How to Earn Free Bitcoin 2020: [The Secret Has Never Tell You]


How to earn Bitcoin for free

I was wondering if I should write a tutorial on this topic? Because me and my colleagues posted very well.

The money has been steadily out in recent times when the market is exciting again.

But after careful thought, I decided to write this article for everyone to read.

This article will guide in detail from AZ How to earn Bitcoin for free  best at the moment.

You do not need to invest capital but just effort to build the system (not multi-level where).

Ways to Make Free Bitcoin

To earn Bitcoin, there will be many different ways. I will point out two basic ways that maybe someone already knows and someone doesn't know.

If anyone already knows, skim and comment, who doesn't know, try to understand. I will also write the most basic knowledge to help you understand.

The two ways that I mention are:

I will slowly go into each of the following sections, but first I want you to choose the time to join.

Choose The Time To Join Make Money With Bitcoin

Timing in this industry is very important. If when you see the market is at its peak and you're just starting to get there then there will be people like me who have already reached their full potential.

At that time you will be the next, can also find food but it will be much more difficult.

So choose a time?

  • Enter too early: khi Bitcoin price If the bottom is falling, the old one leaves, the new one does not, then this job is almost hopeless and it may be very difficult to invite others to join the market during this period, so it will be very discouraging.
  • Too late in: As mentioned above, when the price of BTC is high, you are just beginning to prepare to enter, there will be many other people mining and you are just a follower, it is difficult to invite during this period.
  • The best time is at this stage: When the market began to heat up, the peak is expected. Articles as well as news about Bitcoin Investments More and more, this will be the period you prepare, run momentum and break through ... Now there will be a lot of old people returning as well as new people will join ... is the golden time for you to earn bitcoin.

Once everything is well informed, you and I will step right away and the preparation phase, the first method will be:

How To Make Bitcoin With Referrals From Exchanges

What is referral?

Referral roughly means referral. Nowadays, a lot of people think badly about it, basically in a multi-level system, lending, mlm, hyip... all use referral.

In essence it is not that bad, only when the owner of the system made with bad intent, it will be bad.

And here we are talking about the referral exchange.

How To Make Bitcoin From Referral - How Does It Work?

When you sign up for an account through a referral? That means you are the referral of that person.

For example: When you arose the above transaction Binance exchange, their regulatory fee is 0.1%.

Let's say you use 10.000 USDT buy Bitcoin then you will lose $ 10 transaction fee. If you are the referral of others, then they will have $ 2, while Binance only get $ 8.

The question is, why do you have so much money that put 10000 USDT at a time like that? If I had a transaction for the whole month, I only received $ 2?

The answer is easy, there will be hundreds of such traders on the market. Or simply traders trading 1000-2000 $ for 1 order.

But they trade daily, what if they buy $ 1000 in the morning, they sell $ 1000 in the afternoon, and they do that over and over again dozens of times a month?

You can imagine for yourself if you have about 50-100 referrals like that, every day you make $ 20-50 is not difficult.

There are many people who often ask, should register under the Referral or not? I would like to answer that the referral is not harmful at all, you can register or not.

But if possible, I hope you should register, whatever you will lose 0.1% transaction fee for the floor with or without referral.

So make a referral for someone you feel worthy of, who put in effort to guide you, treat it as a small incentive for them.

Selection Criteria Good Referral Trading 

Not every list you can choose to do, because when you make a campaign, it takes time and effort.

So Virtual Money Blog will guide you on the criteria to choose a good floor, and this is the criteria that myself and the Blogtienao team have summarized.

  • The floor must have a large trading volume, to see the trading volume, you can view squid fishing tours
  • The floor must have Vietnamese support, and it is better to have a team of consultants in Vietnam to facilitate your support.
  • Floors must be famous in Vietnam and many Vietnamese know, that will create confidence, then you can easily invite them to do ref for yourself. This is very difficult to know the lists, however, you can update this list from Blogtienao offline. Through relationships, we have a list of exchanges that are used by Vietnamese.
  • The floor supports many coins for new customers to like.

List of Exchanges Selected By Blogtienao

# 1 Binance

Binance has always been my favorite broker and I do trade on it a lot. It is no coincidence that I or the majority of Vietnamese like it.

Blogtienao has done a survey of popularity, the Binance exchange is always the number 1.

This is also the top choice for earning Bitcoin from referals when you will receive 20% referral for a lifetime.

If conditions hold 500 BNB then that number will rise to 40%. You can see the survey and the list squid fishing tours.

