Information security policy

The security of customer information is very important, Virtual money blog Understand that customers are very concerned about how the confidential information you provide us with is confidential and used. Virtual money blog values ​​that trust and promises that this information will be our utmost effort to keep it confidential. Virtual money blog We guarantee to use customer information in a reasonable and considerate manner to constantly improve the quality of customer service and to provide our customers with interesting experiences when visiting our website and when shopping at stores across the country.

1. Collect customer information

To become a member of the Virtual Money Blog (to receive special offers), customers must register for an account and provide some information such as email, full name, phone number and address and some information. other news. Part of this registration procedure to help us take better care of our customers. You may choose not to provide us with certain information but at that time you will not be able to enjoy some of our offers.

We also store any information you enter on the website or send to customer data of the Virtual Money Blog. Such information will be used for the purpose of responding to customer requests, giving appropriate recommendations to each customer when shopping at. Virtual money blog, improve the quality of goods and services and contact you when needed.

2. Use the information

The purpose of collecting information is to build a virtual money blog website into a service website that brings the most benefits to customers. Therefore, the use of information will serve the following activities:

- Send newsletter to introduce new products and promotions of the Virtual Currency Blog

- Provide a number of utilities, customer support services

- Improve the quality of customer care of the Virtual Currency Blog

- Resolve problems and disputes arising in relation to the use of the website

- Prevent activities that violate Vietnamese laws

3. Sharing information

Virtual money blog Know that customer information is a very important part of your business and they will not be sold or exchanged to any other third party. We will not share customer information except in the following specific cases:

- To protect the Virtual Currency Blog and other third parties: We only give out other personal information when we believe that the inclusion of such information is in accordance with the law, protecting the rights and property of users of the service of the Virtual Currency Blog and other third parties.

- Upon a legal request from a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements.

- In the remaining cases, we will specifically notify you when you have to disclose information to a third party and this information is only provided with your consent. row. For example: promotions with partnerships and sponsorship of the Virtual Currency Blog; provide the necessary delivery information for the carrier ...

It certainly does not include the sale, sharing that leads to the disclosure of personal information of customers for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set out in the Money Blog Privacy Policy. virtual.

4. Confidentiality of customer information

Virtual money blog Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect customer information during data transfer by encrypting the information you enter.

It is important for customers to protect themselves from access to password information when you share a computer with multiple people. At that time, you must make sure you have logged out of your account after using our services.

We also undertake not to intentionally disclose customer information, not sell or share customer information of the Virtual Money Blog for commercial purposes in violation of our commitments to customers in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Confidential customer information of Virtual Money Blog.

Virtual money blog emphasizes that we are very interested in the rights of our customers in protecting personal information, so in case you have suggestions or questions related to our privacy policy, please contact: