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Guide to experience Lens Protocol for a chance to receive Airdrop

What is Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol is a decentralized social network - social graph in the field of Web 1 built on the Polygon blockchain and founded by the Founder of Aave develop.

Lens Protocol is designed to empower creators to own the links between themselves and their communities, forming a completely user-owned and composable social graph. The protocol was built from the ground up with modularity, so users can edit and add features on Lens Protocol.

Lens Protocol is currently monitored by a multisig and will in the future be expanded to DAO, to be able to develop and vote on new modules and other functions.

Guide to experience on Lens Protocol

Instructions for creating a Lens Protocol account and posting on Lenser

Step 1: Prepare ETH on Polygon network

  • First, you buy MATIC on CEX exchanges and then transfer it to your Metamask wallet.
  • Next, you visit uniswap and switch to Polygon network and swap from MATIC -> WETH

Step 2: Buy NFT on Opensea

  • Choose 1 NFT to buy (choose the cheapest one or it's up to you!), then choose Add to cart for payment.

  • You choose to pay with Crypto and choose Complete purchase, then confirm on the wallet is done.

Step 3: Connect NFT Lens and edit Profile.

  • You click on the line below Your Profiles to edit your Profiles, then Connect the Metamask wallet

  • Select Edit Profile

  • Enter the basic information then you select Save to save.

  • After completing the above steps, take your account to follow, interact with each other's posts! (you can follow my account first: https://www.lensfrens.xyz/fordefi.lens and there will be a post for you to interact on Twitter)

Step 4: Huong posted on Lenster

  • Brothers visit https://lenster.xyz/ Or you choose to click on the LENSTER link as shown below -> select Log in and connect your Metamask wallet

  • Next, you choose the line What's happening? To post a post similar to Twitter, the post should have a photo attached!

  • In addition to posting posts, following others, you can interact like like and comment on other people's posts!

Guide to experience Phaver

Step 1: Brothers download App Phaver on Play Store or App Store 

Step 2: Enter Your Invite code: Danhtran68

Step 3: Register an account with Email Address or Google, then enter the name and username.

Step 4: You choose Yes, Connect Lens profile —> select WalletConnect and connect Metamask wallet.

Step 5: Like, post interactively like on Lenster to earn Phaver Points!

During the process, if you have any questions, you can go to the two groups below of BTA for support:


Through the article BTA introduced you to how to experience Lens Protocol to have a chance to receive Airdrop in the future. Hope you will participate in the experience in the most effective way and have the opportunity to receive the Lens Protocol Airdrop.

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