# 2 Huobi

Huobi Also a top choice. In the above survey, although Huobi ranked third.

But in terms of earning Bitcoin from the Referral, Huobi is not inferior to Binance when enjoying 30% Referral in 90 days.

During promotions, up to 50% may not be required to hold any tokens HT come on. The downside of it is only 90 days.

Its advantage is that it has an ecosystem, in addition to trade, there is Huobi OTC, but currently the number of traders on Huobi OTC is very high.

At one point, I received a fee of $ 30 for an OTC transaction.

# 3 Other floors

There are many different floors, but we will not pay much attention, because just focusing on the two floors is enough.

However, you should also know to put them on the list to later need to know what you should focus on

  • Kucoin: this is the only floor behind Huobi in terms of popularity in Vietnam, they have a 50% referral policy for life if you work with them properly.
  • Okex: this is a large floor, but it seems that they do not want to referral, it took me a few days to find my referral link, so I am not interested in marketing for them because they seem to dislike the marketers of Vietnam. .
  • Bibox: Bibox attaches great importance to developing the Vietnamese market, so this is not a bad choice.
  • Bitmart: no Vietnamese support team yet
  • Don't finish: no Vietnamese support team yet

I still remember in the past, my people used to like the btc-e floor. Then btc-e collapsed. They passed bittrex, then outdated bittrex. Finally, they switched to Binance.

Therefore, each time there will be changes and the above list will change.

Blogtienao is always watching this if you are interested, just inbox for Blogtienao okay.

Guide To Referral From Exchanges

How to Get Basic Referral?

We will discuss how to do it and basic concepts first. The most basic way that everyone understands is.

You register an account, then you get the referral link and you send that referral link to those who are in need.

They will register via the link that you have achieved the purpose of earning a referral.

Ways to Earn Refferal Shared by Blogtienao

  • Send referral link to your friends by message via FB, Zalo, ...
  • Send emails to your friends and customers emails ...
  • Send referral link via Facebook groups, Zalo with the same topic, same crypto industry.
  • Comment answer their questions and let the referral link below.
  • ...

Everyone has a different way. You have created your own way that you find it good and convincing. Do not overdo and lead to disobedience.

Don't send it everywhere, send it everywhere, it will make your friends and customers hate and never join.

So which one is good, let's take a look at my method.

# 1 Create a Facebook community, Telegram

If you're determined to do it, create your own community on Facebook or wherever you find your Vietnamese people use a lot.

Take good care of your community, give great news, good comments and analysis.

Will attract members, and when you need it of course they will respond to that prosperity, they will register your rafter, follow you, follow your ref link.

I won't explain how to build a great community? Because it's in a different category, like the question "How to make money" and how to make a lot of money? This question must be answered on your own.

# 2 Create A Personal Blog And Create Content

This way I pay most attention because it hits my creativity and love my work, it's simple but not simple.

To do this, you have to create some personal blogs, there are many places to support you create, but I encourage you to do in 3 places that allow free creation.


You should create one blog each place.

Each Blog you should write at least 10 articles, as much as possible, and especially must be unique, not allowed to copy 100%.

It's a bit difficult, because myself if writing enthusiastically, sometimes it takes a whole day, even a few days to finish one article.

So if you have to write at least 30-50 articles, it is very difficult. But know how, this pole at first, happy later, when there was content already, you are spoiled for enjoyment.

I used to know a master in the industry, he worked 1 year before me, in the peak season. He has earned over 1 referrals and has earned him over 4000 billion to date.

You should not do aimlessly, I repeat not to be reckless, must be enthusiastic in writing the article to see the meticulousness and will follow you. and especially not copied.

I used to know that some of you worked hard to make nearly 20 articles in 2 weeks, but all copy only, and when discovered, he was copyrighted, the Blog results were removed due to content violations. So I don't want you to be like that.

The good news is, you can freely create content, get content from I will be pleased, as long as you leave the source is.

For example, you write articles about Binance floor, you just need to end the post, leave the source as dc, (For example: "Source:"). Then our team will never report you, but together wish you success.

Another thing I want you to pay attention to, is that when taking articles from Blogtienao, do not take the original text, practice rewriting the article based on our structure and content, because that way the readers you target will feel The effort, like Google's BOT, doesn't see you in violation and will give you a higher ranking on google, which is good for your organic referral earning. You can retrieve articles about the exchange, trading instructions, coin concepts, investment articles, as well as news ...

