[ICO Review] What is IndaHash? Potential ICO investment project to launch IDH token sale in November, Bonus up to 11%


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Update : Currently, IndaHash (IDH) has reached 3 exchanges: HitBTC, Tidex and IDEX with x5 price compared to the purchase price at ICO, you can transfer IDH Token to these exchanges to buy and sell. I tried it and found that the two exchanges were HitBTC and Tidex, so I could use it. View series of instructions about HitBTC floor squid fishing tours.

What is IndaHash?

IndaHash (HDI) is an application that allows brands to connect with famous people on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, celebrities will post ads for the company and in return they receive remuneration in the same currency. Electronic IDH Coin. There are currently more than 300.000 celebrities with accounts on the IndaHash app, in more than 70 countries around the world.

IndaHash coin The advantage is that it helps businesses and brands pay celebrities immediately, compared to the previous cash payment method which can take 30-60 days to finalize. Besides, celebrity fans can also receive IndaHash coins when they share or interact with the idol's advertising posts. IndaHash coins can be used to exchange or buy the products of brands advertising in the affiliate system.

ICO project information of IndaHash

  • Token Name: IDH
  • Type of token: Etherium ERC20 blockchain platform
  • 1 ETH = 3200 IDH (About 1IDH = $ 0.09)
  • Pre ICO: November 8 - November 11, 15: 11 ETH = 2017 IDH (Bonus 1%) (4480 IDH = $ 40)
  • ICO: 29 / 11-6 / 12/2017: 1 ETH = 3840 IDH (Bonus 20%)
  • 6/12 – 13/12/2017: 1ETH = 3520 IDH (Bonus 10%)
  • 13/12 – 20/12/2017: 1ETH = 3200 IDH (Bonus 0%)
  • 1 / 2018: Go to the largest trading platform in the world
  • Total tokens provided: 400.000.000 IDH
  • ICO sales: 320.000.000 IDH (80%)
  • Minimum purchase amount: 0.5 ETH
  • Unlimited Minimum purchase amount for Pre ICO
  • Accept payment: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Refferal Program: 5%
  • 18% Hard cap for celebrities and market training
  • 2% for reward programs

The special thing about this project is that it is not for a team and a mentor. They believe that their employees are willing to pay to buy and store or trade like other buyers while ensuring their rights. This is extremely rare of this ICO. But if you look at their profits and revenue growth of about 250% per year from 2016 to 2017, this is completely understood.

Roadmap of IndaHash coin (RoadMap)

  • 11 / 2017: Start ICO selling tokens.
  • The end of November to December: Official ICO token sale.
  • 1 / 2018: Start planning to join digital currency exchanges.
  • 2 / 2018: Develop wallet applications for coins.
  • 3 / 2018: Integrate application launch for influencers.
  • 4 / 2018: Launch large advertising campaigns in 15 major countries.
  • 5 / 2018: Open the function of paying and withdrawing money to partners.
  • 6 / 2018: Expand large advertising campaigns in 30 countries.
  • 7 / 2018: Rewards program for large referrals.
  • 9 / 2018: Continue to expand large advertising campaigns in 45 countries
  • 10 / 2018: Refer and give tokens to the referrer with the highest score.
  • End of 2018: Pay referrals for indahash coin program.

ICO stages of IndaHash Coin project

  • First step: On sale from date 8/11- December 15, 12, when you buy at this stage you will get a bonus up to 40%, when you spend 1 ETH you get 4480 IDH. (Sold out)
  • 2nd stage: Since 29/11-5/12/2017, this period you get a bonus up to 20%, when you buy at this stage 1 ETH buys 3840 IDH. (Sold out)
  • 3nd stage: Since 6/12-12/12/2017 this period you guys get a bonus 10%, when you spend 1 ETH will get 3520 IDH (Happenning)
  • 4nd stage: Since 13/12-20/12/2017 this period will No more bonuses and when you spend 1 ETH will get 3200 IDH.

IndaHash project development team

Overview of IndaHash ICO project

IndaHash Company was founded in January 1 and quickly dominated the marketing of famous people on Instagram. IndaHash has worked with some famous brands in the world such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nestle, MasterCard, Samsung, Ford, etc. More than 2016% of big and famous brands choose IndaHash to cooperate and market. for their product.

IndaHash is a major advertising brand in the world with its own digital currency, which means that the digital currency will quickly be spread to millions of millions of social network users and in the long run. will impact the value of IDH Token. Moreover, users with IDH coins can be used to buy products from brands in their system or trade, so liquidity is also easier.

I personally consider IndaHash as one ICO project really potential and worth the investment, because they are a large company with long years of experience in advertising, has successfully hundreds of projects in different fields. Moreover, this is a traditional coin not MLM (multi-level) so the risk is also limited.

Video IndaHash is mentioned by VTV1 in the financial news

See more information about IndaHash ICO project

Media reports about IndaHas ICO

Guide to invest in IndaHash ICO project by buying IDH Token

Currently, the Pre-ICO phase of IndaHash has started and sold 75% of the Token already, if you do not want to be slow, then hurry to buy it. Procedure buy IDH Token in the ICO of IndaHash Quite simply, you do not need to register an account on their website but will send Ethereum (ETH) directly from the wallet address. MyEtherWallet to your ETH wallet address, then they will return the IDH coin to your wallet address as well. Of course, to buy IDH Token, your MyEtherWallet wallet must have ETH, if not, then you can go to ETH via Remitano to buy, without MyEtherWallet wallet, please see the instructions for creating below as well:

note: You are only allowed to send ETH from the address MyEtherWallet wallet, not use any other wallet such as Coinbase, Blockchain, Bittrex, Poloniex, .. if sending you will lose all that ETH and IndaHash will not be responsible.

