: Design consultancy, construction, supply of construction materials ... Then on Zeniius platform, the capabilities that you declare will be recorded on the card. .

ABILITY Card has many types corresponding to many different values. Currently there are 4 types as webiste has shown: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Zinc.

ABILITY Card will cost from 1 bCEO token ($ 0.015) to 100.000 bCE0 tokens ($ 1.500). Why are cards priced so differently?

ABILITY Card price list according to token price at ICO

Gold: 100.000 bCEO tokens ~ $ 1.500

Silver: 10.000 bCEO tokens ~ 150 USD

Bronze: 1.000 bCEO tokens ~ 15 USD

Zinc: 1 BCEO token ~ $ 0.015

Note, the price of ABILITY Card depends on the bCEO token price.

ABILITY Card is not just a "capacity card" but it is also the face of image representation for businesses and partners when doing business with each other. The higher the card is, the more it demonstrates the value of the business in terms of financial and initial trust for the partner. 

If you give a need (request) about the job and have a CEO with the same criteria, they are able to meet your requirements but one side has a qualification tag as "Zinc" worth only 0.15 USD and a holder of a capacity card "Gold" up to 1.000 USD. So, I ask you, what card will you choose the CEO to bring as the partner to perform the contract with you? It is like insurance, but it is not really true that when you have a Gold qualification card, you will be a pro, the important thing is that you have that ability, your quality and abilities are good, endorsed by your partners. Other business and having good feedback is ok. 

I firmly believe that if you survey 100 people, 90 people will choose the CEO of ABILITY Card with the value of "Gold".

In the common platform of BitCEO, all businesses - CEOs have the right to choose for themselves a certain type of card, not mandatory what kind of card is worth. However, depending on their financial ability, they will choose a suitable card to adapt to their business image to make a difference compared to other businesses in the same industry to attract customers.

Why is it necessary to use Blockchain technology in BitCEO platform?

This is the crux of this project? You should carefully read this section and the introduction above to use and decide whether to invest or not. Can you imagine, without Blockchain, this project will run and optimized for businesses or not?

Please, without the Blockchain, this project will work fine. But is it optimal for the business or not is another story?

For example, Without Blockchain, when the two sides meet each other's needs and come to the stage of contracting and enforcing that contract, who will recognize this? And if something happens later, leading to a dispute, who knows which is wrong and which is right? Who handles such cases?

If, they use the Zeniius application for the purpose of covering, essential to deceive others ... And then continue to register with the name of another business to perform that behavior, how do we know? How to handle and handle that situation?

A series of inadequacies will be solved by Blockchain. Thanks to Blockchain technology, we can record the behavior of businesses and re-check their entire database on this platform. All will be recorded over time, what they declare on the capacity card from time to time will also verify their units in reality. All will be Blockchain "controlled" to the maximum.

Therefore, when running on the Blockchain platform, every business or every CEO must seriously implement what they have committed to the partner. If not, your "promises" will be judged in a negative direction. Later, it is very difficult for you to do business with other partners.

Practical examples:

Mr A: I need to build a house (required)

Immediately there was Mr. B (Zinc card), Mr C (Copper card), Mr D (Silver card) appeared and made the promise to be able to do that.

After the database checking process, Mr. A selects Mr D (Silver card) as a partner.

Both will buy 1 ABILITY Card to write the contract of both parties on including the following terms:

Mr A: Mr D will pledge to build the house in 6 months with a budget of 1 billion

Mr D: Mr A will pay off 1 billion after handing over the house in 6 months

After writing all the terms on the card, both will press agree. At this moment, the data of this contract will be written to the Blockchain. Simple terms that the computer can automatically execute will be written on the smart contract. For example, if you have not used the service for 6 months, you can press the button to receive 50% of the money ...

After 6 months, if both of them meet the terms well, then both parties can click on the card to verify each other that the last contract is all OK.

With complex terms that have not yet been implemented on smartcontract, in case of a dispute, both will bring to court for trial. And when brought to court, both parties have to Deposit a bCEO token amount to do as a court fee for the dispute. The courts within the BitCEO platform are the Helper and the CEO community.

Helper and the CEO community are sentenced, whereby when they judge, they will ask the two sides for evidence. If either party fails to provide evidence or the evidence is inconclusive, they will not win many Vote votes from the community. After a set amount of time, they get a few Vote votes which means they will lose. CEOs can choose a set of helper CEOs who are highly reputable in their respective fields, using the SWAT CEO team with hundreds of volunteer CEOs already available in the community or simply any crowd.