After you have all the Blog with articles, the next thing is to send them to strong facebook groups, reply to the comments of other friends on the group ...

Or if you have your own group, great. They will come to read your post, and may subscribe to the referral link you insert in the post ...

Your only future job is to update the new articles and marketing them.

All are made by human power and do not need capital, so Blogtienao called it How to earn Bitcoin for free.

Look for like-minded communities to do, but if you make money from Crypto, Virtual Money, and you bring your articles to dating groups, then you will not recruit a referral.

This time is very important, I think you should learn to do, according to experts' predictions, the market will gradually warm up from now until the end of 2020.

Therefore you will have several months to prepare this. It requires you to know the basics from creating a Blog, Blogging.

If possible, you should learn how to write SEO standards as well. I wish you luck and success.

This is the result of my effort in 1 year.

How To Make Bitcoin From Binance
How To Make Bitcoin From Huobi

My Huobi account has just invited 379 people but can earn 30-40 $ per day, And Binance account about 980 people but every day also only about 30-40 $. Unlike in Huobi 90 days, Binance is lifelong.

In addition to Facebook, Personal Blog, there is also a very interesting community that is: Youtube Channel, You can create introductory content, tutorials, news, ...

Making good and good tutorial videos, and then insert your tutorial link below, that's also the standard way that you can think of.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin From Airdrop and Bounty

Airdrop is a new concept for newbies, but for a long time rolling brothers is no stranger.

It means giving a digital currency to users' wallets when they perform exactly the tasks and requirements set out.

Examples are floor registration, account registration and then identity verification. Or just join telegram, like fanpage, join group and then do another task, this rule depends on the person who airdrop.

The largest airdrop in Crypto history at the present time and still in effect is the STELLAR LUMENS (XLM) free $ 25 free with any member registered Blockchain wallet and conduct the required authentication from Blockchain Wallet.

If you're interested, try… see. Of course, at this point, it's not easy anymore. Currently, Vietnam cannot do it, but overseas can do it.

At the easy time, we successfully tested and received nearly $ 900 worth of Stellar at the time (we made dozens of accounts and kyc it).

To find Airdrop, you can check out the latest information on reputable and famous sites such as , and

You will see the latest information and updates, so choose the delicious one to join.

Below is the continuation of part 2, we will update slowly, because we just want to combine two lessons into one to help you visualize and practice more. So sometimes the connection is a bit sporadic and misleading and sometimes it reminds me of the reasons and overlaps in part 1, hope you understand.

Many Masters Have Come Back to CryptoCurrency Market

Before going into details, I have to repeat the factors to succeed in this field. Of course, I will not share a secret that has expired, for example, recently I've seen many pro like The Khuong return to the market. CryptoCurrency to continue this ref job.

How to Earn Bitcoin

There, where money smells, the experts are very keen and recognize this trend. So what do you guys think, should you try or not?

Success is fun, failure has more experience, no loss!

Reasons You Should Join Now

This issue in part 1 has explained a lot already, but I have to remind you again, just repeat and not explain, anyone who doesn't remember can read part 1 again.

  • It is predicted that by the end of 2020, it will be Uptrend. So if the time to accumulate, it will be a harvest season by that time.
  • Join to get experience as a Blog, Building a community, writing SEO articles, ..
  • Accumulate Crypto experience if you are interested in this market.

Ok fine, there are many other reasons too, and it's up to you to choose. So let's go in!

Essential Materials

These are things you need to prepare, they are available, you don't need to buy them. that is :

  • Some email Gmail, Hotmail 2fa decent security (3-4 is enough).
  • Some Sims to verify if necessary (2 are enough).
  • Binance Trading Platform Account, Huobi,… And fully verified. Anyone who does not have it can register under the link below to support the article's author. (Blogtienao will update the list or add the HOT platform later)
  1. Binance: Link Register:
  2. Huobi: Link Register:

After all, we proceed to build the Blog offline

Personal Branding (Detail)

In the previous article, I mentioned medium, wordpress and blogspot, why? Because they are the most famous free web today, when you post something, after a few hours, they will dc google, yahoo, bing index immediately (meaning they will appear on google without them) need us to do anything).

# Build a Personal Blog

Let's try Medium first, you go to, Then select "Get Started" In the top right corner to proceed with registration, quite simple.