In the tutorial Buy Ethereum on Remitano then you notice the "How to buy Ethereum on Remitano"At"Step 2"Will have a place to fill"Your ETH wallet address"Then you enter"MyEtherWallet wallet address”Come on, this wallet address after creating the wallet you will see. Ok, got it Once you have ETH in your wallet, follow the steps below to buy IDH Token:

Step 1: You visit here https://goo.gl/tRdvUi then scroll down and click on “ICO STARTED CLICK TO JOIN".

Step 2: Please check the 4 numbers as in the picture to agree to the terms of IndaHash, then click "CONTINUE" under.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 2

Step 3: At this step you enter Email (First box) and MyEtherWallet wallet address (2nd box) click on “CONFIRM".

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 3

Step 4: After clicking Confirm, IndaHash will give you 2 things:

  • ETH wallet address their for you to transfer ETH into
  • Gas: 250000 (You don't need to care what it is, go to step 5)

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 4

Step 5: Access to MyEtherWallet.com => select "Send Ether & Token"=> Then log in (How to login and use I have instructed in the above article). Here you enter the information that Indash provided at “Step 4".

  • Address To: Enter the ETH wallet address of IndaHash on step 4
  • Amount to Send: Enter the amount of ETH you want to buy Token IDH (You should enter a little smaller than the total ETH you have a bit so they still deduct transaction fees, for example, if you have all 10.98, you should only enter 10.9 only if not MyEtherWallet will error)
  • Gas Limit: Input 250000 as in step 4 (Fill in correctly 250000 otherwise you will not be able to buy it)

Then click "Create Transaction"To send ETH.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 5

Continue Click "Send".

Continue to click on "Yes, I am sure! Please make the transaction.”To confirm your deposit of ETH from MyEtherWallet.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 6

Step 6: Ok. When sending ETH successfully, MyEtherWallet will have a green message as shown below, you can click on "Check TX Status"To check new transaction information sent.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 7

Scroll down and you will see the transaction information you just made (The picture below is I took at another purchase so the amount of ETH it is smaller than the above step)

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 8

Step 7: To check if the IDH Token number you bought has returned to MyEtherWallet, click on “Tokens (Ethplorer.io)"Under your wallet.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 9

Like mine only takes about 15-30 minutes IndaHash will send IDH Token to your MyEtherWallet wallet, as you can see in the section “Token Balances“. At the same time, IndaHash will send you an email to notify you that they have successfully sent you Token.

Instruction to buy IDH Token in ICO. Photo 10

Instructions for verifying KYC with IndaHash to unlock tokens

Before you verify KYC with IndaHash, you need to prepare 3 photos:

  • Photographs of the front of your identity card (passport) or passport
  • Photo of the back of the ID card or passport
  • Selfies with your face

The photos you have to take clearly, so that the information on your ID is not blurred and absolutely not edited. You can see the sample photos you took below the instructions.

I have just updated this information and it is known that IndaHash has sent an email to investors verify KYC a long time ago, so check your email inbox or go to "Ads" and "Spam" to see, if you just bought it, you will need to wait for them to send email, so check your email date to quickly verify KYC. The trick for a quick search is to type in the search bar of your Email the word "IndaHash"You will see all the emails that Indahash has sent you, including in advertisements and spam.

As my IndaHash sends in "Ads", the Email looks like this:

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 1

When you click on the email you will see the following content, you click on the long link I circled red to start verification.

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 2

Choose "Tiếng Việt"=> Check 2 small boxes to agree with the terms => click"START KYC"

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 3

Continue to click on "Start verification".

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 4

Click on "ID card".

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 5

Click on "Choose a file”Then upload the photo on the front of your ID.

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 6

After successful upload, click “Continue".

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 7

You will be taken to the next step, keep clicking on “Choose a file"And upload the photo on the back of your ID card and select"Confirm".

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 8

Finally, click “choose a file”And upload a selfie with your face.

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 9

Upload successfully, you click "Confirm”To complete the KYC verification process.

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 10

Ok, got it That's it, now you wait for IndaHash to censor your information, verify success or failure they will also email you a notification. Currently I have verified for 5 days but have not received a response, I also asked support and they answered that about 1 week they send KYC email 1 time, so please wait. After I receive the email will update here for you. Good luck.

Verify KYC with IndaHash. Photo 11


Ok, got it Above is the article "[ICO Review] What is IndaHash? Potential ICO investment project to launch IDH token sale in NovemberHope to give you an overview of the very potential ICO project of IndaHash. Currently, IndaHash's Pre-ICO 40% promotion is only 4 days away and has also sold 75% of IDH tokens so if you have a need to buy, you should hurry. If you have any problems, please leave the comments below. Good luck.

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Recommendation: All content in "ICO investment”Belongs to the content of the press release. Investors should be cautious before engaging in investment or taking any action in relation to the advertised company. Virtual money blog No liability is accepted for any loss or damage related to the use or belief in the content mentioned in the article.

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  1. Admin, please help me!
    I just received this email: “To complete your KYC process, please upload proof of address documents (eg bank statement, utility bill, car insurance…) with your name. and your address.
    Proof of address required for transfers in excess of $ 10.000 (as of the date the transfer has been completed), to confirm your current whereabouts ”.
    What should I do next, thank you.

  2. Hi Ad
    I have transferred the IDH token from Tidex to MyEtherWallet.com wallet which has not been received for 3 days. GD moved from Tidex to MyEtherWallet and announced that he successfully transferred it but I can't see it in MyEtherWallet wallet.
    I contacted both Tidex and IDH, they said because this and that side, now I don't know how the tokens I can transfer can get back.
    Thanks to Ad for me, thanks Ad.


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