KYC And WhiteList Tutorial To Invest In Kambria ICO Project


Kambria is a potential ICO project recently with the founder being Thuc Vu, young Vietnamese talent with many years of experience in the field of robotic and quite famous in the community Silicon Valley. Also the advisor of Kambria is Loi Luu, founder Kyber Network, famous for raising more than $ 52 million in recent ICOs.

Kambria ICO Investment
Kambria ICO Investment

Kambria is a project established with the goal of replicating the use of robots in everyday life, with a strong focus on robotics in the home. Kambria will be conducting an ICO in the near future, to participate in this Pre Sale, you need to join the whitelist and KYC list. This process includes registration on the Portal of Kambria and passing the KYC test. In today's post, Blogtienao will show you how KYC and WhiteList enter Kambria project in the most detailed way.

See detailed project review here: The Kambria project - the blockchain platform is disrupting the AI ​​economy and Robotics

In addition, Kambria recently organized a rather successful event with the presence of the Minister of Science and Technology, the bitcoin billionaire brothers Winklevoss and the Vietnamese Shark. See more events here

What to prepare before KYC?

Here is what you need:

  • One Distributor Code (you can use the code of Blogtienao By copying and pasting this code: K87659BTA )
  • Your Ethereum address (please do not use an exchange address like Binance, Coinbase or Poloniex). Recommend MEW wallets and make sure you own the private key of this wallet address. Kambria will require authentication of transactions on this wallet address and use it to send you the KAT token upon completion.
  • Copy of your identification ID (Passport or Vietnamese ID card).
  • Verify your address (electricity, water, Internet bills ...)

Instructions for KYC and WhiteList Kambria

Step 1: Access the web address , click Create Account

Then your email address, enter your password and re-authenticate your password once.


Wait for the confirmation code to send to email, enter it and select Confirm.

Step 2: Enter the information

First you need to confirm you are not a citizen of the listed countries, if you are Vietnamese then press confirm.

Then you need to enter some personal information as follows:

Blogtienao Will explain some information as follows:

  • Distribution Code: You use this code from us K87659BTA
  • title: Name, selectable or not
  • First Name and Last Name: Enter first, middle name and middle name
  • Country of Birth: choose your birthplace - Vietnam
  • Nationality: Choose your nationality - Vietnamese
  • Country of Residence: Choose Vietnam
  • Gender: Gender, can choose or not
  • Date of Birth: Date of birth
  • Indentification Number: Type of authentication documents, it is recommended to select Passport for the fastest procedure
  • Intended Investment Currency: Investment currency, choose ETH
  • Intended Investment Amount: Expected investment quantity ...
  • Wallet Address: Enter your ETH wallet

Nhan Next and go on.

Step 3: Update authentication information

  • Copy of your identification ID (Passport or Vietnamese ID card).
  • Verify your address (electricity, water, Internet bills ...)

So you've completed the Whitelist and KYC registration to buy KAT tokens in the pre-sale phase of the Kambria project. After entering information, you continue to wait for Kambria team to authenticate to continue.


Through the article above then Blogtienao.Com showed you how to participate in investing in the Kambria ICO project, how to KYC and in the WhiteList of the project. If you have any questions about the tutorial, don't hesitate to leave a comment. To find out more information, you go to the supporting information channels: Kambria's best advice.

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