You choose CryptoCurrency, Blockchain, And something is okay. For example, the account I just created is:

You can edit Profile with the brand name you like, you name it yourself, then build it up, and when there is a community, a brand, you will slowly reap. the results. For example, I will create the brand name Blogtienao, all channels such as Fanpage, Group, Youtube, Medium, WordPress, blogspot will name blogtienao, if you cannot choose, choose blogtienao2019, blogtienaocrypto, ... Or your own name. like your name, Tuan Pham Blog,… .And the rest is to take care of the content.

How to Build Blog Content?

I want you to build Blog and blog content first, so that after I finish the content, I will use itself to explain to newcomers or those who need that information. To write articles on Medium, you click on the line "New Story" as shown in the picture.

Title is the title of the article, and tell your store is the content of the article ... You just need to write good and quality articles, if anyone knows how to write standard SEO, the more interesting.

Remember in the previous article that I mentioned that, it must be self-writing or rewriting, not copying. With the rewrite, you can refer to the content and structure on Blogtienao, then rewrite as you like, And to Source. (Blogtienao as well as writers have tools to check whether the article is copied or not, if anyone copy without giving us permission to report your Blog account, and whoever has the source, we are happy allow, take whatever you want.)

Criteria for writing articles successfully, creating attraction, there should be some following factors:

  • Good writing ability (yes, no words will be written on hand)
  • Knowledge of how to blog wordpress, blogspot, how to write articles, blog.
  • Knowledgeable about Crypto knowledge to also write tutorials.
  • Knowledgeable about writing SEO standards (can see the writing form of the articles on Blogtienao, muscular level can not compare but can also help beginners to know the profile).

To return to the above topic, in order to attract referrals, you need to write articles on topics that readers are interested in that product, I like Binance, for example, you should write about theme :

  • Introducing the Binance platform, and its features.
  • Introduction of Binance products: Binance Launchpad, Binance Research, Binance Exchange, Binance Dex, Binance Chain….
  • Instructions on how to register the latest (most of the instructions from 2017 2018 are old from other blogs, you can update the latest way)
  • Instructions for identity verification, security.
  • Guide to top up, withdraw money, for famous coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ...
  • Basic trading guide ...
  • Introduction to Coin, What Are Coin Pairs, And There Are Tutorials About It.
  • Writing articles was a widely discussed trend at that time. For example, MATIC, ONE, BTT, ... Coin analysis, those coin prices, ...
  • Or for example, a guide to buy coin in VND, through intermediaries such as Vicuta, Remitano, Bitmoon, FinanceX, Fiahub, Aliniex ...
  • …. There are many other topics, you can think and create the content yourself.

This is the content I copied from this article:

Your job is to do different articles about introduction, instructions as in the picture, you will adjust the title to attract, correct all the old content, write in your own personal style. You, have the full image.

In addition to the basic tutorials, you should do instructions on buying, selling and adding money. A personal blog recommends that you have 10 different articles.

The articles should be linked together as in the picture, you understand, so that when readers finish reading this article, they will read another tutorial.

With the above topics, at a glance you will have hundreds of different articles, but not so that you write sketchy, so remember CONTENT is KING, there are articles composed of 2-3 different topics. into a long and quality article, readers will feel like because they don't have to go far to find and just follow the instructions there.

So 3 Blogs with 30 poor posts are never equal to 1 Blog with 10 quality articles.

Finalize for you to understand the task is: I want you to create 2 Medium pages, 2 Blog pages and 2 pages, each blog page has at least 10 quality articles, and the content must be different. , the title HOT and standard SEO, that is, according to the keywords that readers search for.

Example: Top Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam - New Update 2020. In this title there are keywords Exchange, Buy and Sell Bitcoin, and highlight it from TOP and Latest Update 2020 .

This knowledge is more about SEO. Therefore, for those who do not know anything, please refer to the following articles:

After having the quality articles, let's start Referral Recruitment and Branding as well as the community offline.

Start Making Bitcoin - Referral Recruitment - Community Building

Our Crypto community is the most crowded on Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, Crypto Forums and MMOs, The first thing is you must be a member of those groups, I find it most effective and fastest is the group FB. Here is a list of the large groups that you should join:

  • …. There are many other strong Crypto groups, please find more by yourself.


We will continue to write and update more in this area .... Because there are so many hot topics to write, we temporarily put it back, hoping to return to this topic in the near future ...


There are many other ways to earn bitcoins, which involve cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies, but some need capital, maybe I will not mention and mention in this article, but I will spend time writing in the posts. Later, if you like it, give 5 stars and share this post on FB so others can know how to earn Bitcoin ..

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