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Huobi Global's Fomo LTC program has launched "trading bonus money, holding LTC, withdrawing reward"

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0:19 on June 6, 2019 huobi global launched “Fomo LTC” in Singapore ,

Program scope
Customers hold LTC or conduct double trading LTC/USDT、LTC/BTC、LTC/HT on Huobi global exchange

Please click on the image to view and participate in this program
Please click on the image to view and participate in this program

The program rules are as follows

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Program 1: Trading bonus money

  1. Bonus Pool: After the program starts, 20% of Huobi Global's LTC trading fee will be continuously added to the bonus pool until the end of the program.
    2. Rules of operation: 4 round every 1 hours, ranked according to the highest number of customer single transactions in all rounds (LTC buy + sell), ranked top1-5.
    3. Program termination conditions:
    1) Maintain Top1-5 unchanged for 24 consecutive hours;
    2) After more than 10 days, the trading volume of all LTC transactions on Huobi Global is less than 4 million LTC within 24 hours;
    If any of the above conditions are met, the program will end.
    4. Bonus Allocation: After the show, the first place will get 50% bonus in the prize pool and 2-5 will be divided among the remaining 50%.

Program 2: hold LTC to withdraw rewards
1. Hold greater than or equal to 30 LTC can participate in the lucky draw every day, winning rate is 20%, Winner will be evenly distributed 30% of LTC transaction fee on Huobi Global, “hold LTC” program bonus withdrawal” will continue to be conducted until the “trading bonus money” program ends.

2.Time: participate in the draw program at 0:00-12:00 every day, 30 LTC will be locked after the draw until after the prize is opened at 14:00.

Things to pay attention to
1. Prizes of “Trading bonus money” will be distributed within 7 working days after the program ends
2. Customers who use Point Cards to deduct transaction fees or enjoy discount offers from VIP customers, have the eligibility to receive prizes, or customers with other special transaction fee incentives are not eligible to receive them. bonus
3. All interpretation rights of this program will be decided by Huobi global, if there is any fraudulent behavior, Huobi Global will cancel the awarding status.
4. Risk Warning: Digital asset is an innovative product with high price volatility. Please reasonably assess your risk tolerance and make a prudent decision.

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