Instructions on how to dig Zcash with CPU (Linux)


ZCash is an anonymous password that uses zk-snarks to ensure that all information related to user transactions are securely encrypted, while still being verifiable by the miners, that is. Can guarantee that no double costs occur when using ZEZO the proof of knowledge.

ZCash used Equihash as a hash algorithm, is an asymmetric hard-drive PoW algorithm based on the issue of a generic date of birth (generalized birthday problem). It relies on high RAM requirements to deliver a limited number of proofs and makes ASIC development impossible, like Ethereum.

To avoid Instamine ZCash will have a slow digging start, in which block rewards will be issued slower than usual.

We will show you how to dig ZCash on Ubuntu. To dig ZCash on Windows, click click here.

However, not everyone has access to a computer, and not everyone has the time, knowledge or patience to start digging Zcash themselves, especially because miners are not yet available. Graphic user interface (GUI) For those who want to dig on their own, you've found the right place. But if you're looking to dig Zcash without the effort, there are tutorials that will teach you how to do it but take a little effort to do so.

Digging ZCash on Linux (Ubuntu) - only works for 64BIT systems

Part 1 Install the ZCash package dependency package

Step 1: Open your terminal. This can be done by clicking the icon on the top left (1) and searching “Port“. Click the icon Port (2).

Step 2: First install the dependencies required by Zcash. This can be done by typing the following command into the command line:
Sudo apt-get install \
Build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g ++ - multilib \
Autoconf libtool ncurses-dev decompress git python \
Zlib1g-dev wget bsdmainutils automake

You can also copy (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and paste (CTRL + SHIFT + V) this command in your terminal to make it easier to do. After entering the command press enter.

Step 3: After entering the command, you will be prompted for the password. Type it in and press Enter.

Step 4: The terminal will also ask you to confirm the action. Write "Y”And press Enter to accept

Step 5: Download the Zcash repository by entering the following command: “git clone”. This will create a new folder called ZCash inside your "Files" folder.

Step 6: Once the ZCash database has finished downloading, go to the ZCash directory by entering the command: "cd zcash“. And press enter.

Step 7: Inside the Zcash file you need to get the public alpha provided and verify the keys. Enter the command:
Git checkout v1.0.1

These locks are 1,5 GB, so this process may take some time.

Part 2 - ZCash compilation

Once you have downloaded and installed all the system-dependent packages, you can compile them and build zcashd.

Step 1: To compile ZCash enter the following command: "./zcutil/ -j $ (nproc)".

Part 3 - Run ZCash

Step 1: Before running Zcash, we have to create a directory for the configuration file. Outside of terminal, go to “Files” (1), Right-click anywhere and create a folder named “.zcash".

Step 2: You can see the folder you just created is gone. That's because Linux recognizes directories that begin with "."Like a hidden folder. To view hidden folders CTRL + H.

Step 3: Now you will need to create a configuration file inside the .zcash folder just created, right click and select “New Document", then "Empty Document".

Step 4: Open the new document you just created and paste the following configuration:
Rpcuser = username

Rpcpassword = password

Step 5: Save and close the file, then rename it to “zcash.conf".

Step 5: Now go back to the terminal and enter the following command: "./src/zcashd -daemon".

If you close the terminal, enter “cd zcash"To go to the zcash directory (the command will only work in the zcash directory).

Part 4 - Mining ZCash

Now that we know that we know that ZCash is properly installed, we can start digging some testcoins.

Step 1: Stop the ZCash deamon by entering the command "./src/zcash-cli stop".

Step 2: Go to Files (1) and enter the directory .zcash (2)
Step 3: Now edit the configuration file "zcash.conf"And add a line to it:"gen = 1”And save the document.

Step 4: Restart zam ZCash deamon by entering the command: "./src/zcashd -daemon“. Again

And that's it! Now you have officially mined the ZCash testcoins. You won't see your message displayed, or any information regarding it, but you can check your balance and other blockchain information by typing and entering the command: “./src/zcash-cli getinfo“. It can take a while to get new testcoins, so if you don't do everything correctly make sure your configuration file says "gen = 1" and wait a few hours before checking the number. your balance.

Enter the command: "./src/zcash-cli listunspent”For more detailed information about testcoin pocket and your wallet.

Mining ZCash on Windows

ZCash does not currently support Windows, nor is it not going to support 1.0. The Windows version of support is planned for the next version. If you are a Windows user and want to dig ZCash, you can install Linux on a virtual machine or wait for Windows releases. If you decide to run Zcash on a virtual machine, simply follow the instructions on this video. After Ubuntu is installed on a virtual machine, just follow the instructions in the guide This right from the start.

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