The loser must pay the fee or lose all the money bCEO had deposited before when the trial opened. The bCEO tokens will be paid to Helper and the CEO community - who participated in the trial.

The Helper mechanism is one of the pretty cool features on the Blockchain platform because it is implemented and understood by smartcontract. It helps the community to be balanced in terms of transparency in all situations.

Based on the analysis above, that's why the BitCEO project needs to run on Blockchain.


Simple and easy to understand, this is a place to buy, sell and exchange ABILITY Card between people. All use bCEO tokens as a means of exchange as well as transactions.

Some frequently asked questions in BitCEO project?

This knowledge is very common questions in the process of learning BitCEO and Zeniius, which have been synthesized and edited from the perspective of the Virtual Money Blog.

1> Apart from Zeniius for the CEO audience, what environment does this project have for the average user?

Currently, in the early stage Zeniius will be an environment for CEOs to work on exchanging needs and meeting jobs for each other. All have to use ABILITY Card to execute the next workflow. So this is also a Demo environment, testing and testing for community features, developing and perfecting products even though the product has had 2 years of testing. 

These 'capacity cards' will be issued to ABILITY STORE 'capacity market' and this is an unlimited open environment for the CEO only, but anyone can go in search of CEOs / companies. have the product / service / capacity provided to them.

In the next phase, BitCEO will open up other applications for the corresponding community according to certain industries, ZeniiCrypto is a typical example.

As you can see, ZeniiCrypto is considered a social network for users to participate in the world of Crypto. In this world of Crypto there are hundreds of different needs. For example: Someone needs you to write blockchain code, someone needs you to manage the community, someone needs you to do marketing ...

And you are one of those people who can meet the needs of that job. All of them use ABILITY Card to connect with each other.

In the future, BitCEO will create such applications for all industries on the market today so that all end-users can have an environment to find each other's needs and meet their needs. for each other.

BitCEO with Zeniius - CEO platform is only the first step in BitCEO's ecosystem.

2> Why did BitCEO develop the Zeniius application - the first CEO platform in this ecosystem and not another industry?

As you know, a business often has many different competencies in life. From a normal perspective, Zeniius is just a platform for CEOs but actually in nearly 1500 businesses for 1500 CEOs who are using Zeniius, all industries in society today they have the ability to meet them.

If you are skeptical about this, you can download the app and immediately post a status with the request that you are looking for something ...! I am sure that, after you post your request, there will be many businesses aloo or message you to respond immediately ...

Remember, there are 8.000 hours of testing and the potential and features of this app already. Today, they just launched Crypto to do ICO.

3> What is the mechanism for raising the price of bCEO tokens in the future?

In the beginning, with only one ABILITY Card, you could write 1 competencies of your business on it. For example: We provide good price cosmetics, we have the ability to build houses, we specialize in weddings, we can do concert shows, we can build works ... ..

But in the future, a card can only record one capacity of your business. This means that if your company wants to have a lot of business and provide many services, you have to buy multiple cards to show your ability to meet the job. This will limit many non-standard competencies.

Monday, ABILITY Card price from 2 USD - 0.015 USD depending on type. Business trends they will choose for themselves the most valuable card to express the image as well as make a difference with other businesses in the same industry. Investing in cards is as valuable as investing in image marketing. This factor will cause many businesses to buy a lot of bCEO tokens to own a card.

Third, currently there are only 1500 businesses, going to expand to 10000 businesses in the near future, according to the information I have thousands of other businesses registered and the BitCEO team is appraising and next year will update in. next year.

4> Is there a large number of ABILITY Cards on BitCEO platform, exactly how many each type can be printed in the future?

No, the number of ABILITY Cards for each type is limited. In the future it can not be printed, Specifically:

ABILITY Gold Card: 1000 pieces

ABILITY Silver Card: 100,000 pieces

ABILITY Copper Cards: 10,000,000 pieces

ABILITY Zinc Card: 1,000,000,000 pieces

The number of future businesses participating in BitCEO's platform could increase many times. However, the ABILITY Card number is only limited. Therefore, ABILITY Card will later have a different value, increasing over time.

5> Is the blockchain technology platform of this project nothing special?

Yes, BitCEO focuses on the application of society and how to develop the project ecosystem, which is the user participating in the application.

Remember, what are the inherent features of Blockchain: Transparency, immutability, indelible ... Finally, based on these features, depending on each project, they develop a project to solve the problem of society, not a good project, Blockchain must be good or this and that ... Because technology is ultimately to help people solve real life needs.

