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Borrowing Instructions BNB, HT, ... To Invest IEO on the trading floor


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You know, Huobi Prime or Binance Launchpad has been attracting a lot of small investors in Vietnam to participate. But not everyone can participate because the money must hold too large and must hold for a long time (Full time specified by each party). There are many different ways to get involved in the market, maybe Blogtienao will let you know, and you can see how you can participate that way.

What is IEO?

First, I want to reintroduce What is IEO with newcomers. IEO is a fundraising event managed by one Crypto exchange on behalf of the token issuer. The token issuer is usually a new project and is creating a cryptocurrency as an asset to raise the necessary capital. The issuer of this token is usually paid for exchanges A listing fee and a percentage of the tokens sold on the exchange via IEO.

So investing in IEO means buying the tokens of the IEO project on a cryptocurrency exchange where there is a guarantee, and if you buy it successfully, you can sell that token as soon as it is up. the floor always.

Which Exchange should IEO be invested?

There are many exchanges open and sell IEO, but not everyone can buy, you see, a lot of friends painfully participate but cannot buy because they use "TOOL" to place orders themselves. If you are naked, it is very difficult to compete with them, even if you have "TOOL". Therefore, I advise you to participate in exchanges with high reputation and easy ability to buy, of course, the lottery will be Blogtienao encourage: Binance Launchpad , and Huobi Prime.

1. Binance Launchpad

About Launchpad, there was an introduction article, I will not introduce it again, but to participate in Launchpad, it requires you to have 500 BNB (about 15,000 USD) to be able to win the lottery. Latest project Perlin (PERL) Also very hot - Details of the rules of Binance as well as the IEO on Launchpad are updated by us in the investment column of Blogtienao, you can read more in order to be able to know about it.

2. Huobi Prime

As I am writing this article, tomorrow, August 15, 08 will take place Prime2019 on Huobi Prime platform with the name EMOGI NETWORK (LOL) - This is a project that is being mentioned by many electronic money websites in the nearest period. However, to participate is also very difficult because like Launchpad, you must prepare at least 1000 HT and maximum 5000 HT can participate in the investment.

So how to avoid the highest risk when participating in these projects, Blogtienao will reveal immediately.

Note: if any exchange moves to the lottery, we will update it in the article and on the following investment section.

Instructions to Deposit Loans BNB, HT To Join IEO

If the project is open for sale on Binance Launchpad, you need BNB to participate as well as the project for sale on Huobi Prime, you need to hold HT to participate. I will introduce you the Loan method to participate, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages


  • You will have enough BNB and HT to join.
  • You will not have to worry when the price of BNB, HT dropped because borrowing any coin will pay with that coin. (I will explain later)


  • Not everyone can borrow, because it requires large capital, depending on the coin, you will only borrow about 70% of the total value you hold depending on the coin.
  • Few borrowers have low interest rates, many people will increase interest rates steadily, then the risk will be higher if the IEO project is not XXX as expected.

There are many platforms to join, I will guide on the Gate (they lend both BNB and HT and some other coins), the following articles I will guide more reputable platforms.

Loan Instructions on GATE

The condition for you to borrow on Gate is that you must have an account and that account must verify your identity. Follow the steps

B1: Log in, if you haven't already, register KYC here:

B2: Select Margin Transaction on the Menu, then choose margin loan and the coin you want to borrow. gate supports a lot of coin but here only mention HT and BNB, you can borrow a lot of other coins such as ADA, AE, ALGO, ATOM, GT, ETH, ... And you need to have USDT available for collateral. borrow coins.

Gate's homepage, select Margin trading, margin loan, and the coin you want to borrow
Gate's homepage, select Margin trading, margin loan, and the coin you want to borrow

In the picture above, I am choosing to borrow HT to participate in the upcoming Prime5, you see the parameters very clearly, there are customers who want to lend 2100 HT with an interest rate of 0.07% per day, and the loan period is 10 days. Meaning after 10 days you will have to pay 0.7% interest of 2100 HT = 14.7 HT. This is a matter of managing your own risk. If you think that after 10 days, you will earn 100 HT, then the interest payment of 14.7 HT is in the allowable calculation. After deciding, click Loan

B3: Click the Loan button, enter the amount of loan you want to borrow, then click Loan

To join Prime5 for 5000 QUORA HT CAP account, you need to borrow 5000 HT, And you must have enough USDT to borrow, if you have 10000 USDT, you will only be able to borrow 70% of the value converted into HT.

Here ae to note: auto renew is automatically borrowed after the expiry of 10 days. Everyone should note the hold period to choose auto renew or repay accordingly.

B4: After borrowing, you can transfer coins to another exchange to join IEO as usual.

B5: After finishing the work, you can transfer the coins back to the gate to pay and exit this loan mode.

Some Note When Borrowing You Should Know

Depending on the contract, the contract with the ability to win is high, you can borrow, and do not worry about 0.04-0.1%, when many people borrow too, you must pay close attention to the% loan multiplied by 10 days.

You also have to calculate according to the rules of the IEOs, such as Huobi issued QUORA, then this method is fine. increase or decrease, also have to consider carefully play. Cryptocurrencies are risky, so think carefully before taking action.

Good luck

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