Depending on the purpose of the project, build a suitable Blockchain. This is a project that is about Application, not about Tech. In Application problem, solving the problem of society, its value will be widely applied, the token will jump up sharply. many times in a short time. Early Facebook did not have any formidable technology and in terms of technology, it could not be compared with operating systems such as Microsoft window, but now the value of Facebook is higher than the entire Microsoft company.

6> What is the potential of the project?

Before answering this question, I advise you (if you are the CEO) to hurry up to Google Play and download the Zeniius application and experience. As soon as you experience you will see how useful it is. Thereby, you will also have a rough estimate of how applicable this application is.

On the website you have also seen, the founder of this project, JaLong Hoang, has spent many years building the CEO community in Vietnam. JaLong Hoang is the founder and leader of the k35 CEO community, the 1k CEO community with 2000 CEOs in Vietnam.

The actual business community on Zeniius you can view this community on bitceo.io and confirm by dragging and finding information and confirming with them about BitCEO.

In addition, last June, JaLong Hoang also signed a strategic partnership with 6 other super-large CEO communities of PDCA, ActionCoach, and AdamKhoo Vietnam and became co-founder of CEO GEN community. Vietnam's largest CEO with more than 3 members agreed to develop on the bitCEO + Zeniius platform.

All in all, the BitCEO platform in the near future is likely to have 50.000 CEOs coming into operation immediately.

And you think what happens when these 50.000 businesses have needs and do the work. The opportunity to meet each other's needs is very high, then all must be used ABILITY Card.

Of course this project is not just a playground in Vietnam. This model is only originated in Vietnam. If it succeeds, this model can completely encroach on neighboring countries at a glance. There's more….


To me, in an aspect of solving a specific job need, BitCEO is like an updated version of LinkedIn or Vietnamwork (job search page). The thing is that BitCEO is a completely new version from idea to user and not only allows 'candidate' as CEO / enterprise to list their capabilities on it, but also actually give concrete results from their abilities so that others can use them immediately.

On Vietnamwork, there are only two types of people who post on it: job seekers and recruiters. As for BitCEO and Zeniius, there are many different types of users.

- People who post their work needs

- The other person is to find the needs and meet the work needs of others

BitCEO or Zeniius is not a common social networking platform, it only serves the needs of work. Search and meet each other's work to make money.

Upgraded and more optimized for users is Blockchain

With Vietnamwork, you are an employer, you can not know what the job seeker is accurate, who is the "verify", or the appraisal for that profile is exactly what the candidate declared. Although it is only "temporarily acceptable" about transparency but can not be absolute.

With Zeniius on BitCEO, in the future they use Blockchain to verify all that the business or CEO declares about the seniority, achievements of the company. And the person who verifies that capacity profile is the partners who have executed the contract with them. So the accuracy rate is almost absolute. Blockchain will recognize it all.

In theory, Zeniius on BitCEO is creating a playground for very fair businesses. Promote more employment opportunities for society, creating value for the CEO base in general.

Through Zeniius now, finding a partner to do what you need will not be difficult anymore, posting will find the right person to respond, the right person to the right job. Most importantly, you can view the capacity profile of a partner based on Blockchain, which shows the authenticity and transparency. Thereby you can choose the most potential partners to give them the opportunity to solve your needs, make you more secure ....

From a practical perspective, through the website, I see quite a lot of real data rather than a theory, for example: Vietnam CEO community is real; CEO tour programs are real; from Zeniius application, CEOs come together to form a project and work together to be real; Testing and AI features on Zeniius are real ...

In short, BitCEO is no longer a project on A4 - theory but other ICOs. This outstanding point is also a big difference compared to other ICOs today ...!

It can be said that BitCEO is building a very practical idea. In my opinion is full of feasibility to realize the project. If Zeniius only need 10.000 - 20.000 businesses to use it, it is also a great achievement in the current period because it creates thousands of opportunities for job needs in the context of life today.

This is a project I advise you to study carefully, because to me it is quite potential, worth investing more than other projects that are just "drawing great" on the empty theory ...!

Don't Forget the lucky draw program, get Airdrop from BitCEO

BITCEO launches an attractive and attractive airdrop program with 50.000.00 BCEO tokens and 10 iPhone XS for the Crypto community

Details of the ICO, Date and Time, Number of Tokens released, ... or if you do not know the details and want to ask more, or request to write more about this project, please comment below the article or inbox for Blogtienao fanpage Please. Thank you !

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